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Washtech.com Technology / Layoffs Watch

09.03.01 18:27
Washtech.com Technology
Layoffs Watch

Below is Washtech.com's list of local technology layoffs, compiled from reports filed by The Washington Post and our own reporters. Links to original coverage are provided. (Updated March 9)


Click here for a list sorted alphabetically by company name.


Layoffs Announced/Reported


NC Inc.
(Arlington, VA) Mar. 9, 2001
At least one-fourth of NC’s employees have been laid off since December, but company officials declined to provide details on exact numbers.  

(Baltimore, MD) Mar. 8, 2001
Company laid off at least 18 and dismissed CEO Tony Keyes.

Hoovers Inc.
(Austin, TX) Mar. 8, 2001
Texas-based business information firm announced plan to close two local offices that were formerly part of Powerize Inc., which Hoovers acquired in August 2000. The two offices -- one in Reston and the other in Linthicum -- employ 36 people.  

Cable & Wireless
(U.S. HQ in Vienna, VA) Mar. 6, 2001
Thirty-eight Washington-area employees let go as part of a worldwide reduction of 300 employees in the company's office of technology.  

Eyecast Corp.
(Herndon, VA) Mar. 6 and Jan. 29, 2001
In January, company laid off 20% of its workforce, or about 28 employees, in a move to streamline operations. Thirty additional workers were let go in March due to Eyecast tightening its corporate cash belt in the face of further declining markets.  

(Reston, VA) Mar. 2, 2001
Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Two rounds of layoffs — one Feb. 8 and one Mar. 2 — brought staff count down from 309 to 228.  

(Fairfax, VA) Feb. 28, 2001
As many as 50 jobs cut as company closed all offices except its Fairfax HQ. Cuts followed an earlier round of layoffs in December, when 45 people were let go.  

WorldCom Inc.
(Clinton, MS) Feb. 28, 2001
Cut 6,000 jobs companywide, including 400 at Washington-area offices. Most of the cuts were in sales and marketing operations  

(Frederick, MD) Feb. 27, 2001
Laid off 29 workers, or about 25 percent of its total workforce, over the preceding month. Layoffs made as the company streamlined as it readies to launch its custom private label service.  

(Arlington, VA) Feb. 26, 2001
Laid off 12 people, about 11 percent of its staff. Described as an internal restructuring.  

(D.C.) Feb. 23, 2001
25 employees were dismissed (20% of staff) from the travel company, leaving the total staff at 100. CEO Sean Greene called the move "an inevitable restructuring and streamlining" in the wake of a string of acquisitions.  

(D.C.) Feb. 21, 2001
Company confirmed that it laid off half its workforce on Feb. 15 but would not reveal total number of workers affected by the cuts.  

Level 8 Systems
(Dulles, VA) Feb. 16, 2001
Last year, Level 8 cut the workforce in its Dulles office by more than half. In February, it reduced the office's staff by another 15 percent as part of a company-wide restructuring. The most recent layoffs involved 10 to 15 workers, leaving about 75 people in the Dulles office.  

American Management Systems
(Fairfax, VA) Feb. 15, 2001
Company announced layoff of 350 workers with an additional 350 to be cut by the end of 2001. Layoffs came as it reported declining fourth-quarter earnings. However, officials said they expect the overall size of AMS' worldwide staff to remain at about 9,000 or more at the end of the year.  

(Vienna, VA) Feb. 15, 2001 and Nov. 9, 2000
Teligent fired about 200 employees in February as part of a broad restructuring, bringing the total head count down to about 2,400. An official said few of the cutbacks will affect the company's corporate operations in Vienna. In Nov., the company laid off about 780 employees, or roughly 22% of its workforce, including about 100 at the Vienna HQ.  

(Charlottesville, VA) Feb. 8, 2001
Company announced plans to sell its Charlottesville, Va., manufacturing facility to Grove Street Properties LLP for $11.5 million. The move means firing up to 360 workers, or 25% of Comdial's total workforce.  

Motley Fool
(Alexandria, VA) Feb. 8, 2001
Company laid off 115 people, a third of its staff, as part of a broad shake-up driven by continuing weakness in the Internet advertising market. Motley Fool als killed one of its newest business initiatives, SoapBox.com, through which individuals could post and sell original research about stocks and other topics.  

(Gaithersburg, MD) Feb. 7 and Jan. 8, 2001
Twenty-seven workers laid off on Feb. 7 (15% of staff) as it tries to recover from losses and a slowing market for its products. Some middle-management positions were cut in Jan. after the company reported losses for the three months ended Dec. 31

(Alexandria, VA) Feb. 7, 2001
Replaced its chief executive in early Feb. and has confirmed an unspecified number of layoffs, though officials say its planned IPO is still on track.

Commerce One
(Pleasanton, CA) Jan. 25, 2001
Cut 150 workers companywide, including an unspecified number of D.C.-area workers who came to the company as part of its acquisition of Bethesda, MD-based AppNet Inc.

DataZen Corp.
(Herndon, VA) Jan. 25, 2001
Business software marketer cut 20 workers total, 12 locally. Company said it expects to land roughly $20 million in new funding by March.

Ntercept Communications
(D.C.) Jan. 25, 2001
Polling and survey firm laid off five of the 10 employees working on its flagship Web site.

AOL Time Warner
(Dulles, VA) Jan. 23, 2001
Announced that it is cutting 2,000 employees companywide, 300 in the Washington area. Layoffs were part of the company's effort to eliminate overlap and integrate operations in the wake of the Time Warner merger.

(Silver Spring, MD) Jan. 23, 2001 and Nov. 2, 2000
In January, Web-based legal-information provider laid off nine sales people, about 28 percent of its workforce, and said it is "evaluating several options," including being acquired. In November, the firm laid off 16.

(D.C.) Jan. 23, 2001
Company fired up to seven salespeople but insisted that firings were performance-related.

(Rockville, MD) Jan. 19, 2001
Trimmed 17% of staff (8 workers) across the organization, mostly in marketing

(Herndon, VA) Jan. 19, 2001
The provider of telephone and data communication services said it will fire 10% of its workforce, or about 90 workers.

(Baltimore) Jan. 19, 2001
Laid off 65 of its 94 employees and announced plans to redirect its remaining 29 employees away from the resource-hungry delivery of complete network services.

Online Resources
(McLean, VA) Jan. 17, 2001
Announced plans to lay off 9% of its staff—28 people—as part of a broader strategy shift aimed at attaining profitability.

(Rockville, MD) Jan. 17, 2001
Business software-maker laid off about 70 employees, one fourth of its staff.

(Annapolis, MD) Jan. 17, 2001
Laid off 11% of its staff, or 150 people, and warned of troubled times ahead after termination of contract with U.S. West.

(Bethesda, MD) Jan. 16, 2001
Media planning and placement firm announced a restructuring that will result in layoffs to 22 employees, or 31% of its staff.

(Vienna, VA) Jan. 12, 2001
Cut 27 employees — or 13% of its workforce — whose jobs were deemed redundant after the software firm finished integrating four companies it acquired or merged with last year.

InteliData Technologies Corp.
(Reston, VA) Jan. 12, 2001
Internet banking/payment firm said it intends to lay off an unspecified number of workers following its acquisition of California-based Home

Account Holdings Inc.
(D.C.) Jan. 11, 2001
Forty employees cut (40% of staff)

(Chantilly, VA) Jan. 11, 2001
Christian Internet portal laid off 15 people—23% of its staff—as part of a broader restructuring.

Startec Global Communications
(Bethesda, MD) Jan. 11, 2001
Reduced its workforce by 19% by laying off 90 people—mostly in the Bethesda headquarters—and eliminating 50 open positions.

Caliber Learning Network
(Baltimore) Jan. 10, 2001
Cut 17 percent of its staff, or 40 workers, mostly in Baltimore. Company said more layoffs not expected.

(Charlottesville, VA) Jan. 10, 2001
Laid of eight of its 41 employees as part of a "belt-tightening" effort.

Digital Now
(Vienna, VA) Jan. 9, 2001
Laid off 14 percent of its staff and restructured in anticipation of slower growth.

(McLean, VA) Jan. 8, 2001
Former Wang Government Services Inc. announced reorganization that included the layoff of about 50 employees.

Lifeminders Inc.
(Herndon, VA) Jan. 6, 2001
E-mail services firm fired 40 employees, or 19% of its staff. Company officials said the cuts were part of a broader refocusing of the business, details of which were announced on Jan. 30 and included the replacement of the firm's CEO.

(McLean, VA) Jan. 6, 2001
Dismissed more than 90 employees, or about 60% of its workforce, as it finalized a deal to be acquired by Etensity Inc.

Cidera Inc.
(Laurel, MD) Jan. 5, 2001
Laid off 100 of its 270 workers, despite raising $75M in late 2000.

(Baltimore) Jan. 4, 2001
Seventy-two workers laid off as company prepared for expected decline in online ads.

(Alexandria, VA) Jan. 4, 2001
Online document company will be absorbed into Kinkos Inc. and dismiss most of its 70 employees by the end of March.

(Reston, VA) Jan. 4, 2001
Shut down its Web site and announced plans to close altogether.

(Vienna, VA) Jan. 3, 2001 and Nov. 15, 2000
Laid off 12% of its workers in November. Fifty workers were dismissed in early January as the company cuts jobs made redundant by its acquisition of OneSoft.

(Reston, VA) Dec. 28, 2000
Laid off 39, nearly a third of its workforce, and said it needed to raise $2 million to be profitable by the end of 2001.

(Bethesda, MD) Dec. 22, 2000
More than 100 of the 550 employees at the Web site development and consulting firm were let go after company canceled plans for an IPO.

(Chantilly, VA) Dec. 22, 2000
Online community for federal and military workers laid off 45. Cited difficulty in raising money beyond the $5 million in venture capital it initially received.

Spotcast Communications
(Silver Spring, MD) Dec. 21, 2000
Provider of technology for transmitting advertisements to mobile phones laid off about 75 percent of its worldwide staff, which had grown to almost 80 employees. Cuts included large portion of 40 workers based in Silver Spring.

Varsity Group
(D.C.) Dec. 19, 2000 and July 5, 2000
Formerly VarsityBooks.com. The company cut 150-person staff down to 50. First round of cuts (27 workers) announced in July.

(Reston, VA) Dec. 13, 2000
Internet consulting firm announced plans to cut 40 to 50 non-engineers, or roughly 13% to 16% of its staff and freeze additional hiring.

(McLean, VA) Dec. 12, 2000
and Nov. 1
Thirty-three percent staff reduction announced in Nov., followed by cuts of an undisclosed number of workers in Dec.

(Hunt Valley, MD) Dec. 12, 2000
Shed around 20 of the nearly 100 workers at Baltimore-based Quantum Technology Group, which it acquired in August.

(Ashburn, VA) Dec. 12, 2000
Laid off 300 workers in offices across the country -- 6% of the company's 5,000 jobs in the U.S. December cuts affected few workers in the D.C.-region. Last summer, the company cut 10% of its workers nationwide.

2nd Century
(Arlington, VA) Dec. 8 and Sept. 13, 2000
Company cut 125 workers and closed five regional offices in Sept. Plans for a second round of cuts were announced in Dec.

(Arlington, VA) Dec. 7, 2000
Software firm laid off about 20 employees, or 13% of its staff in an effort to trim costs.

(Chicago, IL) Dec. 5, 2000
Chicago-based firm, owned by PSINet, laid off 92 workers in the Washington area.

Life Technologies
(Rockville, MD) Nov. 30, 2000
One hundred fifty workers cut (75 in Maryland) after the company was acquired by San Diego, CA-based Invitrogen.

Landmark Systems
(Reston, VA) Nov. 29, 2000
Cut about 40 employees, or 12% of its workforce, in what it said was an effort to refocus its business toward more profitable areas in the mainframe computer software market.

(Rockville, MD) Nov. 28, 2000
E-business services company said it cut 15% of its workforce, or around 300 employees - including up to a dozen locally. About 120 were laid off, with the remaining 180 positions cut through attrition.

(Reston, VA) Nov. 21, 2000
Sports and entertainment games firm laid off 30 workers, or about 26% of its workforce, in an effort to streamline the company.

(Chicago, IL) Nov. 14, 2000
Chicago firm announced plans to cut 10% of its 1,000-person workforce, including employees in its Herndon, Va., and Bethesda, Md., offices.

(Bethesda, MD) Nov. 11 and Nov. 13, 2000
Cut almost half of 200 full-time workers in online unit three months after abandoning plans to spin off the dot-com into a public entity.

Luminant Worldwide Corp.
(Dallas, TX) Nov. 10, 2000
Dallas-based Internet consulting firm laid off 38 people in its Washington-area office.

MillenniumHealth Communications
(Reston, VA) Nov. 9, 2000
Laid off 10 workers as company encountered severe financial problems just months after its bid to rescue troubled Drkoop.com.

Network Access Solutions
(Herndon, VA). Nov. 8, 2000
Broadband telecommunications provider laid off 145 employees.

(Sterling, VA) Nov. 7, 2000
Online marketplace for business to business purchasing and financing services, laid off 35 people—15% of its workforce.

(Fairfax, VA) Nov. 2000
The personal finance marketplace for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking consumers and the financial institutions laid off 10 workers in November.

(Bethesda, MD) Oct. 27, 2000
Company closed Bethesda offices. Source said 42 out of 55 workers let go.

(D.C.) Oct. 24, 2000
Laid off nearly 10% of staff (50-60 workers), execs labeled move as "small reengineering" plan

Visual Networks
(Rockville, MD) Oct. 20, 2000
Network support services provider cut 140 jobs and announced the closure of its facilities in Ottawa, Canada and Sunnyvale, CA. See Nov. 8, 2000 coverage as well.

(D.C.) Oct. 17, 2000
U.S. Chamber of Commerce-backed business portal announced plans to lay off about 40 of its 50 employees.

Nettel Communications Inc.
(D.C.) Oct. 3, 2000
Local telephone and Web service firm filed for bankruptcy. One employee estimated that 250 were laid off.

(Vienna, VA) Aug. 5, 2000
Company cut 236 recent hires before they reported for work.

(The list is a work in progress. Let us know if we are missing
other significant area layoffs --E-mail)

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