scala 907930 vor morgigen zahlen im höhenflug. neue kursziele werden gesetzt!!

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scala 907930 vor morgigen zahlen im höhenflug. neue kursziele werden gesetzt!! gurkenhals

scala 907930 vor morgigen zahlen im höhenflug. neue kursziele w.

ich bin auch mal auf die neuesten news bezüglich ihrer wap-strategie gespannt!!!

Scala Business Solutions N.V. and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

Scala demonstrates WAP Business Solution
at the GartnerGroup Symposium/ITxpo 99 in
Cannes, France between 1-4 November

Scala Business Solutions N.V., the leading provider of world-class global business management and E-Business solutions, will demonstrate live user scenarios, where Scala's E-business application, Scala.Solutions, operates on the latest WAP mobile phone devices from Nokia, using the 7110 phone hosting
a microbrowser.

WAP is a joint effort between Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Panasonic (
The initial idea behind WAP was to broaden the communication profile that people are using today. With the means of Internet and Mobile equipment (Mobile phones) the user should be able
to easily stay in touch with business critical information.

WAP allows Internet/XML data to be displayed on a variety of wireless devices. Together with Scala.Solutions, with its multi-language technology called "Active Language", a link is created which enables businesses to increase their mobility and customer services still further. Simply by keying queries onto the keyboard, mobile phones using WAP technology offer online access to real-time information, providing such crucial information as product and stock availability, customer credit limits and other important backoffice data, as well as real-time integration.

Demo at The demo is based on WML 1.1 and tested with Nokia WAP SDK 2.15 and the Nokia 7110
Mobile WAP phone. The Nokia WAP SDK 2.15 is downloadable from Nokia's website

Scala Business Solutions was early in adopting this technology by implementing their business processes for the mobile individual. Scala.Solutions' architecture is based on Microsoft Windows DNA. Since it is so flexible and easy to change, the business processes were implemented with the same business components and data storage as the Web-enabled business processes. This meant that there was no need for re-coding or re-implementation of the business functionality.

Unlike other WAP solutions, Scala already offers a wealth of experience, having worked closely with some of the leading mobile phone suppliers, demonstrating working solutions as early as April this year.

Many Internet forecasters, especially those from the U.S, have ignored the fact that it takes more time for regions outside the U.S, to adapt to the Internet, due to such barriers as languages, cultures and infrastructure. Also widely ignored is the fact that most people outside the U.S. have started to use mobile phones as part of their normal life. Today there are more mobile phones than there are Internet connections via PC's.

Many industry analysts expect that, in a couple of years, between 30 to 50 % of Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce transactions outside North America will be initiated by portable and cellular devices. The result will be an astonishing growth of the actual Internet network, a growth that is now being restrained by the traditional landline-based network.

Scala's WAP application makes companies around the world more competitive by providing real-time business information and allowing the ability to enter business transactions via mobile phones and other wireless devices. This enables business people to be connected to their business management system, allowing them to receive alerts and respond to business events while out of their office or away from their desk.

With today's markets merging and borders blurring, customers need to be able to choose globally. Unlike their competition, Scala Business Solutions N.V. is experienced in providing a global business solution for almost any country and language, and understands that if a company wants to be competitive, it will have to market, sell and operate globally.

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