Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min

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Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min Hornissen

Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min

13.04.12 20:19
Aap Implantate AG

aap Implantate AG, a medical technology company, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of implants, medical instruments, biomaterials, bone cements, and replacement materials for the areas of ortho/trauma/spine. The company offers bone cements and replacement materials, including Cerabone, a stable hydroxylapatite ceramic material with an interconnecting system of pores; Ostim, a pasty nanocrystalline hydroxylapatite implant for peripheral filling of bone defects; PerOssal, a carrier material for the prophylaxis and treatment of bone infections; AdconGel that provides a physical barrier to inter-tissue adhesions and inhibits fibroblast migration onto and around neural tendinous structures; Jason, a ph-neutral, wet-stable, and resorbable collagen fleece, which stimulates wound healing and serves as a haemostypticum; and Hynoval, a visco-elastic solution that is used in the treatment of osteoarthrosis in the knee and other synovial joints. It also provides cementing techniques; MicroAire Hi Speed Pulse Lavage System, a high-pressure rinsing system for preparing the implant site in joint replacement operations; angle-stable plates; trauma-shoulder system; cannulated screws; AC plates; dynamic hip screw systems; biorigid nail femur system, an intramedullary nail to treat fractures of the left and right femur; and Biorigid Nail Tibia, an unreamed tibial nailing system. In addition, the company offers hip and knee endoprosthetics; and distributes products in the field of dental. aap Implantate AG sells its products directly to hospitals, buying syndicates, and clinic groups in the German-speaking countries, as well as through a network of distributors internationally. As of December 31, 2011 it had four consolidated subsidiaries, thereof three in Germany and one in the Netherlands. The company was incorporated in 1997 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.
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Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min 500760
Implants is big business, isn't it? AAP 3€min youmake222

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