....ADLU .... hier news von Las Vegas show

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....ADLU .... hier news von Las Vegas show ber1

....ADLU .... hier news von Las Vegas show

February, Company Press Release

Advanced Lumitech's Brightec* InkJet Media Made a Positive Impression At the 2000 Photo Marketing Association International Show in Las Vegas

GENEVA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 15, 2000--
Advanced Lumitech, Inc.(OTCBB:ADLU - news) had a very positive experience when it presented its Brightec* InkJet Media at the PMA show in Las Vegas last week. The Company believes that the trade show helped confirm that it has a unique product of high quality with multiple uses and a large market potential. The Company also believes that its luminescent media created a favorable impression with the various contacts it made during the 2000 Photo Marketing Association International show last week and the Company expects to pursue various marketing leads developed over the next several months.

As previously announced, the Company is pursuing a compliance review to obtain necessary certifications for liability insurance protection for the sale of its products. The Company expects to have the certification process completed within the current fiscal quarter as discussed in its January 14th press release.

Advanced Lumitech has developed and patented an exclusive process to create luminescent color pictures of photographic quality which can be applied to a variety of objects in numerous applications. The Company will market its luminescence technology and related products under the brand name Brightec.


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