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USA CMKI strong buy ....Stock Wizard

15.03.01 23:27
Subject: Strong Buy : CMKI

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Strong Buy Recommendation                  
CMKI : Cyber Mark International Corp.    
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Toronto-based CMKI Cyber Mark International Corp. conceives, develops and manufactures proprietary Virtual Reality entertainment software and games. The company is currently at an all-time low of around $0.15 after trading as high as $2 last April. The past 9 months the company has poured every cent of revenue into R&D with impressive results including Virtual Reality entertainment software and games.


We think a major move is possible from the $0.15 areas.
Why do we think the stock is going to move ?

There is an upcoming 10 for 1 split for this stock. This split is very likely to boost the stock price dramatically.
CMKI is almost at an all time low. In our opinion, the price can only go up from where it's now.
Cyber Mark projects future product sales, lease and revenue share contracts will generate approximately U.S. $54 million over the next three years, giving them 0.60 on the bottom line. Put a wildly conservative P/E ratio of 2 and you've got a $1.20 stock right now.
The economic data next week should build a case for an aggressive 50-basis-point easing by the Federal Reserve at its meeting the following week. We think the market will rally the week after next week and so will CMKI.
CMKI has the breakthrough technology in virtual reality.

CMKI is still VERY undiscovered by the investors community, smart money is buying the stock right now before it takes of .

We rate CMKI as a very strong buy and give it a short term target of $1 and Long term target of $3


Recent Price:
52 Week Range:
short term target:
long term target:
Company Website:
$ 0.149
$ 0.1 to $ 2


Company Snapshot:

The original company - The CM300 Corp. was established by Sam Singal who is still the president as well as President and CEO of Cyber Mark International Corp. who acquired the assets of The CM300 corp. The first generation Cobra was designed, developed and manufactured. Sales in 1996 were approx. 1.2 million U.S. in markets worldwide. The selling price @ 22,500 which was half of the price of existing competitors product, still didn't meet the mark of capturing the bulk of the market.

In '97, development was started on the second generation Cobra - The Cobra II. The project was completed in 2000 and subsequent software was developed to drive the new system.

Cobra II

Speedway 300VR

The Company's basic format of operation is to negotiate revenue share agreements with existing amusement parks, Family Entertainment centers, Movie Theaters, arcades etc. Cyber Mark will place the appropriate number of systems in the location, usually on a 60/40 basis in our favor.

Already the leader in Virtual Reality units, CYBER MARK is set to create the products that will initiate the Virtual Reality revolution on the new format provided by broadband Internet Delivery. It will offer a set of tools and products that will work on Broadband and stand alone units that will offer the user entrance to the world of entertainment that has not been seen before. How will CYBER MARK do this? By creating four key broadband Virtual Reality tools and content.

Telepresence-cameras that easily translate Prime Time Events into Broadband VR Events.
Software drivers that create a totally immersive environment for VR headgear and monitors.
Protocols and Interfaces that will intuitively mesh audiences with the new interactive broadband VR world.
Proprietary broadband VR content for Internet Portals that utilize new form VR allowing audiences a new ways to navigate the web.


The well known trader Kevin Black agrees that a pure virtual reality play such as CMKI is a value play whose time has come "Sam Singal (CMKI Pres. & CEO) has the experience, vision and expertise to make this company a force in the VR market. And with the stock trading at fifteen cents, the potential for immediate profits is really exciting. We are extremely bullish on CMKI based on the Company's on-going successful Cobra and Virtual Speedway concepts and their broadband VR strategy. I recommend a Strong Buy and long term hold on this stock. "

So remember, the name is Cyber Mark International Corp. (OTCBB: CMKI). The game is higher math. As in how many multiples will you earn off your original investment.


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USA  CMKI strong buy ....Stock Wizard Auhof


16.03.01 00:46
Sehr interessant!

Wie bekommtst Du diese Infos - eine der platinum picks- für die man sich gegen Entgelt anmelden muss bei sw?

Grüsse Auhof
USA  CMKI strong buy ....Stock Wizard Auhof

Wo gibt es Orderbucheinsicht für US small caps?

16.03.01 18:47
möchte bei CMKI mitspielen, bekomme aber bei Datek nur jeweils einen bid und ask Kurs gestellt.

Suche eine Möglichkeit für Orderbucheinsicht für small caps, die es leider bei island nicht gibt.

Kann mir einer der Spezialisten helfen?

Danke im voraus
USA  CMKI strong buy ....Stock Wizard Auhof

Kicky - Hilfe bitte! o.T.

16.03.01 20:43
USA  CMKI strong buy ....Stock Wizard hjw2



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