In Baghdad brennt wieder das Öl

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In Baghdad brennt wieder das Öl Parocorp

In Baghdad brennt wieder das Öl

31.12.04 12:14
BAGHDAD (AFX) - The fire started last night by a mortar attack on the Doura
refinery, south of Baghdad, was completely extinguished by this morning,
averting a catastrophe, said Assem Jihad, a spokesman for the oil ministry said.

Firemen managed to put out the fire by 9.30 am after a 12 hour operation,
the spokesman said, adding that the mortar attack had hit one of the refinery's
production units. Several firemen were injured while fighting the fire, he said.

Jihad said the attack was another attempt by insurgents to aggravate the
lack of oil products in Iraq.

As well as refining oil products, the Doura plant feeds the main power
station which supplies electricity to Baghdad and the surrounding region.
Separately, a source at the Northern Oil Company (NOC) called for help from
Canadian and US experts to put out fires which have been burning in oil wells in
the Kirkuk region since mid-November.

NOC teams put out a fire two weeks ago which started accidentally, the
source said, but five other fires, caused by sabotage, were still burning in the
Kabbaza region, west of Kirkuk. The cost of putting out the fires at each oil
well is 2 mln usd, and the NOC is losing 20 mln usd a day because of these
fires, the source said.

In Baghdad brennt wieder das Öl SchwarzerLord

Ja und? o. T.


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