Anzeigenwerbung war gestern - Mediaplex (MPLX) ist die Zukunft

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Anzeigenwerbung war gestern - Mediaplex (MPLX) ist die Zukunft kaeseotto

Anzeigenwerbung war gestern - Mediaplex (MPLX) ist die Zukunft

15.01.00 05:50

                  Mediaplex and OpenGrid Team to DeliverPersonalized
                  Real-Time Advertising to Any Wireless Device

                  January 10, 2000 08:05 AM
                  SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 10, 2000--

                  New Technology Solution Cross-Matches Customer Preferences with

                  Geographical Location for One-to-One, On-the-Go Advertising

                  Mediaplex, Inc. MPLX , a leading advertising technology company, and OpenGrid, Inc., a
                  leader in wireless Internet solutions, today announced a joint effort to pioneer a technology
                  solution for wireless advertising.

                  Together, the two companies will collaborate to create a streamlined, effective and
                  cost-efficient model for delivering customized wireless ads in real time. The integrated
                  solution, scheduled to roll out 1st Qtr. 2000, will help advertisers extend customized, local
                  promotions anytime, anywhere.

                  Using this new technology, advertisers can more precisely target the right promotion to
                  the right customer in real time. For example, a mobile user who previously purchased ski
                  equipment online would receive instant notification on their mobile device of a ski sale
                  taking place at a mall near his or her office.

                  For the advertiser, this pinpoint targeting results in a higher rate of sales conversion. For
                  customers, it extends the capabilities of their wireless device to include access to tailored
                  information that is highly personalized to their preferences. A customer orders a pizza
                  from a cell phone, for instance, and instantly receives a promotion from a local video store.

                  "Mediaplex and OpenGrid are developing a solution that will put advertisers at the forefront
                  of the untapped wireless market," said Ken Kucera, Mediaplex's vice president of strategic
                  business development.

                  "As this market grows, the delivery of personalized, cost-efficient promotions will be key to
                  return on investment for wireless advertising. Our solution enables advertisers to exploit
                  this exploding market with the kind of positive results that true one-to-one real-time
                  marketing affords."

                  The new wireless solution will utilize the Mediaplex-led adXML open standard, a
                  self-describing XML-based vocabulary, as the transmittal language. adXML is utilized by
                  the company's proprietary MOJO(TM) technology which has the unique ability to integrate
                  an advertiser's internal business data, such as inventory, pricing and customer
                  information, with that advertiser's Internet advertising in real time.

                  The Mediaplex technology will be overlaid with the OpenGrid Interchange platform, a
                  technology that extends the benefits of the Internet to the mobile customer by enabling
                  intelligent interaction with wireless messaging, content, commerce and promotions.

                  "Leveraging the Mediaplex-OpenGrid technologies, companies can extend their offerings
                  to users of any wireless device in real time. OpenGrid's intelligent filtering and instant
                  relaying features, coupled with Mediaplex's back-end integration capability, creates a fully
                  automated solution that fosters more dynamic relationships with end users," said Jens
                  Horstmann, president of OpenGrid.

                  About Mediaplex, Inc.

                  Mediaplex, Inc. ( is a leading advertising technology company. The
                  company's proprietary MOJO(TM) (mobile Java objects) technology is the only platform to
                  deliver real-time messaging based on true integration between an advertiser's internal
                  business data, such as inventory, pricing and customer information, and that advertiser's
                  online marketing initiatives.

                  In addition, Mediaplex provides comprehensive online campaign services. Mediaplex
                  clients include P&G's,,,, and
                  advertising agencies such as McCann-Erickson/A&L and Publicis & Hal Riney on behalf of
                  their clients including Sprint PCS and Silicon Graphics, Inc.

                  Mediaplex is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, the Silicon Valley,
                  and Hamburg, Germany. Mediaplex can be contacted at 877/402-PLEX.

                  About OpenGrid, Inc.

                  Based in Santa Clara, Calif., OpenGrid, Inc. is the first company empowering intelligent
                  interaction with the wireless Internet. Our OpenGrid Interchange platform empowers our
                  partners to expand their reach and build stronger customer relationships. OpenGrid
                  delivers the wireless Internet to end-users through intelligent interaction with wireless
                  messaging, content, commerce and promotions.

                  We bring the wireless Internet to the next level by matching personalized customer needs
                  with access to the right information at the right time.

                  OpenGrid is a privately held company. OpenGrid partners include market leaders
                  Motorola, Hilton Hotels, Cendant and Pegasus Systems. Additional information about
                  OpenGrid can be found at
Anzeigenwerbung war gestern - Mediaplex (MPLX) ist die Zukunft Al Bundy
Al Bundy:

Re: Mediaplex

15.01.00 19:36
Hallo Kaeseotto!

Hört sich an wie die „Doubleclick  des Mobilfunks. Wie sieht es aus mit Alleinstellungsmerkmalen, Konkurrenten, u.s.w.? Habe auch eine WKN gefunden: 92582, wird in Xetra, Frankfurt, und Berlin gehandelt, ist aber aufgrund der wenigen gehandelten Stück  streng zu limitieren. Kurs ist 51€. Ich versuch mal an mehr Informationen zu kommen.
Für die  Commerce One Infos nochmals Danke, ich warte jetzt erstmal die Konsolidierung ab. Im Aktionär ist ein Interessanter Bericht über 3com. Darin steht, daß ein spin of von Palm Computing geplant ist. Jeder Aktionär erhält angeblich je 3com Aktie  eine neue 3com und eine Palm Aktie.  Palm hat jährliche Wachstumsraten von >100%

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Anzeigenwerbung war gestern - Mediaplex (MPLX) ist die Zukunft Al Bundy

Sorry, WKN ist 925821

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