Ich glaube da tut sich was bei TBU . Seht euch das mal an. (Nur für sog. Zocker :-) )

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Ich glaube da tut sich was bei TBU . Seht euch das mal an. (Nur für sog. Zocker :-) ) rabbit

Ich glaube da tut sich was bei TBU . Seht euch das mal an. (Nur für sog.


einfach tbu ind das feld im chart eingeben und den chart als line anzeigen lassen.

montag ist eröffnung

Monday is Lift-off Read this !!!

Yesterday I e-mailed Peter Adam ,here is the response,
my original letter at the bottom of the page

Hi "Share holder" not my name :

Please allow me to answer the questions in your e-mail in the order submitted.

Yes, our Web site will be online on Monday, January 17. And, yes, it will be a "soft, rolling" launch. However, when you state, "... only running at 30% at best", your choice of words is not entirely accurate.

When the site goes online on Monday it will be fully, 100% operational from a technical standpoint. Your ability to make air, car and hotel reservations will be complete. What will be about 30% of where we expect them to be by March 31, 2000 are the destination information and product and any of the features associated with the video content.

It is also important to note product will be constantly evolving, if for no other reason than seasonality. The same holds true for information about destinations. For example, when we start offering trips into space (and we will, I just don't know when) we'll have to update our Web site with information about driving conditions, currency, etc., together with video of the beaches, monuments, tourist attractions, etc.

We intend to begin using James Caan in advertising next month.

The "Travel Magazine" has been on the air for 25 years and is airing in the US at this time. We intend to increase the distribution of the show in the US and you can expect this to happen within Q1:00.

We are reviewing many loyalty programs, including frequent traveller and shareholder affinity programs.

By all means, feel free to share this reply with whomever you wish.

One last point about the launch of our Web site, if I may. We are confident you will be extremely impressed when you visit www.travelbyus.com on Monday. It will meet or exceed your expectations. And, it will reinforce why travelbyus.com will be the leader in Internet travel.

An aside, if I may. Travel is the number one thing being bought online today. It may interest you to know 41% of all the travel bought worldwide is bought by 4 countries - the US, Great Britain, Germany and Japan. 79% of all the Internet addresses worldwide are in the same 4 countries. Even Microsoft have figured it out and agree, albeit they are playing catch up with us

Thank you for your interest in TBU and your support. It IS appreciated. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Peter Adam

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