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PCCW,HKT,INTEL: NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trader

PCCW,HKT,INTEL: NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 23,2000 - 16:20:10 HKT [Quote] [DataCards] [Chart] (8)

Intel Corp., the world's biggest chip maker, is forming a strategic partnership with Cable & Wireless HKT (0008), Hong Kong's dominant telecoms company, to exploit the fast-growing Internet market in the region, sources said.
Intel will develop set-top boxes and provide other technologies for the wireline and wireless multimedia customers of HKT, the takeover target of Intel partner Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186), the sources said. The two may also jointly develop "server farms" or data centers in the region, though no share swaps are expected, the sources said.

Intel already formed a joint venture with PCCW on providing broadband Internet services initially in Asia, and eventually around the globe. HKT also formed partnerships with giants including Microsoft Corp., Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems to develop Internet- or data-related telecoms services in the region.

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