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Visionix: Die Spezialisten für besseres Sehen

Visionix: Specialists for better sight

The company which has 45 employees provides optical measuring systems for the ophthalmic market. Regarding the technology, Visionix is market leader with its products. Due to software problems and not satisfying achievements, the products are not as popular as they could be. The breakthrough should be achieved by the 3DiView system, which provides more detailed information about the eye. Via cooperation agreements in Japan and Europe, the Israelis could achieve break even in Q3 or Q4 of next year. Therewith, the share has very speculative character, but provides a good chance of high market profit in the case of breakthrough of the Visionix' systems. Furthermore, the high cash balance of about 12 million EURO secures the share, that is approx. 4.30 EURO per share. Very courageous investors grab on Weak days with a limit at 2.50 EURO.

The headline of the page is "Favourites on the Neuer Markt"


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