RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play!

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RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play!

10.02.07 13:35


(ehmals FCNK)http://www.regionsoil.com/

es wird davon gesprochen das über 200% geshortet sind

10.000.000.shorts and only 5.000.000 float yesaufmerksam

ich bekomme seit wochen meine FCNK - Papiere nicht umgetauscht in RGNO - Papiereweinen

sonst noch jemand das selbe Problem?

gestern in der Spitze 400% im Plusaufmerksam bei 14Mill umsatzaufmerksam


Chartbild konnte nicht geladen werden.


2533 N. Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
USAPhone: 775-425-2133
Outstanding Shares: 4,975,000 as of 2006-08-01 RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 3083541
Authorized Shares: 5,000,000 as of 2006-08-22RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 3083541

wie immer alles nur meine Meinung und was ihr daraus macht müßt ihr selber EntscheidenRGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 3083541



RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Clubfan


10.02.07 13:43

Interessantes Teil

Einzige Unklarheit: ausstehende Aktien 5 Mio., gestern gehandelt 14 Mio.

Sind die Shorties nach diesen 200 % . Handel schon draußen??? Wenn nämlich ja, gehts tief in den Süden. Wenn nein => *g*

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

Lesen ! Interessant !

10.02.07 13:49
Initially we had 5mn o/s from fcnk. Most of these shares we're bought, held, sold or what have you for a while, right up to the time of the r/m then name change.......most were owned, but when the r/m symbol change took place our shares of fcnk became frozen, invalid for trading.

The shares retained their value depending on the close of the market price........it meant little......we could neither sell these shares or exchange these shares on our own. We lost control of our money during all this.....who pays the interest?

The exchange should have been set and in place the very night or day that symbol changed......giving us 1 for 1 and this didn't happen......."It should"......each and every time there is a r/m this is the very reason we buy in so we can be ahead of the market. If a stock would jump from a .01 to .40 on a r/m or a back door merger to get the best value the idea
is to take the risk upon that presumption.

Ya gotta be in before because this new company moves into the shell.......this comes without any notice or little notice.
Its the analogy of first come first serve. To be in front of the 8 ball not behind it

Traders, investors not in can almost always expect to hear the news after the rise. It could be up .30 after market open and .60 within the first 30 minutes.

The problem is these brokers have been smoken us by not making the symbol change at the precise time.......allowing the stock to become dormant and investors unable to do anything with it.......

If the stock does jump to .30 or could rise to a dollar or more withing that first day and sell off by the end of that day and if not run for 3 days and reach $3.00.......if the exchange has not been made in a timely fashion we are SCREWED. We can't do anything about it. We watch the gains go and go and go and if we want to take some off the table we can't.......But the ones who can are the brokers that served the client well and the rest of the market that jumped in later buying the new symbol

This is corruption, manipulation and the worst service anyone can imagine.........what if you or I had been buying and holding this shell for 6 months, a year or longer and this is the end result?........Oh no this crap has to stop or the shells don't get purchased and should not be allowed to trade under no conditions.......this is rotten to its core.
We have been holding Rgno since the reverse merger for months and for 3 weeks following the symbol change but the stock exchange never occurred even after the symbol change. There was 2 phases and the brokers, TA and the DTC had not only ample time but a great deal of time to have this all in order.

Who is at fault here, "without question, the Brokers" and they had motive, no one else!!!

We could sell them thru the broker under the symbol of Rgno but the money we would receive would remain frozen...if another broker did this and there weren't enough Rgno shares to cover the Fcnk shares on a 1 or 1, the holder of the fcnk shares who sold would have to pay back the broker for the shares he or she did not receive.

The SEC needs to get involved with this and set some guide lines regarding shells and reverse mergers to protect investors.......not from risk but from this sort of stuff.

The owners and the investors of the shell should get their shares first and should take priority before any shares are released into the market. This only makes sense...Until this does occur NO shares get traded. Even to a moron would this make sense......the brokers take advantage because they think they can and are above any rules.......Shorts are the reason and NS......The only reason.....the rest is BS!!

This is something we all need to work on and submit to the SEC or its Chairman Cox who is a former Senator.

This would never occur on a Senior exchange unless there were legal issues by the SEC that would halt trading. This activity would bring the exchange roof down on Wall Street.

It shouldn't happen in any sector or in the Otc market either.
We get little to no protection as is and this is no more than the Broker Houses taken advantage of the small investor.

Who are they serving?........Hedge Funds, special clients, themselves, everyone except us looks like.

This is the situation now........we have several great things occurring here. Before I begin raising smoke then fire over all this for the future of shells and r/m or we will see this again and again and again.......We need to voice this with our Governors, with our Congressman and the SEC.....to stop this corruption and this is all it is.

The business of suspicious trading activity and having to call into the broker.........all BS........what constitutes this?....good news from the company?......a new product on the market?...what?........this suspicious trading activity never occurs with a senior stock does it???????
Another story to challenge the BS they tell us.

I am fired up over this stuff........

The best part of this story now.....

We have a several things occurring here.

A/S 200mn ----- O/S 167 mn almost equal= no future shares added to our share structure.

Restricted --------100mn for 1 year.

Float of 67mn.......so for the next year these are our free trading shares......for whatever shares are traded, purchased or sold will determine our market cap.

If all 67mn were owned our market cap would be approx 5.7mn.
This is the only place money is gonna flow over the next year, no where else......

Until then everything else looks to be restricted and Jerry isn't authorizing any more shares into the market. After the year the remaining 100mn shares will become our float or rather our o/s.

Our share price and marketcap will reflect this....Our marketcap won't change but our pps will. But, the other side of this revenues could be phenomenal. Our share price could be such that this could create another great buying opportunity.......if our share price were $2 this may reduce our share price to .70.........or if this were a higher price stock $3 to $1.20 as an example.

The flip side of this is that Jerry and mgmt can also do a share buyback and reduce many of the o/s. which would lessen the impact.......whatever the case these shares are manageable.

Jerry is gonna want a higher share price because he does want to take this to a (Senior Exchange), and he will want a share price of $2+ maybe $3 to apply......He can also do this on the fast track by doing another r/m at less the cost. He wants the Nasdaq I believe.

Anyway when we look at our marketcap today this should reflect how many of these shares are owned.....remember some of these shares were trading prior to our receiving ours, how many of these are of the float and how many do we all take out of the market?

so how many of these shares are trading have been phantom shares if we own or owned most of this float?.......it is considerably small. The share price we have been trading at many of us were purchasing the Rgno shares.

We'll see. If we have a few more trading days like this and we will find out how many shorts are out there and how many naked shorts are out there considering Fcnk had only 5mn o/s we owned all that float.....so how can the naked shorts trade their counterfeits for the Rgno shares considering we have a new cusip number and this makes it impossible to exchange those counterfeits......Think this had anything to do with the brokers holding up our shares and exchanging when we take into consideration that the TA stated today the problem has not ever been with them or on their side or the DTC.....It was the brokers.

When ST was put on the defensive today and the belingerancy I experienced over the last couple of days and the truth being discovered we got our shares this very day!!......I do believe the TA got them straight today.....what would be even more odd is if the AT and ET followed suit. We know darn well then that they have all been playing us for suckers.....trying to cover these naked shorts over this period of time.........I don't believe they succeeded I believe there is a short squeeze coming and in a big way. The brokers at ST has been arguing with me and I with them all this last week and I knew they were lying.

The TA was the only one telling the truth......and we need people in postions to set some guide lines regarding what they cannot do with these Otc stocks or these small companies who are the backbone of this country....These companies need protection from these parasites.
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

namenswechsel/reverse merger

10.02.07 13:58

Regions Oil and Gas Inc. (FCNK) Receives New Symbol -- RGNO
Monday January 22, 2:56 pm ET

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regions Oil and Gas, Inc. (Pink Sheets: RGNO - News) today announced that their NASDAQ ticker symbol has been changed. This change completes the reverse merger and reflects the name change of Financial Commerce Network to Regions Oil and Gas.

"So far this year is going exactly as we have planned, minus the weather. This symbol change should eliminate any confusion as to what our name is and more importantly, what we do. I am looking forward to updating the shareholders in the near future as to our progress in the patch. With the expansion office in Oklahoma now open, we have been very busy and we will have lots to report very soon. I will keep you updated as to our progress," stated Jerry Griggs, CEO.

About Regions Oil & Gas, Inc.:

Regions Oil & Gas Corporation ("Regions" or the "Company") was formed to initiate, manage, acquire, supervise and operate oil and gas ventures and to otherwise engage in the oil and gas industry and exploration business. The Company solicits and acquires from accredited and institutional investors, the capital necessary to lease, develop, and complete oil and gas wells. Their philosophy and strategy is "Bringing New Life to Old Forgotten Fields." The fields in question were generally produced in the early 1900's with the mind set and technology created during the industry's infancy. As a result, these wells have large amounts of oil still in reserves.


Certain information included in this communication contains statements that are forward looking, such as statements relating to the future anticipated direction of the Oil and Gas Industry, plans for expansion, various business development activities, planned capital expenditures, future funding resources, anticipated sales growth and potential contracts. These forward looking statements are subject to a number of known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual operations or results to differ materially from those anticipated.

Contact:Regions Oil & Gas, Inc.Jerry Griggs, 1-877-9REGIONwww.regionsoil.com

Source: Regions Oil and Gas, Inc.



RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Clubfan


10.02.07 13:59
Da es mehrere Stunden dauern wird, bis ich diesen Artikel (oder auch dieses Buch) gelesen und in für mich verständliches Deutsch übersetzt habe, vorab die Frage: ist es richtig, dass Du als Filter "WNBD" genommen hast?? Das Teil hast Du mal im Nov. empfohlen, aber hat doch jetzt mit dem hier nix zu tun, aber hab ich etz nen Denkfehler?
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

RGNO hat bei Ariva keinen Filter

10.02.07 14:05
deshalb habe ich WNBD genommen das RGNO nicht ganz in der Luft Hängt
die beiden haben aber nichts miteinander zu tun

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Bulletin.Winning

Dank dir eventw. mein erster 10Tausender

10.02.07 14:05

sieht verdammt gut aus


Bulletin Winning

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

wohl mal wieder keiner dabei

12.02.07 09:45

über ein Dollar wäre hier der Hit

wobei ich da nur erstmal die Hälfte verkaufen würde!

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Teichbau

Bin dabei

12.02.07 15:10
bin auch dabei, aber im meinen depot ist noch
immer der wert von FINL COM. habe das schreiben
von der bank aber schon lange bekommen wegen
den tausch von FINL zu RGNO.  
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RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

Kaufen und Strong Hold !

12.02.07 17:43
bis über einen Dollar!


nur meine Meinung
und macht was draus

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

SqueezeTrigger Price is $0.14. Approximately

12.02.07 17:49

BUYINS.NET: Regions Oil & Gas, Inc. (RGNO) SqueezeTrigger Price is $0.14. Approximately 6.9 million Shares Shorted Since January 2005 According to Buyins.net Research Report

MONDAY , FEBRUARY 12, 2007 09:30 AM

Feb 12, 2007 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- BUYINS.NET, www.buyins.net, is initiating coverage of Regions Oil &
Gas, Inc. (OTC: RGNO) after releasing the latest short sale data to
February 2007. From January 2005 to February 2007 approximately 90
million total aggregate shares of RGNO have traded for a total dollar
value of nearly $12.7 million. The total aggregate number of shares
shorted in this time period is approximately 6.9 million shares. The
RGNO SqueezeTrigger price of $0.14 is the volume weighted average short
price of all short selling in RGNO. A short squeeze is expected to
begin when shares of RGNO close above $0.14. To access SqueezeTrigger
Prices ahead of potential short squeezes beginning, visit

Month Total Vol. Short Vol Avg.Price $Value

Jan 05 191,783 14,767 $0.02 $278

Feb 44,814 3,451 $0.02 $52

Mar 6,610 509 $0.02 $8

Apr 225 17 $0.02 $0

May 24,393 1,878 $0.02 $42

June 18,150 1,398 $0.02 $21

July 48,880 3,764 $0.02 $56

Aug 2,480 191 $0.02 $3

Sept 8,014 617 $0.02 $9

Oct 20,100 1,548 $0.01 $19

Nov 11,522 887 $0.01 $8

Dec 1,030 79 $0.01 $1

Mar 06 11,124 857 $0.01 $7

Apr 120 9 $0.01 $0

May 55,671 4,287 $0.01 $62

July 12,650 974 $0.02 $17

Aug 2,100 162 $0.02 $2

Sept 5,660 436 $0.02 $7

Oct 1,866,533 143,723 $1.26 $181,450

Nov 1,713,284 131,923 $0.85 $112,134

Dec 34,510,600 2,657,316 $0.18 $477,520

Jan 07 30,058,932 2,314,538 $0.04 $101,145

Feb 21,337,480 1,642,986 $0.06 $105,151

Tot 89,952,155 6,926,316 $0.14 $977,993

*short volume is approximated using a proprietary algorithm.

**average short price is calculated using a volume weighted average
short price.

***short volume is the total short trade volume and does not account
for covers.

About Regions Oil & Gas, Inc.

Regions Oil & Gas, Inc. was formed to initiate, manage, acquire,
supervise and operate oil and gas ventures and to otherwise engage in
the oil and gas industry and exploration business. The Company solicits
and acquires from accredited and institutional investors, the capital
necessary to lease, develop, and complete oil and gas wells. Their
philosophy and strategy is "Bringing New Life to Old Forgotten Fields."
The fields in question were generally produced in the early 1900's with
the mind set and technology created during the industry's infancy. As a
result, these wells have large amounts of oil still in reserves.


WWW.BUYINS.NET is a service designed to help bonafide shareholders of
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All material herein was prepared by BUYINS.NET, based upon information
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"Forward-looking statements" describe future expectations, plans,
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company with the SEC.

CONTACT: Thomas Ronk, CEO, www.BUYINS.net
Tel: +1 800 715 9999
e-mail: Tom@buyins.net

M2 Communications Ltd disclaims all liability for information
provided within M2 PressWIRE. Data supplied by named party/parties.
Further information on M2 PressWIRE can be obtained at
www.presswire.net on the world wide web. Inquiries to

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

von 3,7 runter auf 0,02(Grins)

12.02.07 17:53

und hoffentlich wieder zurück(yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)

<spanwww.wallstreet-online.de/charts/...l=1171152000&1171127825 alt="RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 3087019" title="wallstreet-online.de" rel="nofollow" src="www.wallstreet-online.de/charts/...=1171152000&1171127825" style="max-width:560px" border=0>


RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 102030Fips

Kann mir das mal einer erklären.....

13.02.07 00:17
Heute knapp 4,3 Mio Shares gehandelt.......und es soll nur 5 Mio geben?????

Glaube ich nicht, sonst wäre es nicht nur 5,9 % nach oben gegangen.....

Im US Board habe ich gefunden:

Authorized Shares: 200,000,000 as of 2007-02-08
Outstanding Shares: 167,693,645 as of 2007-02-08
Free/Floating Shares: 65,341,339 as of 2007-02-08
Restricted Sahres: 102,352,306 as of 2007-02-08

Wie kommt man auf 5 Mio Shares??

Da passt das Volumen der letzten Tage und der prozentuale Gewinn des Kurses nicht zusammen.....meine Meinung.

Lasse mich jedoch gerne belehren.

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 102030Fips

Wenn ich das richtig sehe.....

13.02.07 08:57
haben sich die Outstanding Shares ver-33facht und die Authorized Shares ver-40facht.......das nennt man Dilution vom Feinsten.



RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Bulletin.Winning

Fips,alles nicht so einfach

13.02.07 20:27
mußt dich da mal richtig einlesen
übrigens seit Freitag 600-700% im Plus
Kurs derzeit Rt.0,155$(freiag 0,02x)

Anfang der Geschichte ist von FCNK

Bulletin Winning
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Canon

Heiss Heisser Hot ! o. T.

13.02.07 20:33
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Bulletin.Winning

200er Linie 0,22

13.02.07 20:49
knacken wir doch noch

Bulletin Winning

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Canon

Du bist der Profi ;( o. T.

13.02.07 20:54
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

DAUSEND yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep o. T.

14.02.07 20:21
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

und nochmal DAUSEND Rt.0,25

14.02.07 20:27
bei ein-Tausend %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

nexter Levell 0,35$

und vom Dollar bin ich hier ja überzeugt
so wie das läuft

auf die nächsten DAUSEND

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

wieder auf TH geschlossen

14.02.07 22:06
na dann

weiter machen

RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! RoulettProfi

DAUSEND yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

14.02.07 22:13

<spanwww.advfn.com/...;s=NO^RGNO&p=0&t=1&dm=0&vol=1 alt="RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 3093339" title="" rel="nofollow" src="/forum/anonymize/www.advfn.com/...s=NO^RGNO&p=0&t=1&dm=0&vol=1" style="max-width:560px" border=0> 


RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Teichbau

Auch schon 800%

14.02.07 23:33
Jetzt auch schon bei der bank richtig
gestellt (wegen der änderung)
Ich hoffe es geht weiter so.
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Bulletin.Winning

kann wieder von vorne losgehen,Ausbruch

23.02.07 20:30
könnte wieder bevorstehen
nach dem Absturz


Bulletin Winning
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 102030Fips

So, bin jetzt auch mal an Board :-) o. T.

26.02.07 15:49
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! 102030Fips

Bin ja mal gespannt, ob

27.02.07 11:26
hier nochmal was geht.....

Oder ob das schon alles war????


RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Bulletin.Winning

Startet wieder auf neue Höhen

12.03.07 15:55
Freitag +160%
heute auch schon wieder +25%
sollte man doch ein paar von haben
bei RGNO geht es immer ganz schnell

Bulletin Winning
RGNO(FCNK)monster short squeeze Play! Bulletin.Winning

wie gesagt 0,074 Plus42%

der run kann beginnen

Bulletin Winning

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