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Mühlbauer verdoppelt nahezu das Ergebnis

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Final results 1999 of the Mühlbauer Holding AG & Co. KGaA, Roding

Financial year 1999: Considerable growth in sales, remarkable increases in profit and constantly high demand characterize the closed financial year of the Mühlbauer-Group. Enormous interest in the made-to-measure fabrication systems for the production of innovative semiconductor products such as SmartCards, LEDs and SmartLabels could be registered world-wide. The clear strategic orientation towards the company's core competences in the high-tech markets with a promising future guarantee high growth potentials also in future.

Sales and income: With more than EUR 71 million the Mühlbauer-Group made sales during the time under report that were 3 million higher than expected. In comparison with the previous year, sales were increased by more than 31 percent (1998: EUR 53.9 million). This rise is exclusively a result of the company's organic growth.

The fabrication of turn-key solutions for the production of SmartCards once again contributed mostly to sales during the period under report. Sales of almost EUR 35 million (previous year: EUR 23.2 million) were made by this product sector and its sales share almost amounted to 50 percent of the Group's total turnover. The high-tech machines for the production of LEDs und SmartLabels came second with sales of more than EUR 22 million (previous year: almost EUR 18 million).

The operating income increased by 54 percent to almost EUR 12.8 million in 1999. The earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to approximately EUR 20.6 million during the same period. With EUR 0.68, the earnings per share were almost doubled (previous year: EUR 0.36).

Sales according to regions: The German market remains leader with a regional sales share of 38 percent. In the other European countries sales were more than doubled during the previous year, from almost EUR 12 million in 1998 to approximately EUR 23.5 million in 1999.

Outlook and order situation: The Mühlbauer-Group will take up successfully the challenge of the world-wide competition of innovation also in future. In cooperation with the customer, the company develops brand-new production technologies in order to be always one step ahead the requirements of a dynamically growing market. Customers world-wide confirm the company's innovation strength, competence and flexibility by increasing order volume. During the financial year 1999, Mühlbauer's order income amounted to a total value of EUR 92.2 million. The order volume was EUR 30.6 million on December 31, 1999.

1999 at one glance: in January 1st to January 1st to +/- TEUR to December 31st, 1999 to December 31st, 1998 in % Order income 92,167 56,433 + 63.3 Order backlog 1)30,598 16,481 + 85.7 Sales 71,026 53,910 + 31.7 Operating income12,780 8,297 + 54.0 Income before taxes 17,493 10,727 + 63.1 Net income for the year 13,824 8,533 + 62.0 Sales yield in % 24.6 19.9 EBIT 2) 15,184 10,792 + 40.7 Shareholders equity rate in % 73.6 69.4 Shareholders equity 94,829 87,141 + 8.8 Balance amount 128,791 125,480 + 2.6 Earnings per share in EUR 3) 0.68 0.36 + 88.9

1) on December 31,1999 and December 31, 1998 2) Earnings before interest and tax 3) according to DVFA/SG

For more detailed financial information please have a look at our internet homepage www.muehlbauer.de.

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