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__US.Wireles News - Es geht los, Kurs heute +8%

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State of Montana Releases Official Report on U.S. Wireless Corporation E-911 Caller Location System Independent Analysis by the State Confirms That U.S.Wireless Location Network Exceeds FCC E-911 Requirements in Both Urban and Rural Areas

SAN RAMON, Calif., Jun 12, 2000 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- U.S. Wireless Corp.
(Nasdaq: USWC; Frankfurt: USP) today announced the State of Montana has released
the final report of the Montana Wireless E-911 Trial -- the first field trial of
a fully functional end-to-end emergency E-911 wireless location system with
continuous tracking capability. The State of Montana Department of
Administration`s independent analysis of the trial results confirms that U.S.
Wireless RadioCamera(TM) technology was able to accurately locate wireless 9-1-1
callers in both urban and rural environments, exceeding Phase II requirements of
the FCC`s E-911 mandate.

Participants in the trial included the State of Montana, the local Billings
9-1-1 center and six leading telecommunications organizations. The official
report on the results of the trial cited the RadioCamera system`s ability to
track continual movement of a wireless caller`s location, surpassing the FCC
requirement of 100-meter accuracy for 67% of location fixes. The U.S. Wireless
network obtained a final accuracy of 85.7 meters for the overall test
environment, and demonstrated precision in some environments of 53 meters in 67%
of the cases.

The Montana Department of Administration report cited the utility of the
RadioCamera system in enhancing public safety, as it " ... clearly demonstrated

the ability to locate wireless 9-1-1 callers within the FCC requirement ... ,"
which could improve E-911 emergency response time to critical situations.

"Through a progressive attitude toward emerging technologies and public safety
needs, the State of Montana has shown tremendous dedication to improving the
public`s security and quality of life," said Dr. Oliver Hilsenrath, chairman and
chief executive officer of U.S. Wireless. "We believe that our location
technology will save lives as well as property, speeding emergency response to
critical situations ranging from kidnappings to medical emergencies. It was very
gratifying to work closely with such a visionary group, and we will continue to
work with public safety agencies nationwide to implement this life-saving

Surry Latham, 9-1-1 Program Manager for the State of Montana, said, "The State
of Montana took a leadership role in conducting this trial in the hope that new
technologies such as U.S. Wireless` could advance rural as well as urban public

"We selected to test the U.S. Wireless network because of its unique ability to
provide location with a single site. Given the terrain of Montana, we were
concerned that other location technologies requiring three or more cell sites
would not work well in the rural areas. During our testing, U.S. Wireless`
RadioCamera system consistently provided accurate location data that will assist
9-1-1 callers in both urban and rural areas. We are extremely pleased with the
results and intend to share our findings with our colleagues in the public
safety community."

The RadioCamera system employs a location technology known as Location Pattern
Matching. This technology overcomes challenges associated with locating wireless
callers in urban environments, where line of sight between the wireless
subscriber and multiple cell sites or satellites may be obstructed, and in rural
environments, where a sufficient number of cell sites may not be optimally
located to perform triangulation. From a single point of reference or cell site,
RadioCamera(TM) technology is able to form a direct correlation between radio
frequency patterns and a caller`s geographic location, accurately locating
wireless subscribers in challenging urban and rural environments where other
location technologies fail.

The State of Montana plans to distribute the final report to leading 9-1-1
organizations nationwide. An electronic copy of the report will be made
available through the state of Montana`s website at
www.state.mt.us/isd/groups/9-1-1/index.html and through U.S. Wireless` website
at www.uswcorp.com.

About U.S. Wireless

U.S. Wireless is powering the next generation of instant wireless information
services and mobile content. Through a national network of wireless location
systems, based on the company`s proprietary RadioCamera(TM) system, U.S.
Wireless will enable wireless carriers and others to offer a rich blend of
location-enhanced services including life-saving 911 caller pinpointing,
localized news and traffic updates, enhanced directory assistance, vehicle and
asset tracking, and carrier network management services.

U.S. Wireless plans to build and operate its nationwide location service bureau
in 100 major markets across the United States, beginning with the Washington,
D.C./Baltimore metro area. For more information about U.S. Wireless and its
RadioCamera(TM) network, please visit the web site at www.uswcorp.com.

NOTE: RadioCamera(TM) is a trademark of U.S. Wireless Corporation.

Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements: A number of statements
contained in this press release which are not historical in nature are
forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities
Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involve risks and uncertainties that could
cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the
applicable statements, including, among others, the size and scope of the
geolocation services market, the timing of governmental requirements and the
success of the company in this market. A description of these and other risks
and uncertainties can be found in the company`s filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission.

SOURCE U.S. Wireless Corporation

CONTACT: Randy Miller, 201-476-0123, or randy@uswcorp.com, or Paul
Brunato, 925-327-6236, or paul@uswcorp.com, both of U.S. Wireless Corporation;
or investor/media relations, Stan Frelich of Stern & Co., 212-888-0044, or
sfroelich@sternco.com, for U.S. Wireless Corporation

URL: www.uswcorp.com

(C) 2000 PR Newswire. All rights reserved.
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Diese News könnte einen Kurs-Run nach oben auslösen. Sieht .

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__US.Wireles News - Es geht los, Kurs heute +8% LOLFREU

Sieht ganz danach aus MusterDep: HRUT wieder +12% !!!!

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Ich habe doch vor einigen Wochen gesagt, daß USW nur von dieser News abhängt. Die Amerikaner werden uns den Kurs jetzt täglich vorlegen, und so schnell geben sie nicht auf :-))

Wart mal ab, die Ammis treiben den Kurs jetzt locker auf über 30 Euro, bevor sie mal anhalten.
__US.Wireles News - Es geht los, Kurs heute +8% LOLFREU

HRUT = Heute !! sch.... Schreibfehler o.T.


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