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Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Steppenwolf_1977

Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial

08.10.18 17:24
Da es zu dieser aus meiner Sicht hochinteressanten Aktie noch keinen Thread gibt habe ich hiermit einen solchen gestartet. Warum hochinteressant?

Ich hatte in den letzten Jahren die Gelegenheit die wichtigsten Produkte dieses Unternehmens (Confluence und JIRA) intensiv kennenzulernen. Wir haben Confluence (das ist im Kern ein Enterprise Wiki) im Rahmen eines MItarbeiterportalprojekts eingeführt. Dabei habe ich auch den Vergleich zu einem der größten Konkurenzprodukte (Microsoft Sharepoint). Erkentnis: Gerade beim aus meiner Sicht wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktor "Usability" schlägt Confluence Sharepoint um Längen. Man kann out of the box einfach viel mehr erreichen, weitere Funktionalitäten können sehr einfach über Add-Ons (Atlassian Marketplace) nachgerüstet werden. Hinzu kommt dass das Produkt (noch) sehr deutlich günstiger ist Microsoft.

Warum sehe ich ein hohes Kurspotenzial?
- Tolle Produkte die von den Anwendern meiner Erfahrung nach gerne genutzt werden
- Unternehmen ist inzwischen weltweit etabliert, aber noch um 1-2 Größenordnungen kleiner als die großen Player. Die Kundenbasis wächst seit vielen Jahren rasant.
- Gut funktionierender Marketplace. Atlassian verdient an kommerziellen Add-Ons mit
- Großes Potenzial für künftige Lizenz-Preissteigerungen.

Ich bin auf Eure Meinungen gespannt!
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Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Morgan Stanley from Underweight to Equal-Weight

27.05.19 23:05
KZ von $99 auf $ 145 !
"It's hard to be Underweight great companies," the analyst said.

The new stack of technologies supporting modern application architectures are a $50-billion market opportunity, growing at a more than 20-percent CAGR through 2023, he said.

"With our negative catalyst for realigning the TEAM valuation having past (Q3 results) and increased confidence in the durability of company's top-line growth, we find it untenable to remain underweight on the shares." ......
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Hunting the Software Jungle: From Atlassian Zuoro

30.05.19 14:04
Zacks bringt einige interessante Aussagen zu Software Firmen u.a. Atlassian, aber hier wenig...
Shopify habe ich auf der Watchlist
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

BTIG Research downgraded Atlassian Corporation

30.05.19 14:16
BTIG Research downgraded Atlassian Corporation PLC
TEAM 0.03%
from Buy to Neutral. Atlassian shares fell 2 percent to $126.00 in pre-market trading.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

wie Atlassian von Slacks Ipo profitiert

01.06.19 15:03

"...Few people, however, are talking about how enterprise software company Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) also stands to benefit. Last year, Atlassian inked a partnership with Slack that gave the company a small equity stake and a product alliance. Atlassian's equity stake will probably rise in value, but the company should benefit more from its new business relationship
..Atlassian makes software that helps business teams communicate and collaborate. The company is booming. Over the past four years, Atlassian's revenue has grown by a factor of eight, and it now has a market capitalization greater than $30 billion.
Last July, Atlassian announced a deal with Slack in which it sold its Stride business to Slack and discontinued products that were directly competitive. Both companies agreed to improve integration between their products.....Now Atlassian has an ownership stake in a highly valuable company as well as a new channel to cross-sell customers from. Atlassian has turned a huge competitive headache into a win-win situation.....
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Zacks rät zum Verkauf

03.06.19 19:57
Sydney, Australia-based Atlassian Corporation PLC TEAM is engaged in designing, developing, licensing and maintaining of software and the provisioning of software hosting services. Over the past 30 days, the Zacks Consensus Estimate for current-quarter earnings has remained unchanged at 19 cents. The stock currently has a Zacks Rank # 3.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes

04.06.19 13:00
bei Morgan Stanleys Tagung gestern hat agr nicht zu dem Absturz getern Stellung genommen oder nur indirekt indem er darn erinnerte ,dass der Wert der Aktien sich im letzten Jahr verdoppelt hat und die Firma langfristig denkt
"Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, shrugged off a big fall in the software company's share price Tuesday morning - which wiped around a billion dollars from his personal wealth - as he advocated for Australia's future as a clean energy giant.

“We have a good culture in Australia of exporting" he told the Morgan Stanley Australia Summit on Tuesday, but he said we need to replace the "dying" coal and gas components of our mining exports with clean energy.Mr Cannon-Brookes - who was ranked sixth on the  Australian Financial Review Rich List for 2019 - did not directly comment on the 8.6 per cent plunge in Atlassian's share price on the Nasdaq Monday (US time), which was triggered by a broader decline for the US tech sector amid regulation fears.
But he said Atlassian's focus as a company on was on the long term. “We are sort of thinking about where is the company in 5 years or 10 years – not where are we going to be next quarter.”
Shares in the software provider have doubled over the past 12 months, propelling its market value to $US28 billion ($40 billion)...."
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

warum Atlassian im Mai um 14,3% stieg

11.06.19 12:19
"...Early last month, analyst firm Goldman Sachs upgraded Atlassian from "neutral" to "buy," with a target price of $125 per share. Goldman analyst Heather Bellini expected the company's fourth-quarter billings to come in near $376 million, far ahead of the $361 million Street consensus. Bellini also saw plenty of room for long-term growth thanks to Atlassian's "unique low-friction" sales model that lets the high-quality products do the talking....Atlassian has a proven tendency to crush Wall Street's revenue and billings estimates, sometimes by a tremendous margin. It's no surprise to see investors embracing a rosy billings forecast against that historical backdrop."
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

many applications you use on your phone every day

11.06.19 12:58
"While most people will never have heard of Jira, Confluence, or Bitbucket, you can be sure that many of the applications you use on your phone every day (including our MyWallSt app) were built with a heavy reliance on them.

Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM) is an Australian-based company that excels in stickiness. Pat Dorsey of Dorsey Asset Management once argued that to have a strong brand, you must do one of two things: have pricing power or lower your customer's search costs. When we asked our head of development about Atlassian's products, he signified that they have both.

Nearly all (98%) customers who spent more than $50K with Atlassian in fiscal 2017 remained on as customers for 2018. Furthermore, over 90% who spent at that level purchased three or more products, implying that their tools are extremely complementary and, after a while, difficult to move away from.

That's an incredibly strong economic moat to have."
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Zacks basht sie mal wieder

12.06.19 11:35
....Over the past month, the Zacks Consensus EPS estimate remained stagnant. TEAM is currently sporting a Zacks Rank of #3 (Hold).
In terms of valuation, TEAM is currently trading at a Forward P/E ratio of 154.81. This represents a premium compared to its industry's average Forward P/E of 56.57.
Investors should also note that TEAM has a PEG ratio of 8.47 right now...

die mit ihren blöden Theorien zu PEG...etc
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

KeyBank mit Overweight KZ 142 von 121

13.06.19 18:18

The bank cites TEAM's long-term growth prospects with "multiple paths to sustain more than 30% y/y subscription revenue growth over the next few years."

KeyBanc notes that "investors are increasingly viewing TEAM on a longer-term basis due to strong FCF generation coupled with a strong growth profile."

TEAM shares are up 2% pre-market to $131.50.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Ceo dabei bei Summit am 5.Sept.San Francisco

20.06.19 12:33

"..To talk about Atlassian’s  story from being a small shop in Australia to a successful IPO — and its plans for the future — the company’s co-founder and co-CEO Scott Farquhar will join us at our inaugural TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise event on September 5 in San Francisco.

Farquhar co-founded Atlassian with Mike Cannon-Brookes, in 2001. It wasn’t until 2010, though, that the company raised its first major venture round ($60 million from Accel Partners). Even by that point, though, the company already had thousands of customers and a growing staff in Sydney and San Francisco.

Today, more than 150,000 companies use Atlassian’s tools. These range from the likes of Audi  to Spotify, Twilio and Visa, with plenty of startups and small and medium businesses in between...."
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian Milliardär Cannon-Brookes will in

21.06.19 10:49
saubere Energie in Australien investieren
Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes' private investment company is pursuing opportunities to develop renewable energy in the Northern Territory as it looks to tap the region's abundant sunshine and proximity to key Asian markets.

The territory has the makings to become a world leader in clean energy generation and export, said Jeremy Kwong-Law, investment manager at the tech billionaire's Grok Ventures. He highlighted that hydrogen and solar power transmission via subsea cable were the two clearest pathways to tap the huge Asian market.----
Cannon-Brookes - who was ranked sixth on the Australian Financial Review Rich List for 2019 - has emerged as a prominent advocate for clean energy and in 2017 famously challenged Tesla founder Elon Musk to build the world's largest lithium battery in South Australia.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

TEAM stock continues to surprise and impress

02.07.19 09:02

.....Now, WORK has gone public and has a market cap around $31 billion. The value of TEAM’s equity stake has quadrupled in value.

TEAM stock is up 49% year to date and 114% in the past 12 months. It can be a bouncy ride, but this unique company continues to fire on all cylinders.

My Portfolio Grader gives TEAM stock an overall A rating.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Report 4.Quartal am 25.Juli

11.07.19 17:08

Atlassian fixt kritische Lücke in Jira Server und Data Center
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian Corporation Plc on Q4 2019 Result +10%

26.07.19 17:12

wird offenbar gut aufgenommen +10,7 % in Frankfurt  Nyse +9%
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian will Cloud erweitern

26.07.19 17:15
"Australian software provider Atlassian is planning to ramp up investments in its cloud-computing products for big corporations and will explore freemium pricing models after its annual revenue burst through the $US1 billion ($1.44 billion) mark for the first time.

The company on Friday revealed in its quarterly results that it generated $US1.2 billion ($1.7 billion) in revenue in the recently ended financial year, up 37 per cent from a year earlier. Free cash flow increased 50 per cent to $US422 million.
Atlassian sells project management software including JIRA, which is used by software development teams inside companies to track bugs and plan projects.  It also makes software products for IT help desks and incident management teams, document sharing tools and task management service Trello...."
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Blediiii

Die steigt so schnell,

27.07.19 01:16
da kommen die Analysten gar nicht mehr nach die Kursziele anzupassen ;-)
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Blediiii

Ach habe den Link vergessen....

27.07.19 01:16
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

BMO Capital Markets Market perform Kz $150

27.07.19 11:11
link s. #59

ich habe die schon einige Monate, und sie macht mir viel Freude  
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Keybanc Overweight KZ $150

29.07.19 16:32
According to the most recent rating by KeyBanc, on 2019-07-26, the current rating is at Overweight, with a price target of $150.00.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian Looking ahead

29.07.19 17:22

Atlassian provided the following guidance for the first quarter of fiscal 2020:

Revenue between $349 million and $353 million, up 31.3% year over year at the midpoint.
Non-IFRS gross margin of 86%, and non-IFRS operating margin of 21%.
Non-IFRS earnings per share of $0.24, compared with $0.20 in the prior-year period.
For the full year, Atlassian expects:

Revenue between $1.540 billion and $1.556 billion, up 27.9% from fiscal 2019 at the midpoint.
Non-IFRS gross margin between 85% and 86%, and non-IFRS operating margin of 20%.
Non-IFRS earnings per share of $1.00, compared with $0.86 in fiscal 2019.
With Atlassian expecting to surpass $1.5 billion of revenue in fiscal 2020, it's inevitable that the company's growth rate will slow. But there are still plenty of opportunities for it to win new customers and to move existing customers to the cloud.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian Closes Out a Record Year +5% NYSE

07.08.19 21:15
"Productivity software provider Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) reported its fiscal fourth-quarter results after the market closed on Thursday. Just as they did in the third quarter, non-cash charges hit its bottom line. But for the period, which ended June 30, both revenue and adjusted earnings grew at strong double-digit percentage rates. Here's what investors need to know.
What happened this quarter?
Atlassian's net income on an IFRS basis was diminished by a $156.3 million non-cash charge resulting from marking to fair value the exchange feature of the company's exchangeable senior notes and the related capped calls. An additional non-cash charge of $54.7 million was due to the writedown of Atlassian's deferred tax assets.
The company ended the quarter with 152,727 customers on either an active subscription or a maintenance agreement. The company added 8,689 net new customers during the quarter.
Subscription revenue was $180.9 million, up 50.4% year over year.
Maintenance revenue was $105.8 million, up 20.8% year over year.
Perpetual license revenue was $22.8 million, up 5.2% year over year.
Other revenue was $25.1 million, up 47.5% year over year.
Atlassian had cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments of $1.7 billion at the end of the quarter.
Operating cash flow was $117.7 million, and free cash flow was $98.2 million. Free cash flow was up 52% year over year.
Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

Atlassian schließt ein Rekordjahr ab

10.08.19 11:06
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Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial Kicky

TEAM Projektmanagementtool für Agile Developing

Mit der Software von Atlassian wie Jira und Trello können sich IT Entwickler abstimmen, was vor allem beim agilen Entwickeln genutzt wird. Da die Produktqualität sehr gut ist konnte sich Atlassian in der Community wie ein Lauffeuer verbreiten. Auch von den Preisen hat Atlassian sicher noch Potential den moantlichen Beitrag für die Cloudsoftware zu erhöhen. Derzeit konzentriert man sich aber auf den Entwicklermarkt und es bleibt abzuwarten wie groß hier der Markt für Kommunikationssoftware wirklich ist, da es hier auch viel Konkurrenz gibt. Dank des schlauen Tausches mit Slack, ist Atlassian auch Anteilseigner an Slack, das einen noch größeren Markt angeht

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