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News zu Deepgreen Risiko

News zu Deepgreen

28.02.00 10:57
Hi Michael.

I have more information about Deepgreen. They have purchased an Internet Company called ' Max Multimedia '.

I have no information about this internet company, but it is enough to say that Deepgreen are finally an internet firm.

When this information comes to Germany today, I am sure we will trade very well in the coming days.

It makes me very happy to tell you this good news. This news was told to the ASX 4 hours ago, and it is public information.

Tonight while  I sleep, I will dream of DGM being much more than 2 Euro !

Good luck and good trading


News zu Deepgreen HOFA


28.02.00 12:59
hallo risiko

du hast doch immer infos über australische aktien !
hast du zufällig mal was neues über ADELONG gehört ?


News zu Deepgreen yaki

betr:adelong!niemand news zu adelong??????????????????????????.

28.02.00 13:10
News zu Deepgreen Kicky

Das Letzte aus dem Adelongboard von

I don’t think there are many aussie silly enough to hold AEG shares , we sold them in January just before the trading halt with a nice profit of course , so only the german dumkoepfe own any shares and keep the dreams alive on there forums , you buy a share for say 20c and the share goes up to 35 or 50c you must be pretty stupid not to take profits , wenn ich so durch die german forums lese glaube ich ,dass ihr nicht viel aus dem AEG debackel gelernt habt.  

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