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Aphria mrmofitch1000


01.12.16 22:11
Anbau von Cannabis in Ontario, Canada und Arizona, USA.
Jetzt mit Treasure Island Sativa und Grand Daddy Purps Indica im Online Shop!
Im Dezember gibts 30% Rabatt auf CannWay Produkte!

Aphria mrmofitch1000

Aphria mit interessanten Produkt Linien

01.12.16 22:17
Aphria chinasky

Aphria receives conditional OK to trade on TSX

07.02.17 10:51
Zitat:"...Aphria's listing on the TSX Venture Exchange played an important role in the publicly recognized growth of the company and this new listing on the TSX will allow a whole new category of investors to participate in the Aphria story. "Aphria remains committed to driving shareholder value and we are pleased that this move recognizes that our strategy is paying off for our shareholders," said Mr. Neufeld.
Final approval of the listing is subject to Aphria meeting certain standard and customary conditions required by the TSX, to be finalized on or before the TSX-imposed May 3, 2017, deadline. Aphria is confident that it will satisfy all requirements and.... " ENDE Zitat

Fazit: jeder hat noch den Kurssprung von CanopyGrowth vor Augen..... von damals 7 auf 17 :-)

(Verkleinert auf 85%) vergrößern
Aphria 969806
Aphria chinasky

aktuell 20k im Wikifolio

09.02.17 16:02
#4 Hinblick auf den Anfang Mai erfolgenden Segmentwechsel habe ich in mein Wikifolio ( ) , für welches man sich nebenbei bemerkt noch unverbindlich vormerken kann ,(Emission beantragt > siehe heute zum Kurs von €3,963 20.000 Stk aufgenommen.

Dazu habe ich in selbigem Wiki  CGC aka WEED  9500 Stk  mit knapp +12% verkauft...

Aphria chinasky

Expansion Part I - Part IV

12.02.17 13:36

nachfolgend habe ich versucht, die relevanten Information zu den bereits erfolgten und zukünftig geplanten Expansionen (Expansion Part I - Expansion Part IV); Zeitraum 2015 - 2018, darzustellen.

Part I  - 3./2015 - additional 20´700 s.f. - total a.g.c. 2,500 kg - completed 10./2015

Part II - 6.-7./2016 - additional 57´000 s.f. - total a.g.c. 7.500 kg(ab 2017) completed 01./2016 > expected to be approved by HealthCanada by 4./2017

Part III - 6./2016 - total up to 300´000 s.f. - total a.g.c. 21.000 kg - expected completed 10/2017

Part IV - 1.72017 - additional 350´000 s.f. -  tatal. a.g.c. 49.000kg - expected compl. in 06.72018

Zitat:" ...Part  IV  Expansion  is  now  anticipated  to  include  (1)  700,000  square  feet  of state-of-the-art greenhouses built up to the current standards of greenhouses operations in Leamington, for total greenhouse growing space of 1,000,000 square feet.. " ENDE Zitat

*s.f.  = square feet
*a.g.c = total annual growing capacity

Aphria chinasky

Seite 12 v. 31 Sedar - Expanson Part I - Part II

12.02.17 13:37
(Verkleinert auf 70%) vergrößern
Aphria 971091
Aphria chinasky

Seite 12 v. 31 Sedar - Expansion Part II - Part IV

12.02.17 13:38
(Verkleinert auf 71%) vergrößern
Aphria 971092
Aphria kitesurfer377

...auf dem Weg zum All-Time-High

15.02.17 17:07
..wenn sich jetzt noch das Gerücht mit der Übernahme von Canabo Medical bewahrheitet, dann bin ich gespannt was hier noch passiert. So kanns gerne weiter gehen!
Aphria Hangover22

Übernahme Canabo

15.02.17 19:49
Hoffe das bewahrheitet sich da bin ich nämlich investiert. Bin zwar auch bei Aphria mit dabei aber nur mit kleinem Geld. Dafür hier scon im Plus und bei Canabo no im Minus.
Aphria chinasky

Medlab & Aph complete cannabis supply deal

15.02.17 21:30
...schon älter und daher evlt. in Vergessenheit geraten,...aber IMO ebenfalls sehr spannend...

Zitat:"Aphria will grow and prepare the high yield cannabis for Medlab in Canada and Medlab will complete the manufacturing at a licensed Schedule 8 (S8) TGA approved facility, which Medlab expects will be in Australia....At this facility, the cannabis product will be combined with Medlab's patented medicine delivery system, NanoCelle™, which enables sub-micron sized particles to be taken by mouth spray, allowing a swifter and more direct absorption of medicine into the bloodstream...."The supply agreement with Medlab represents the first step in Aphria's International strategy. Choosing to take that step with an Australian public company, operating in the pharmaceutical space, with the resources to execute and a strategic vision consistent with Aphria's made Medlab a logical choice as Aphria's first international partner," Mr. Neufeld, Chief Executive Officer of Aphria, said.... " ENDE Zitat


Aphria chinasky

Aph & MassRoots enter into cannabis collaboration

15.02.17 21:40
...ebenfalls aus 2016 und IMO wichtiger, denn es geht um nichts geringeres als die Erhöhung der Anzahl der Patienten !

Zitat:""We are thrilled to partner with Aphria to help expand their patient base while opening a new revenue stream for our business," stated MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich. "As a technology platform, MassRoots is available in every state and country that regulates the production of cannabis and we could not be more excited to have a partner of Aphria's caliber in the Canadian market." "ENDE Zitat

"This partnership with MassRoots offers a fresh, innovative way to expand Aphria's patient base while helping to grow our digital presence," stated Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld. "MassRoots has the potential to be the leading technology platform in the cannabis sector and we look forward to leveraging their distribution channels and data to optimize our operations."

Aphria chinasky

Emission Wiki-Zertifikat: ISIN DE000LS9KTW8

23.02.17 08:45
!!! >> aktuell 110.000 Stück "Aphria Inc" mit einer Gewichtung von 85% beinhaltet ! < !!!

Kurse per 23.02.2017 - 08:36
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Aphria 973529
Aphria chinasky

Any fund manager...will be buying Aphria

24.02.17 14:25

Zitat:"... expect this uplisting to be great for Aphria's share price for two reasons....

Aphria Will Be A Component Of Most Canadian Index Funds

Up-listing to the TSX Index will make Aphria a component in most Canadian index funds.

This is important. Any time a billion-dollar fund manager or individual investors purchases a Canadian index fund, such as iShares MSCI Canada....they will be buying shares of Aphira.... " ENDE Zitat

Aphria chinasky

heute nochmals Gelegenheit zum einsammeln...?

24.02.17 15:34
.... Aphria hat per heute sein Offering des BoughtDeals geschlossen.....
wie nicht anders zu erwarten wird der Kurs nochmals, für alle die nicht zum Zug gekommen sind, gedrückt..... Up-Listing an die TSX erfolgt (angeblich) in der letzten Woche März , auf Anfang April

Zitat:"Aphria Inc. ("Aphria" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:APH)(OTCQB:APHQF) is pleased to announce it has closed its short form prospectus offering, on a bought deal basis, including the exercise in full of the underwriters' over-allotment option. A total of 11,500,000 common shares (the "Shares") of the Company were sold at a price of $5.00 per Share, for aggregate gross proceeds of $57,500,000 (the "Offering")."
Aphria kitesurfer377

Aphrias Investitionen in den Cannabismarkt

01.03.17 09:12
Aphria chinasky

one-year price target $6 to $8

03.03.17 13:44
Zitat:"“We believe Aphria is the MJ market leader in terms of funded capacity,” says the analyst. “Having recently closed a $57.5M bought deal financing, we estimate Aphria’s cash balance currently sits at around $130M – $ a research update to clients today, Zandberg maintained his “Buy” rating, but raised his one-year price target on Aphria from $6.00 to $8.00. The analyst says the target raise is due to the increase in peer multiples and our EV/Funded Capacity valuation.....Zandberg believes Aphria will post EBITDA of $4.17-million on revenue of $20.2-million in fiscal 2017. He expects these numbers will improve to EBITDA of $14.9-million on a topline of $42.3-million the following year." ENDE Zitat
Aphria chinasky

"To be clear...we dont need chemicals to grow..."

09.03.17 14:59

Zitat:"Vic Neufeld, chief executive officer of Aphria, said:"Aphria has always held itself to the highest standards when it comes to the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. As part of this, we made a strategic investment i..... which enables us to produce medical cannabis that meets our exacting standards of quality, consistency and safety......
"Aphria is committed to product integrity through every step of the growing process. We make our own fertilizer, which significantly reduces the risk of unwanted chemicals that can be found in 'premixed' fertilizers. Additionally, we do not use chemical pesticides in the production of medical cannabis; we only use biological controls in the Leamington greenhouse. To be clear, Aphria has never supported the use of myclobutanil.........
"Since Aphria was founded, we have enforced a strict quality management program that continuously tests for pesticides,........
"Aphria management has over 35 years of experience in agriculture and 20 years in the pharmaceutical space, we don't need to rely on chemicals because we know how to grow naturally."

Aphria Cool-bleiben

Ich bin mal gespannt, ob

15.03.17 16:49
ALLIANCE GROWERS auch irgendwann von Aphria entdeckt wird.
Aphria kitesurfer377

Sessions gibt ruhe..

15.03.17 22:13
Aphria chinasky

Aphria begin trading TXS on March 22, 2017

21.03.17 17:47
Zitat:"Aphria Inc.'s common shares will begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange as of the open of the market on March 22, 2017. The common shares will continue to trade under the symbol APH. In conjunction with listing on the TSX, the common shares will be voluntarily delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange prior to the commencement of trading on March 22, 2017... " ENDE Zitat
Aphria chinasky

Aph invests additional US$450.000 in MSRT

30.03.17 15:49
Zitat:"Aphria Inc. has exercised some warrants early at 90 U.S. cents per share for total proceeds to MassRoots Inc. of $450,000 (U.S.). Aphria initially invested US$250,000 in MassRoots last fall and established a two-year exclusive partnership focused on the Canadian market......."Aphria remains one of our most well-capitalized and highest-caliber partners and we are thankful for their continued support by fully exercising their warrants," stated MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich. "As a technology platform, MassRoots is available in every state and country that regulates the production of cannabis and these warrant proceeds will greatly assist in increasing our market share of cannabis consumers and businesses.".....
"We're committed to continuing to build a robust portfolio of cannabis-infrastructure investments by backing innovate companies like MassRoots," stated Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld. "MassRoots has the potential to be the leading technology platform in the cannabis sector.... " ENDE Zitat
Aphria kitesurfer377

Gesetz zur Legalisierung in Kanada

03.04.17 17:24
...wird vielleicht schon am 20. April bekannt gegeben. Das wäre ja deutlich früher als ich angenommen hatte.
Aphria kitesurfer377

...und hier noch der Link..

03.04.17 17:24
Aphria kitesurfer377

Es gibt einige News zu Aphria..

05.04.17 20:27
...diese sind nachzulesen auf Finanznachrichten.
Stichpunkte sind:
- Expansion US-Markt
- Weiterer Invest in MassRoots (technischer Partner)
- 3-Mio-Invest in Arizona zur Produktion (Copperstate Farms)
- usw
Aphria 22668799A12HM0 Nachrichten" />
News zur APHRIA AKTIE ✓ und aktueller Realtime-Aktienkurs ✓ BRIEF-Aphria launches U.S. expansion strategy
Aphria weedsto


06.04.17 12:08
Es wurde erstaunlich viel investiert in den letzten Wochen. Vor allem die Investments im Us-Markt lassen aufhorchen und stimmen mich positiv.

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