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Wamu WKN 893906 News !

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Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50
liner50: to read a balance sheet

20.10.17 08:39
For Period Ending September 30, 2017 (in $000's)
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

it's a real tragedy!

20.10.17 08:42
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! KeyKey

Wie gehen wir dann weiter vor ? :-)

20.10.17 09:12
liner50: Das ist dann jetzt also Deine Erkenntnis bzw. die Bestätigung für die " real tragedy " ? :-)
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

-like amount- definition plain&simple!

24.10.17 21:24

(a) with respect to a redemption of any Trust Securities, Trust Securities having a Liquidation Amount equal to the principal amount of Debentures to be contemporaneously redeemed in accordance with the Indenture, the proceeds of which will be used to pay the Redemption Price of such Trust Securities,

(b) with respect to a distribution of Debentures to Holders of Trust Securities in connection with a dissolution or liquidation of the Issuer Trust, Debentures having a principal amount equal to the Liquidation Amount of the Trust Securities of the Holder to whom such Debentures are distributed,  
(c) with respect to any distribution of Additional Amounts to Holders of Trust Securities, Debentures having a principal amount equal to the Liquidation Amount of the Trust Securities in respect of which such distribution is made.

ring a bell !     LoL


Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

iHub?.AZC`s philosophical rumination ..

31.10.17 21:52
…… I DO NOT' believe that many individuals actually ~ KNEW WHAT THEY WERE BUYING

AZC keep in mind - most individuals literally will spend more time researching what is for dinner than will for an investment! LoL

Cheers - Safe Halloween!!
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

AZC`s call for a Pop Quiz....

11.11.17 15:27

....... no one appeared to notice him! so sad!

Have a good one!
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

the lone soldier

17.11.17 23:53

** Where have you been during blood bath? **  

leave no man on the battlefield ... except Capt. Union.  All his Army buddies have deserted him and now he is all alone to fight the good fight and stay the good long battle.

ID-paywhatever * Retired 4-Star Gen. – faster * Private Smirking Face, charly503 * The Brave, wamuwole * addicted to drive convertible moccasins etc...... are long gone while Capt. Union is standing there looking stupid holding the bag…..

What's the body count?
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

How you doing out there!

12.12.17 19:39

It appears noenough has now retired to his chambers to play with his holy phallus! LoL
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

What are they saying on I-hub ?

12.12.17 20:09

was it up 35% AM yesterday? ahahaha !!  big pop just around the corner?

c’mon all troops to the front-line!!!!
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

So hows everyone`s day going?

13.12.17 00:05

look how bad WMIH is doing….c`mon let the crying begin - this trash is likely done !!

........hurry up before the wedding cake melts! LoL
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

Silverline ?

25.12.17 22:53

since joining this message board, always appreciated the lively chatter, the Rocket Launches and Lambos and the valuable insights !!!

That being said, just wanna wish you all my fellow WMIH holders a merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

Hi everyone - hope you are having....

12.01.18 19:35
....a good and happy day

Hoping someone can talk me through what I’ve done wrong or point me in the right direction...
I bought in at $1.05…..
can it go back down to $.90 or even $.80?  Sure! Maybe even more… Is there cause for alarm?

Need your advice !
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50


28.01.18 18:33
.........everything is gonna be just fine !

Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

hello over there

08.02.18 23:28

I just bought this sinking vessel - 11 Shares valued at $1.00

have a nice one
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! union

Na do schau her...

13.02.18 20:19
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

Hey everyone, I`m back home from a long vacation

17.06.18 19:43
....I think a nice long vacation is well deserved and important for one's sanity...have been away for almost 4 months on the Pacific Crest Trail on a backpacking trip with my wife.
It's located on the west coast of the US started on the Mexican border and stretches for over 2600 mi. to the Canadian border with absolutely no civilization except for various wilderness Areas on the trail.... no as usual moldern place to eat, sleep or pee. Just wilderness and the spiritual experience.

I carried over 45 lbs of various essential items all day long on my back.
I stepped through desert & jungle, through mud holes, through sand dunes, through tree roots, up mountain sides, cliffs, over boulders and shelves.
I saw eagles, red foxes, rabbits and assorted snakes  …. and so on. I worried about bears and cougars……never saw either.
I saw few people (maybe 50). I camped under the night sky every day. It was sunny everyday with foggy mornings.
I ate dehydrated food and drank treated water. I also drank red wine. I slept in a sleeping bag on a light weight air mattress.
I pitched a tent every night. I cooked with a butane stove.
It is supposedly one of the most difficult hikes in the world. I feel like a hero that I managed to do it.
I won a large number of bets with my friends, ((largely on the golf courses)), against me finishing or, at the very least, having my first heart attack!!! LoL

Never did this kind of thing before. My wife talked me into it. Actually, she booked me on the trail.
Lost 15 lbs, this is quite a lot. Forgot about my job...and the stock market.
The hike was absolutely the most rigorous thing I have done in my life...but I seriously recommend it.
Almost everyone on the trail is under 30 and all the women have shiny perfectly aligned teeth...LoL
that alone made me at least feel younger since there were virtually no "over 40's" on the trail.

Anyhow, that's what I did on my vacation

Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

dying cinders of WMIH / NSM merger?

18.06.18 17:38
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50


21.06.18 19:43
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

esoteric group still in full stealth mode...

30.06.18 19:04

Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

In risk of offending some on this board...

29.07.18 00:21
Your math is top notch !

Hey you - don`t get me wrong…….but I wish I had a picture of you. I don’t so I just have to imagine what you look like. I say you are about 60 years old. Too young to be retired probably forced into retirement for health reason.

Your former employer was in the Automotive Parts & Accessories distribution related business with their main field of responsibility focusing on Exhaust Systems!!! in the Middle of Nowhere in Germany.
You were in low management for years and years and were passed over for promotion because of personality conflicts with middle management.

Finally you were offered early retirement and you took it because you hated your go nowhere, do nothing job. You looked for another job for a while but nobody had a position that suited you.
Your former employer would not give you a good reference and had pretty much black balled you in the area.
With all the free time on your hands you got involved with activist groups which were against your former employer, probably ICCT or somebody like that. You didn’t give a rats shit about air quality or water, you just wanted to get even with the SOB’s that run you off.

Later you got involved with johnny honey and his clan and discovered how it was possible to make a few bucks out of being an arrogant masshole. So now you or a professional mercenary for whatever cause can make you a few bucks.

You’re not married anymore, she left you sometime back. Your seldom see your own kids because they moved away, far away. You live for the grandkids and in your own little warped mind justify what you are doing because of them.
None of your neighbors like you because you are the complainer on the block that turns them in for letting their dog run loose or their trash was set out to early. LoL
Someday when you’re even sicker and older than now you will realize that the struggle for recognition, power, and money was all in vain and what you really wanted was a friend and to have the respect of your family.
I feel sorry for you and others like you, but I don’t care to know you, yet I do, again… don`t get me wrong…. I see you a dozen times a day.   hope you`re going to be happy with your tenbagger! (2500%)

I hope you are fine and everything is going well
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

I will pass on an information....

30.07.18 10:26
......I received from a close friend

....he noticed one of Ranger`s & another one`s post from yesterday have disappeared.

I'm curious, how did they get your posts removed without leaving a trace?

Does anyone know how this happens?

He just mentioned Ativa and NSA (Screenshot available)

Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

bkshadow, Book Value $0.76/SH

31.07.18 00:01

   -250%   LoL
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

You still have some doubts about the situation?

05.08.18 10:05

....things become more complex for now

You`ll have to wait another decade!

Wamu WKN 893906 News ! liner50

Short additional remark on post #77025 MaschKi

13.08.18 21:03

Pinocchio liked to brag he was a California University alumnus!!
……an UCLA admin said he most certainly wasn't!
Wamu WKN 893906 News ! Staylongstaycool


13.08.18 22:21

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