Depressed in Commerzbank? Try BRAIN RESOURCE LTD!

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Depressed in Commerzbank? Try BRAIN RESOURCE LTD! Hornissen

Depressed in Commerzbank? Try BRAIN RESOURCE LTD!

Brain Resource Ltd. is an Australia-based integrative neuroscience company. The Company is engaged in the provision of brain function analysis services. The Company's products include MyBrain Solutions, BRISC, WebNeuro, iSPOT and pharmaceutical trials. MyBrainSolutions provides the opportunity for employees, within 30 days of brief training sessions via the Internet, to enhance their positivity and increase their productivity at work. WebNeuro provides clinicians with more information than is currently available, to empower them with screening, diagnostic, treatment and monitoring decisions. Brain Resource International Database (BRISC) identifies core domains of brain health relating to both self-regulation and feelings. iSPOT is the current personalized medicine research study in mental health. The Company's wholly owned subsidiaries include BRC Operations Pty Ltd, BRC IP Pty Ltd, BRC Distribution Pty Ltd, BRC International Pty Ltd and BRC Development Pty Limited.

   Market Cap 19.7M AUD
   Sales 5.65M AUD (increase from 1.6M in 2005)
   Quarterly Revenue Growth -56% (that's why stock is at 0.21AUD or very cheap)
   EBIT 200,000 AUD (positive EBIT from 2009)
   Cash 8.4M AUD
   LT Debt 3.2M AUD
   Assets 29M AUD
   Liabilities 13M AUD
   Shares Outstanding 91,700,000
   Float 40,700,000
   Major Investors
   Spinite Pty Limited 16,700,000
   Evian Gordon 11,350,000
   Stuttgart Pty Limited 9,400,000
   Dan Segal 6,350,000
   Citigroup Nominees Pty Ltd 2,800,000
   Dr. Chris Rennie 2,350,000
   Red Star Development Pte Ltd 2,200,000
   Link Traders (Australia) Pty Ltd 2,000,000
   Professor Peter Robinson 1,800,000
   Digue Pty Ltd 1,680,000
   HSBC Custody Nominees Limited 1,550,000
   King's College London 1,436,000
   Krzysztof Kozek 1,150,000
   Zandane Pty Ltd 1,017,000
   RBC Dexia Inv.Serv. Aust. Nom. Pty Ltd 944,000
   Natinal Nominees Pty Limited 816,000
   Ceyx Holdings Pty Ltd 800,000
   Stanlil Pty Ltd 775,000
   Segal Super Pty Ltd 760,000
   Professor Jim Wright 718,000

   Resume: More and more people use antidepressants and go crazy, buying this stock you will make money from them going mad. Depression is the leading cause of disability in the US and is one of its most costly illnesses (85m clinical visits, costs more than $83bn p.a and 212 million antidepressant prescriptions in the US).
   Depression 15,000,000 affected
   ADHD 5,000,000 affected
   High insider ownership, stable balance sheet, more assets than total liabilities, booming industry. A WIN-WIN.

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