Primacom !!! TOP NEWS aus den USA / Wert ist unterbewertet

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Primacom !!! TOP NEWS aus den USA / Wert ist unterbewertet Tamer

Primacom !!! TOP NEWS aus den USA / Wert ist unterbewertet

LEIPZIG, Germany, Feb 25, 2000 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- PrimaCom AG,
(PrimaCom: Neuer Markt Securities Identification No. 625910 or PRC) (Nasdaq:
PCAG), Germany's third-largest independent cable network operator, has
consolidated its digital TV package and signed contracts with major TV
broadcasting companies. "The more than 80 channels that will be available to our
customers from May will guarantee our provision of a varied, interesting and
absolutely first-rate service to them. We have been successful in persuading
renowned TV stations to come on board and have put together product packages
that appeal to many different target groups," said Nakul Dewan, Marketing
Director at PrimaCom.
One of the renowned partners is music station, MTV. Its channels, MTV Base, MTV
Extra, VH1 and VH1 Classic are a high-quality music package. PrimaCom will be
the first programme provider to broadcast these four channels as a MTV package.
MCM International, a subsidiary of Canal + (49%) and Lagardere (51%) and the
biggest media group in France will contribute two more first-rate music
channels: "Muzzik" offers classical music and jazz. "MCM Africa" specialises in
traditional and modern music from around the globe. PrimaCom is also taking over
the MCM lifestyle station, "Fashion TV".
Further highlights come from the French AB Groupe and its partner, Onyx, which
is famous in Germany for its high-quality music channel. These are joined by the
motor sports channel, "AB Moteurs", "Escales", a channel for globetrotters, and
"Animaux" (documentaries about animals).

This varied package of programmes is supplemented by UPCtv. UPCtv operates
specialised channels throughout Europe. PrimaCom customers can look forward to
"EX Etreme Sports Channel" (extreme sports), "Innergy" (wellness) and "Avante"
(programme on the subject of cars, technology, aviation, space travel and
Nakul Dewan: "This exclusive package of channels, together with the interactive
TV service that we will be introducing in May, is unique in Germany. Because the
decoder that is necessary for reception will be available at a very attractive
price, we are expecting massive demand."
In addition to these entertainment packages, PrimaCom also offers its customers
the use of interactive media services. These services are possible due to
special broadband technology and the associated backward channel capability. In
partnership with local and national content providers, PrimaCom has put together
a comprehensive range of information and services.SOURCE PrimaCom AG

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