UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects!

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UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! Hamfires

UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects!

18.11.10 00:03
UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! $$

Automatical Multibagger $$ Absolute Bullisch $$


UNVC - Outstanding Shares: 63mil, Shares
                                  float: 31mil. Shares

Link to latest 10Q

Other filings and info:


From Sept 30,2010 10Q

Univec, Inc. (Company) distributes, produces, licenses and markets specialty pharmaceutical drugs. Physician and Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (PPSI), a subsidiary, provides pharmaceutical samples and group purchasing services for pharmaceutical companies and health care providers.

The company has gone through a transition period for its business model to focus on pharmaceuticals and the marketing and distribution of its own private line as well as a private distributor of other lines. The Company management believes that the concentrated resources will produce greater results, with greater profit margins.

The Company will focus on the distribution, marketing, development and distribution of its pharmaceutical and proprietary products .

Physician and Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (PPSI) is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), formulary management and sampling of pharmaceutical products company. Group purchasing allows companies to get better prices by combining purchasing power. It is also important that the products being purchased are appropriate for the drug formulary that is approved.

Physicians Pharmaceutical Services considers bringing 300 jobs to Louisville

A startup company that plans to deliver prescription drugs directly to doctors’ offices and patients’ homes across the country is looking at Louisville as the site for its central fill pharmacy.

If it moves forward with those plans, Physicians Pharmaceutical Services LLC, which does business as SimplifyRx, would create 300 local jobs with an annual payroll of $29 million. The average hourly wage would be $60.

The fledgling company, currently based in Park City, Utah, just outside Salt Lake City, announced its potential project during a Sept. 30 meeting of the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority in Frankfort.

SimplifyRX Investor Relations page
Investor Relations
Executive Summary:

At the core of PPS’s operations will be its central fill pharmacies — the pharmacies that fill the refill business need detailed above, including:

* PPS’s retail operations
* The 1st dose dispensing kiosks in physician offices
* PPS’s four arrangements with independent pharmacies and large health clinics
* Multi-national companies’ self-insured plans

At the heart of PPS’s distribution pharmacies will be:

* An automated inventory control system
* An accompanying automatic tablet packager

These components will help leverage a small team of a few pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to manage a tremendous volume of prescription orders that will be shipped directly to the end user.

PPS believes that it can commence operations and become profitable based on the individual components in the PPS integrated system. However, PPS’s big differentiator and potential large contributor to stakeholder value will be the integration of the different IT platforms into a robust, seamless, interactive network. Accordingly, PPS plans to dedicate substantial resources to the integration of these several components: the Pain Clinic pharmacies, the distribution pharmacies, and the network of physicians and independent pharmacies that channel refill subscription orders to PPS.

PPS’ initial target is to establish a network comprising approximately 50 retail pharmacies in urban and semi-urban areas disbursed across the country. Each will be located close to pain clinics that are themselves located in medical office buildings or on medical campuses for proximity to additional medical practices, for additional potential business and as a hedge against the performance of any particular pain clinic.

PPS expects that its system will reflect an increase in efficient prescription delivery and a decrease in errors in both filling and reporting. PPS seeks to implement process improvements at all levels including:

* Health service providers from physicians groups and clinics
* Independent pharmacies
* Drug wholesalers
* Health and malpractice insurers
* Federal and state regulators
UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! Hamfires

Nur 31 Mio Float - Bullish - Big Bounce kommt $

18.11.10 01:23
UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! Hamfires

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Info: Kann sehr scvhnell plötzlich in die Höhe schießen $ !
UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! Hamfires

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UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! Hamfires

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UNVC - UNIVEC - $$ DD on UNVC - awesome prospects! Teras

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