Neu hier, wer bietet Wissen???

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Neu hier, wer bietet Wissen??? sir spekulatius
sir spekulatius:

Neu hier, wer bietet Wissen???

27.02.00 22:13
Ich finde es ja toll,was ihr für eine knowledge habt. Kann mir einer etwas zu Affymetrux sagen? dieser biotechwert würde mir wärmstens empfohlen, obwohl keine weis, was die machen und wo die Reise hingeht.
Neu hier, wer bietet Wissen??? checkit

Affymetrix: anbei infos ::-))

Ich hoffe, das sind für's erste genug Infos:

Affymetrix, Inc. has developed Genechip-TM system as the platform for acquiring, analyzing and managing complex genetic information in order to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases. The company produces DNA probe arrays using a process based on semiconductor Photolithographic fabrication technique, which enables vast amounts of genetic information to be assembled on a glass chip called 'Probe Array'. The company's GeneChip system consists of disposable DNA probe arrays containing gene sequence on a chip, certain reagents, a scanner and other instruments for processing probe arrays, and software for managing and analyzing genetic information. The company is currently selling a
portfolio of custom and standard expression monitoring GeneChip arrays.
This standard offering includes products that monitor the expression of
the majority of full length and partial gene sequences contained in
publicly availabe databases that correspond to human, mouse and yeast. Product sales accounted for 44% of 1998 revenues; contract revenues, 43% and grants evenue, 13%.

Viel Erfolg damit !

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