Hartcourt - News vom 13.01.2000

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Hartcourt - News vom 13.01.2000 auf geht´s

Hartcourt - News vom 13.01.2000

Hallo Hrct-Fan´s.
Hier eine neue Info über Hartcourt.

Langsam sollte es jetzt wieder bergauf gehen - bin bullish für die nächsten
Monate !!

Ciao euer AUF GEHT´S

> DDInvestor.Com - www.ddinvestor.com
> January 13, 2000
> Dear Shareholders:
> This will be a short letter just to update you on the progress we made
> during my last trip to China. The objectives of the trip were to
> consolidate our work in important projects and to negotiate on a few new
> deals.
> 1. Sinobull.com
> We had a meeting in Shenzhen with all 5 operating entities together with 2
> investment banking groups to complete details of shareholding structure,
> management responsibilities and data projection required by Ernst & Young.
> We will soon announce the names of the CEO and the Board of Directors.
> They are world-class executives in Chinese Internet. As for the IPO, we
> have received 2 preliminary underwriting offers and 1 investment proposal.
> The firms with which we are discussing this project include Merrill Lynch,
> Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Prudential, Chase, ING Barings, Hong Kong
> Shanghai Bank (HKSB), DLJ, Societe General, Banque National De Paris,
> Jardine Fleming, JP Morgan and GE Capital. Four of these firms have sent
> their teams to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to do due diligence. Of
> course, we can only work with one or two, but I have named all of them so
> that you know we work only with the best. Due to the shortage of quality
> Chinese Internet firms in the stock market, Sinobull.com, with its
> existing revenue and market positions, is the most sought-after IPO
> company.
> 2. Innostar
> We negotiated (and should have a term sheet agreement signed within weeks)
> with a well-known Chinese Internet firm that holds a sizable market in ISP
> connectivity for schools and universities. It will bolster our wireless
> ISP via satellite strategy. At the same time, another IP phone provider
> with a special license wants to join the Hartcourt family for expansion in
> tandem with our IP phone project. Esat will join our Innostar joint
> venture to complete 10 gateways in 10 large cities for our Chinese IP
> phone system.
> 3. New Acquisition
> We were offered and accepted an investment in the third largest Internet
> company in China (after Chinanet of China Telecom and GB Net of Ji Tong).
> This billion-dollar company plans an IPO of its own in 2001. Details are
> being worked out. Once competed, it will be Hartcourt's biggest
> achievement of all.
> In short, we are consolidating our gains and continue to move forward with
> a speed that has surprised even me. It adds a tremendous workload to our
> already busy schedule. However, we are attracting quite a few
> high-caliber talents, which should help us manage the growth smoothly.
> Details on Nasdaq listing, Enova, CEO, Directors etc. will be discussed
> with the shareholders at our Jan 15th party and will be relayed to all of
> you via our Web site.
> The next two months will be full of results, more than we had even in
> December of last year. I told you that 2000 would be a better year for
> Hartcourt.
> Sincerely,
> Dr. Alan V. Phan
> Chairman & CEO
> Certain statements in this letter may constitute "forward-looking"
> statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange
> Act of 1934. Such forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties
> and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or
> achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements to
> differ materially.
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