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Checkpoint IL0010824113

27.08.08 15:36

Corporate Fact Sheet

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.   (   is the leader in securing the Internet.

Check Point offers total security solutions featuring a unified gateway, single endpoint agent and single management architecture, customized to fit customers' dynamic business needs. This combination is unique and is a result of our leadership and innovation in the enterprise firewall, personal firewall/endpoint, data security and VPN markets.

Check Point's pure focus is on information security. Through its NGX platform, Check Point delivers a unified security architecture to protect business communications and resources, including corporate networks and applications, remote employees, branch offices and partner extranets.

The company also offers market-leading endpoint and data security solutions with Check Point Endpoint Security products, protecting and encrypting sensitive corporate information stored on PCs and other mobile computing devices. Check Point's award-winning ZoneAlarm solutions protect millions of consumer PCs from hackers, spyware and identity theft.

Check Point solutions are sold, integrated and serviced by a network of Check Point partners around the world and its customers include 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies and tens of thousands of businesses and organizations of all sizes.

"Ein Deutscher ist ein Mensch,der keine Lüge aussprechen kann, ohne sie selbst zu glauben"(Theodor W. Adorno)
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Up for Internet Security

27.08.08 15:41
Check Point Extends Best-Of-Class Security to Protect Virtualized Applications
New Check Point VPN-1 VE most secure way to protect applications within virtual environments

Redwood City, CA — August 18, 2008

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced VPN-1® Virtual Edition (VE), which delivers the same best-of-class security for virtual applications that Fortune 500 companies depend on to secure their corporate networks and data centers. Check Point is the first company to provide unified security management for both physical networks and virtual applications.

Virtualization of multiple servers into a single appliance creates an entirely new type of environment that requires new ways to protect segregated applications and information from one another without the use of physical security appliances. Check Point's VPN-1 VE restores the separation and security of applications as if they were still located on separate servers. VPN-1 VE also integrates completely into a customer's overall Check Point security infrastructure, making it possible to manage Check Point appliances and software for open servers, “Secured by Check Point” appliances and VPN-1 VE from a single interface – reducing the cost and strain of management.

“Virtual systems are part of the overall network and need to be protected with the same level of security provided for physical appliances.,” said Ofer Raz, director of platforms and infrastructure at Check Point. “VPN-1 VE demonstrates Check Point's commitment to protecting corporations as new technologies enter the network. Check Point's open architecture provides customers with unparalleled, centrally managed security across both physical networks and virtual environments.”

VPN-1 VE provides businesses and organizations numerous benefits, including:

   * Secures virtual environments with a preconfigured solution that is tailored for VMware ESX or ESXi environments to help ensure an easy, optimal deployment
   * Eliminates the need for additional security appliances to protect virtual applications, thereby lowering costs
   * Integrates with the same unified interface as other Check Point security gateways
   * Strengthens auditing, compliance and risk management with unified logging for the entire security infrastructure, including virtual environments
   * Enables quick deployment for provisioning or disaster recovery

“Check Point customers can deploy the VPN-1 VE with confidence, knowing that it is optimized for VMware environments,” said William Shelton, director of emerging products and solutions at VMware. “We welcome Check Point's contribution to the more than 800 virtual appliances currently available from the VMware virtual appliance marketplace.”

More information on VPN-1 VE can be found at:

Check Point VPN-1 VE joins VPN-1 Power VSX® as part of Check Point's virtualization security portfolio. VPN-1 Power VSX is a virtualized security gateway that allows managed service providers and corporations to consolidate up to 250 virtual security systems – including firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and intrusion prevention – on a single hardware platform. More information on VPN-1 VSX can be found at:

“Check Point provides organizations security solutions for all environments based on award-winning technology used by the Fortune 500, which can be managed through a single console to reduce complexity and lower cost of ownership,” concluded Raz.

Pricing and Availability
Check Point VPN-1 VE is available immediately and can be purchased through the Check Point worldwide network of value-added resellers as well as from VMware directly. For pricing, visit . To find a Check Point partner, visit
"Ein Deutscher ist ein Mensch,der keine Lüge aussprechen kann, ohne sie selbst zu glauben"(Theodor W. Adorno)
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ZONE Alarm 8.0

27.08.08 15:46

Check Point Delivers New Safer, Faster and Easier Computer Security and Identity Theft Protection with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0 Enhancements to core security, improvement in performance and a new user interface are among the advancements in ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0

Redwood City, CA — August 25, 2008  

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced the release of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0, featuring core security and performance enhancements along with a new user interface providing consumers and small businesses the safest, fastest and easiest PC and identity theft protection available.

Check Point also released today new versions of ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Antivirus.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0 expands security with enhancements such as Early Boot Protection, which guards the computer during system start-up where other security products leave systems vulnerable, and Rootkit Protection in the OSFirewall, which blocks attacks targeting processes deep in the operating system.

A new user interface with “1-Click Fix-it” offers users a simple, easy way to keep their security up-to-date, and new antivirus scan modes improve overall performance.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite also features new daily credit report monitoring and a newly designed Identity Protection Center that allows users to conveniently protect their identities and personal information in both the online and offline worlds.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0 combines multiple layers of defense for unbeatable protection. It includes award-winning antivirus and anti-spyware, the world’s #1 firewall, identity protection, and anti-spam.  It is the fastest security suite to install, and offers both a simplified interface and a wide range of customization features, making it ideal for all levels of user.

More information and a full list of product features and benefits on ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0 can be found at

“Today, hackers and online criminals are utilizing a multitude of new, less traditional attack vectors to infiltrate PCs and steal personal information, giving way to a whole new breed of Internet threats,” said Jon Crotty, security research analyst at IDC.

“For Internet security protection to be effective, it must be able to proactively protect against this new breed of threats, while still maintaining an optimal level of usability so consumers can easily install it and keep it up-to-date.”

“Because criminals are becoming more sophisticated and rendering traditional security obsolete, we focused on digging more deeply and broadly to stop attacks that by-pass other security products,” said Laura Yecies, vice president and general manager for Check Point’s ZoneAlarm consumer division.

“We also paid close attention to the full lifecycle of PCs and of malware, making sure users are protected during the early stages or start-up, where other security software typically can fall short.  In addition, we put a great deal of emphasis on providing users with much more in-depth protection against identity theft than any other Internet security product.”  Continued Yecies, “ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0 is the safest, fastest and easiest product on the market today, and provides users with the essential multi-layered protection they need to keep their PCs safe.”

Pricing and Availability

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0 is available immediately for download at and for purchase at retail outlets beginning in September (single user: USD 49.95; 3-user family pack: USD 69.95).  New versions of ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Antivirus are also available today for USD 39.95 and USD 29.95 respectively.

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"Ein Deutscher ist ein Mensch,der keine Lüge aussprechen kann, ohne sie selbst zu glauben"(Theodor W. Adorno)
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Endpoint Security

27.08.08 15:52

Check Point Ships First Single Agent for Endpoint Security Check Point Endpoint Security combines VPN, anti-malware, data security and firewall on a single agent and client interface

Redwood City, CA — August 26, 2008  

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced it has began shipping a new version of Check Point Endpoint Security™, the first single agent for endpoint security to combinethe highest-rated firewall, network access control (NAC), program control, remote access, antivirus, anti-spyware, full disk encryption and media encryption with port protection.

The new release, Check Point Endpoint Security R70, features a newly enhanced and streamlined interface as well as additional tools for enterprise deployment.  By creating a single endpoint security agent with a single client interface, deploying and managing endpoint security is dramatically simplified.

A single tray icon on the endpoint device makes reviewing security status and settings easier and eliminates interoperability conflicts. Consequently, Check Point Endpoint Security’s single agent and client interface reduces the time and costs associated with endpoint security.

“Rather than having to deploy and manage multiple solutions to mitigate each type of endpoint risk, Check Point Endpoint Security provides customers a single easy-to-manage endpoint security solution,” said Dr. Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point.

“By combining endpoint security into one comprehensive solution, Check Point eases the burden placed on security administrators.”

“Security administrators are always dealing with the challenge of having to increase network security levels in more efficient, cost effective ways,” said Joe Luciano, chief executive officer at AccessIT. “Check Point Endpoint Security solves the dilemma, by giving enterprises a solution that combines all the endpoint security they need in one solution that can be managed centrally through one console.”  

Check Point Endpoint Security R70 features and benefits include:

* Single agent with combined firewall, NAC, program control, remote access, antivirus, anti-spyware, full disk encryption and media encryption with port protection provides superior security and eliminates the need to deploy and manage multiple agents, reducing total cost of ownership.

* Single client interface for all local endpoint security administration assures compatibility of endpoint security technologies and simplifies end-user experience     * Unique distribution utility lets administrators deploy customized installations quickly and easily

* Windows Vista support allows new Vista-based PCs to seamlessly plug into a customers IT environment

More information on Check Point Endpoint Security can be found at:

“With Check Point Endpoint Security, customers can finally secure desktops, laptops and other resources with one, comprehensive endpoint security solution,” concluded Dor.

Pricing and Availability

Check Point Endpoint Security is available immediately and can be purchased through Check Point’s worldwide network of value-added resellers. For information on pricing and licensing, visit . To find a Check Point partner, visit .

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"Ein Deutscher ist ein Mensch,der keine Lüge aussprechen kann, ohne sie selbst zu glauben"(Theodor W. Adorno)
Checkpoint IL0010824113 Casaubon

kibbuzim, kannst du mir dieses Chart

27.08.08 15:57
bitte erklären???
man kucke sich mal genau Juli2007 an.


NB: ich hab mir es auch bei onvista angeschaut, da ist keine Spur von einem kolossalen Absturz zu sehen.  Scheint also ein ariva-Fehler zu sein ...


Checkpoint IL0010824113 182688
Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Salli Casa,den "Absturz" versteh ich auch nicht

27.08.08 16:10
wenn Checkpoint als Chart etwas aussagt,dann: "wenig Bewegung"...

Abewr die 0,24 € sind ein Fehler.
"Ein Deutscher ist ein Mensch,der keine Lüge aussprechen kann, ohne sie selbst zu glauben"(Theodor W. Adorno)
Checkpoint IL0010824113 Pate100

fehler an Ariva melden

27.08.08 16:12
die beheben das dann. passsirt häufiger mal...
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High Performance Power

23.04.09 21:11

Check Point Introduces New High-End Appliance Series with Breakthrough Flexibility and Performance Upgradability Check Point Power-1 11000 series combines Software Blade Architecture with latest Intel® Xeon® 5500 processors to provide unique high performance security gateways

Redwood City, CA — April 21, 2009

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced a new high-end Power-1™ series of appliances designed to meet the heavy demands of large enterprises and data centers. The Power-1 11000 series is the first to feature simple and flexible field performance upgradability, providing customers appliance scalability without a forklift upgrade. The appliances are also the first security gateways to benefit from the latest Intel Xeon processor 5500 chipset (Nehalem) announced earlier this year. Combined with Check Point’s innovative Software Blade Architecture, the Power-1 11000 appliances provide customers the best threat protection at the highest performance in the most extensible way.  

The Power-1 11000 series offers businesses world-class firewall performance of up to 25 Gbps throughput combined with breakthrough intrusion prevention (IPS) performance of up to 15 Gbps, ensuring the availability of vital applications in the most demanding environments.  The series includes the Power-1 11065, 11075 and 11085 models, and provides customers the ability to easily boost the performance by up to 66 percent from the lowest to the highest model, through a simple field upgrade.

“Businesses need flexible, extensible security solutions that perform at high-levels, capable of adapting to today’s evolving threats,” said Dr. Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point. “With the Power-1 11000, we’ve developed a series of appliances enabling customers to expand their security needs through our Software Blade Architecture and upgrade their performance without having to replace their entire appliance. This offers enterprise customers unprecedented flexibility.”  

High-performance Check Point Power-1 11000 appliances provide flexibility previously unavailable in a security appliance gateway. The extensibility of the Power-1 11000 series maximizes a business’s investment, allowing customers to augment the performance and protection of the solution through an easy field upgrade. Each of the three Power-1 11000 appliances includes Intel Xeon 5500 processors and comes standard with five Software Blades, including market-leading Check Point firewall, VPN, IPS, advanced networking, and acceleration and clustering blades.

“By utilizing the power of the Intel® Xeon® 5500 processor family, Check Point is at the technology forefront for network security appliances,” said Steve Price, director of marketing, Embedded Computing Division, Intel. “The Intel Xeon processor 5500 delivers outstanding performance and energy efficiency, and together with Check Point’s innovations, provides enterprise customers a new level of firewall performance.”

The Power-1 11000 series includes:

* The Power-1 11065, offering up to 15 Gbps of firewall throughput and 10 Gbps IPS performance, upgradable to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput

* The Power-1 11075, offering up to 20 Gbps of firewall throughput and 12 Gbps IPS performance, upgradable to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput

* The Power-1 11085, offering up to 25 Gbps of firewall throughput and 15 Gbps IPS performance

Features and benefits of the Power-1 11000 series include:

* Market-leading Firewall, VPN and IPS software blades for comprehensive security

* Check Point acceleration and clustering and advanced networking  capabilities ensure availability of mission critical applications

* Simple activation of additional software blades, including full XTM, optimizes return on investment. Check Point Software Blades offer over 20 security functionality choices, such as anti-virus, anti-spam, VOIP security, URL filtering and more.

* Multi-tier intrusion prevention engine provides unrivaled preemptive threat protection

* Central management simplifies the administration of security policies and updates

* Remote, out-of-band control through lights-out management     * Convenient 2U form factor preserves rack space and conserves power  

Additional information on the Power-1 11000 series can be found at:

“With this new series of security appliances, Check Point continues to bring to market the latest technologies benefitting our customers, providing them with best-in-class threat protection and unparalleled scalability,” concluded Dor.  

Pricing and Availability Check Point Power-1 11000 models are available immediately and can be purchased through Check Point’s worldwide network of value-added resellers. For more information, please visit us at

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (,

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Checkpoint IL0010824113 romi70

kontinuierliche Steigerung des Kurses

06.11.09 14:30
der Aktienkurs stetig steigt
Börse Online hatte die Aktie vor längerer Zeit als Übernahmekandidat in einer Ausgabe
in Deutschland kaum beachtet, in Amiland gute Umsätze
auch hier im Forum in Vergessenheit geraten
tippe darauf, daß es nicht mehr lange dauern wird, bis das Unternehmen übernommen wird
Anzeige: Smartbroker
Check Point Software-Aktie jetzt dauerhaft für 0€ handeln! + Aktienhandel für 0€

+ Derivatehandel für 0€
+ Kostenlose Sparpläne
+ Keine Depotgebühren

Jetzt KOSTENLOS handeln auf
Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Eine Übernahmekandidat denke ich,ist es nicht

10.11.09 09:27

aber eben eine sehr inovatives Unternehmen,mal wieder Up mit Checkpoint wg. der guten Performance.



Check Point Awarded International Common Criteria EAL4 Certification for Full Disk Encryption Check Point data security solutions ensure customers benefit from the highest encryption standard      

Redwood City, CA — November 09, 2009

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced Check Point Endpoint Security™ Full Disk Encryption, Pointsec® PC 6.3.1 has received Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4) certification from the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). Government agencies and security-conscious enterprises that require EAL4 certification can now benefit from the data protection Full Disk Encryption offers.

Full Disk Encryption provides the highest level of data security for laptops and PCs through a combination of pre-boot authentication and strong encryption algorithms. The solution can be deployed independently or as part of Check Point Endpoint Security, the first and only single agent that combines all the critical components for total security on the endpoint.

EAL4 certification is the highest standard level existing encryption products can receive, and indicates the product has passed a long and stringent evaluation process. The International Standard Organization initially adopted Common Criteria and uses EAL levels as global standards. EAL4 certification provides assurance to government agencies, and any organization protecting mission critical assets, that Check Point security solutions meet or exceed strict criteria. Many government agencies require data security solutions to have at the minimum EAL4 certification.

“Information on endpoint devices is most vulnerable to theft or loss, so to achieve complete protection, it’s essential that an organization’s endpoint security solution include data encryption,” said Ben Khoushy, vice president of endpoint products at Check Point. “EAL4 certification not only allows additional government entities to benefit from Check Point’s leading data encryption solutions, but also objectively validates the overall design and functionality of Check Point endpoint solutions. Full Disk Encryption ensures data remains protected, regulatory requirements are met and the organization’s reputation stays intact.”

In addition to Full Disk Encryption for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based computers, Check Point offers customers port and removable media protection through Check Point Media Encryption and mobile phone encryption through Pointsec Mobile. Check Point encryption products are quick and simple to deploy, scale to any size organization, are proven in many industry and government deployments around the world, and support the broadest set of platforms.

EAL4 certification for Full Disk Encryption is the latest of many industry standards Check Point products consistently meet. More information on third-party certifications received by Check Point can be found at:  

“Through Check Point, customers benefit from the industry’s most secure security solutions, as demonstrated by Check Point’s ability to consistently meet stringent industry certifications,” concluded Khoushy.

Checkpoint IL0010824113 273898
Proletarier Aller Länder vereinigt Euch !
Checkpoint IL0010824113 romi70

es bahnt sich etwas an

16.11.09 18:13
Der Kurs steigt und steigt. Was mich wundert ist, daß die Aktie in Deutschland kaum Beachtung findet.
Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, daß hier bald sehr gute News veröffentlicht werden.
Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Checkpoint Software -- "Robuste Reize"

02.12.09 15:10

Internet-Sicherheit-Aktien Check Point Software bietet robuste Reize

30. November 2009

Man mag von den massiven Kursgewinnen der Aktien an sich schwacher Unternehmen der vergangenen Monate halten was man will, sicherer ist es, auf die Papiere jener Firmen zu setzen, die sich auch während der Krise operativ robust entwickelten und die finanziell auf gesunden Fundamenten stehen.  Dazu zählt das amerikanische Unternehmen Check Point Software Technologies. Es konnte in den vergangenen Jahren unabhängig von allen Wirren sowohl Umsatz als auch den Gewinn je Aktie im Trend steigern. Nach einer längeren Seitwärtsbewegung ist die Aktie in den vergangenen Monaten nach oben ausgebrochen und hat seit Oktober des vergangenen Jahres bis zu 90 Prozent zugelegt.

Aktie ist angesichts der robusten Entwicklung vernünftig bewertet

Mit Kurs-Gewinnverhältnissen von 15,8 und 14,4 auf Basis der Gewinnschätzungen für das laufende und das kommende Geschäftsjahr sind die Papiere noch vernünftig bewertet. Immerhin hat Check Point Software im Unterschied zu vielen anderen Unternehmen so gut wie keine Schulden.

Check Point Software entwickelt, produziert und unterstützt Soft- und Hardwareprodukte, die der Sicherheit in der Informationsverarbeitung dienen. Bekannt und beliebt ist die Internet-Firewall ZoneAlarm, die das Unternehmen Nutzern unentgeltlich verfügbar macht und die Millionen von ihnen gegen Hacker, Spionagesoftware und gegen Idenditätsdiebstahl schützt. Das Unternehmen entwickelt so genannte Gateways, die es Netzwerken, die auf völlig unterschiedlichen Protokollen basieren, möglich macht, miteinander zu kommunizieren. Sie werden ergänzt durch unterschiedliche und ständig weiterentwickelte Software- und Dienstleistungspakete, die die sichere Übermittlung und Filterung von Daten möglich macht.

Das Unternehmen wurde 1993 im israelischen Ramat Gan gegründet und beschäftigt etwa 1800 Mitarbeiter. Der Hauptsitz ist in Redwood City in den Vereinigten Staaten, Entwicklung und der internationale Hauptsitz jedoch ist weiterhin Ramat-Gan. Nach Angaben von Check Point nutzen alle der Top100 Unternehmen Sicherheitslösungen des Unternehmens.

Wachstum: Organisch und auch durch Übernahmen

Das Unternehmen wächst nicht nur organisch, sondern auch durch Übernahmen. Es erwarb im Jahr 1999 SofaWare Technologies und Zone Labs im Jahr 2004. Ende des Jahres 2006 akquirierte es den amerikanischen IPS-Hersteller NFR und erweiterte damit seine Produktportfolio um eine IPS-Komponente. Im Januar wurde außerdem das schwedische Unternehmen Pointsec übernommen. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Softwareentwickler für Festplattenverschlüsselung und die Kontrolle externer Geräte wie USB-Sticks, iPods und andere. Im Dezember des Jahres 2008 übernahm Check Point schließlich den Bereich Sicherheitstechnik von Nokia für eine nicht genannte Summe. Auf diese Weise wurde nicht nur das Portfolio um weitere Hardwarelösungen erweitert, sondern auch die Verbindung zum langjährigen Partner Nokia vertieft.

Check Point Software konnte den Umsatz.....

Checkpoint IL0010824113 280161
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Mal wieder dran erinnern...

18.01.10 23:06

CHECK POINT SOFTWARE - Langfristig ist da noch eine Menge Platz

 Check Point Software - Kürzel: CHKP - ISIN: IL0010824113  Börse: Nasdaq in USD / Kursstand: 34,47 $

Rückblick: Der Bärenmarkt 2000 bis 2003 hat auch die Aktien von Check Point Software voll erfasst und führte zu einem massiven Abverkauf bis auf 10,38 $.

Damit verlor der Titel seit dem Hoch bei 118,54 $ mehr als 90% seines Wertes und kam auf ein Kursniveau vor der Hausse um Techwerte zurück.  Diese enorme Volatilität musste in den vergangenen Jahres seit 2003 erst einmal verdaut werden und die Kurse liefen im Schwerpunkt zwischen 26,80 $ und 16,46 $ seitwärts.

Diese neutrale Zone konnte im Sommer letzten Jahres jedoch nach oben hin verlassen und damit ein rechnerisches Kursziel bei ca. 43,50 $ aktiviert werden. In diesem Bereich findet sich auch eine breite Widerstandszone, die potentiellen Käufern das Leben zumindest im Erstkontakt schwer machen dürfte.,a2055203.html


Es sind meiner Meinung nach aber eher fundamentale Aspekte,welche für dieses Unternehmen sprechen, als der bloße Charttechnische...   Nun ja, Godmode....

(Verkleinert auf 86%) vergrößern
Checkpoint IL0010824113 292708
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Checkpoint Software mit guten Zahlen 2009

31.01.10 09:25

Check Point Software:

Umsatz und Gewinn klettern nach oben Freitag, 29.01.2010 17:54  

REDWOOD CITY (IT-Times) - Der Firewall-Softwarehersteller Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP, WKN: 901638) hat die ungeprüften Ergebnisse für das vierte Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2009 bekannt gegeben. Das Unternehmen konnte dabei Umsatz und Ergebnis steigern.

Im vierten Quartal 2009 erwirtschaftete Check Point Software einen Umsatz in Höhe von 272,12 Mio. US-Dollar. Im Vergleichszeitraum des Vorjahres hatte dieser Wert bei 217,56 Mio. Dollar gelegen. Das operative Ergebnis stieg vom vierten Quartal 2008 von 103,74 Mio. Dollar auf aktuell rund 130,58 Mio. Dollar. Ähnlich konnte das Unternehmen auch das Nettoergebnis nach oben fahren. Rund 109,53 Mio. Dollar wies Check Point Software für das vierte Quartal 2009 aus. Im Vergleichszeitraum 2008 waren dies noch 86,47 Mio. Dollar gewesen. Das entspricht einem Ergebnis von 0,51 Dollar je Aktie im vierten Quartal 2009 und  0,41 Dollar im Vorjahr.


Die Aktie wird dennoch von einigen Analysten heruntegestuft von Kaufen auf Halten.

Checkpoint IL0010824113 296079
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Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

UP ! -- Checkpoint Software weiterhin positiv

26.01.11 19:39

Mit einem aktuellen Kurs von 46 $ kommt Checkpoint Software den letzten aktuellen Analysteneinschätzungen vom Januar 2011 bereits nahe, die Ziele zwischen 47 $ - 52 $ ausgegeben haben.

Auch wenn die Aktie bislang alles in allem sehr gut gelaufen ist bleibt sie mit entsprechender Gewinnabsicherung weiter im Depot.

Vor einem Jahr stuften viele Analysten die Aktie auf "Halten" zurück und irrten sich gehörig, Checkpoint machte ungeachtet dieser Einschätzungen seinen Weg nach oben, übertraf die Erwartungen in Bezug auf Umsatz und Gewinn.





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Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Lohnt sich der Einstieg bei Checkpoint Software ?

07.03.11 21:43

nachdem die Aktie in der Vergangenheit bereits sehr gut gelaufen ist -- ein paar Zahlen und Vergleiche.

Proletarier Aller Länder vereinigt Euch !

Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Checkpoint Abra -- Arbeitsplatz auf USB Stick

23.03.11 12:30
Proletarier Aller Länder vereinigt Euch !

Checkpoint IL0010824113 bauwi

Das ist ein Unternehmen! Glänzender Chart!

19.07.11 00:56
Und niemand hat Checkpoint im Depot!  Ein Jammer
MfG bauwi
Die Freiheit des Menschen liegt nicht darin, daß er tun kann, was er will, sondern das er nicht tun muß, was er nicht will.
Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Und hat weiter Luft nach oben...

19.07.11 05:22
Proletarier Aller Länder vereinigt Euch !

Checkpoint IL0010824113 14051948Kibbuzim

Q4 und Gesamtergebnis 2014

31.01.15 13:21

Weiterhin gute Zahlen.
Checkpoint IL0010824113 frankywallet

Standout In A Growing Industry

25.03.15 15:00
Checkpoint IL0010824113 frankywallet

Check Point buys Lacoon

08.04.15 10:16
Checkpoint IL0010824113 frankywallet

2015 First Quarter Financial Results

20.04.15 10:13
Q1 2015 Check Point Software Technologies Earnings Conference Call
Monday, April 20, 2015, 8:30 am EDT  
Checkpoint IL0010824113 frankywallet

Check Point Beats Q1 Views

20.04.15 15:31
Checkpoint IL0010824113 Tamakoschy


03.01.16 18:13

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