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18.05.12 16:52
Xelleon Expected To Be Accepted By BaFin Says Law Firm
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 20:43 | Written by Administrator
Xelleons securities lawyer has told Dale Scott Marion, President, and CEO of Xelleon that he believes Xelleon's application to BaFin will be approved.

April 10, 2012 - In February, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) announced that it was closing the 4th Segment, known as the open unregulated market of the exchange, and that all companies trading on that segment, would be required to submit a prospectus and audited financial statements for approval by BaFin (Germany’s Securities Regulator) in order to qualify and be permitted to trade on the 3rd Segment, which is the regulated market of the FSE. Any company failing to comply would be delisted from the FSE.

This FSE ruling has implications not only for Xelleon PLC, but also, for various other companies presently trading on the 4th segment of the exchange. All companies have a deadline of mid September to submit a prospectus and audited financial statements.

The good news is that the prospectus for Xelleon PLC has been completed and is near ready for submission. "FSE Law delivered the prospectus to us last month shy of the financal statements that should be present in the document which still require auditing." said company president Dale Scott Marion.

The company has spoken with the firm completing the autited financials to include with the prospectus and although no exact date was specified as to their completion of the audit, it was told to xelleon that it should not be a long process.

Xelleon PLC (Frankfurt XLL) expects its securities law firm to submit its prospectus, audited financial statements and regulated market trading application to BaFin (Germany’s Securities Regulator) far in advance of the September submission deadline.

The companies securities lawyer sent written correspondance in January to Dale Scott Marion, President, and CEO of Xelleon that they believe Xelleon's application will be approved.

The company also recently announced that it has recapitalized its shares. Founder and President Dale Scott Marion has removed 60Million shares from the open market and converted those 60Million shares into 600,000 preferred shares, with 100 - 1 voting rights per share and a reconversion rate of 100 - 1 back to ordinary shares.

This reduces the number of ordinary shares available to the market from 100 Million to 40 Million. Xelleon currently holds assets and contracts worth over $100 Million.

The new capitalization comes from advice given to the company by its securities law firm FSE Law Gmbh, to prepare the company's Initial Public Offering.
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Xelleon PLC Issues Shareholder Assurance Letter
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"Things in the company couldn't be going better" says Company President, Dale Scott Marion: "We don't understand the recent market activity, it certainly isn't reflective of the Company´s operational developments."
Frankfurt (I-Newswire) March 19, 2012 - In a letter released to some of its known (registered) shareholders earlier, Xelleon PLC, (Frankfurt XLL) had urged shareholders to stay calm, though the price of their security had been injured over the past few weeks.

The letter went on to outline that Investors had the right to be concerned but should not panic in regards to the recent dramatic drop in the Xelleon share price. The company fundamentals are very strong and are getting stronger every day. The company is in negotiating a formerly 7.1 Million USD Licensing Agreement with a leading music distribution company in the USA to include more services and license opportunities that can quickly generate substantial sales income for the company.

Xelleon is working on other licensing deals and are also looking into several strategic business acquisitions in various vertical markets for their revolutionary Impervio encryption technology to protect data, e-books, music movies and games from being pirated.

Jonathan Shack, Xelleons VP of New Business Development has made contact and is in various stages of deal negotiations with numerous prospects and has recently completed an interview with Security TV Australia.

Xelleon has just released It's beta impervio, secure document e-mailer.

Apple has recently approved the Simpozia application to allow all Apple devices to stream concerts on all Apple devices including, the Apple iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

Xelleon has just signed a contract with Equity Story to publish its AdHoc Updates, financial news and public reports.

The company's law firm has ordered the audit of Xelleon´s financials to be entered with Xelleon's Prospectus and is very confident that the German financial supervisory office BaFin will approve the Prospectus once it is completed and filed. Xelleon has also taken all necessary steps to facilitate its listing upgrade from First Quotation Board into the Entry Standard market segment on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange over the summer. The Firm has assured Xelleon there are no foreseeable problems with the application.

The company understands the listing requirements but haw no control over shareholder sentiment, automatic stop loss triggering or current market fear about first board companies.

Xelleon understands there have been hundreds of investors who have purchased Xelleon shares since the company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in May 2011.

Company President Dale Scott Marion also stated "I personally believe that given the value of the Xelleon Assets and the company's strong fundamentals that the Xelleon share price does not properly reflect the company´s true value and there are professional reports available that confirm this assessment."

All in all Xelleon is seeing important progress on its products going to market and is on track with implementing its business plan and go-to-market strategy. Dale Marion said, “We are confident that the capital markets do appreciate successful companies and we expect this year 2012 to become very successful for Xelleon.”
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