8x8 = 1&1 ?

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8x8 = 1&1 ? hartmoney

8x8 = 1&1 ?

12.01.00 13:53
P.S. 8x8 WKN 907912
8x8 = 1&1 ? Garion

Wie kommst du darauf?

19.01.00 00:39
1%1: Internetangebote und Internetholding
8x8: Hersteller von Internetkonferenzsystemen

Warum sollen die gleich sein?

8x8 = 1&1 ? estrich

Re: 8x8 = 1&1 ?

19.01.00 03:18
8 x 4 ist eine Seife. Wie stehen die im Verhältnis zu den beiden, hartmoney?
8x8 = 1&1 ? jawolf

Das Verhältnis von 8x4 zu 8x8 = 1&1 ?

19.01.00 05:22
8x4 ist eine Seife...und 8x8 und 1&1 sind Firmen, die sich gewaschen haben...
Habe die Nacht genutzt, um hinter das Geheimnis: 8x8 = 1&1 zu kommen...
Ich glaube, so langsam verstehe ich, was hartmoney meint...???
Schaut euch mal das hier an:
Angaben aus   www.bloomberg.com

8X8 Inc.

8x8, Inc. manufactures digital telecommunications technology, including Internet protocol telephony gateways, software, and semiconductors. By leveraging audio and video compression and communication protocols technology, the Company provides systems and software to network and
telecommunications equipment providers, cable television system operators, and local exchange

About 8x8:

8x8 is a leading manufacturer of digital telecommunication products, including both central office and customer premise equipment IP telephony. By leveraging its vertically integrated technology,
the Company provides complete IP telephony solutions to service providers such as ISPs, ILECs and CLECs. For more information, visit 8x8's web site at www.8x8.com.

This press release contains forward-looking statements. 8x8's actual results may differ materially from the results discussed, implied or forecasted in the forward-looking statements due to factors
including in particular dependency on the growth of the market for IP telephony products, the limits of existing IP telephony technology, rapid technological change, compliance with industry standards, the
uncertainty of market acceptance of our IP telephony product, of dependence on key personnel, and current and potential competition.
Further information on these and other factors that could affect the actual results of 8x8 are included in 8x8's Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 1999, which is on file with the
Securities and Exchange Commission. 8x8 assumes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements contained in this press release.

NEWS: (ok...sind schon eher OLDS)
1/11 9:18 8x8
Joins Sun Microsystems SunTone Program;
IntraSwitch iPBX to be Certified for Quality of Service

Business Editors & High-Tech Writers

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 11, 2000--8x8, Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital telecommunication products, has announced that it has become a member of Sun Microsystems'
(Nasdaq:SUNW) SunTone(SM) Certification and Branding Program. As an applications member, 8x8 has committed to achieve SunTone Application Certification for its IntraSwitch(TM) iPBX Server Software.

A primary goal of the SunTone Program is to establish service-level guarantees for network-based services such as e-mail, e-commerce, enterprise applications and IP telephony. The SunTone
Program defines standards for guaranteed levels of performance, security, availability and uptime.

To help service providers choose software that meets SunTone requirements, Sun has expanded the SunTone program to include application software. The SunTone Architectural Council is defining a
specification that details application integration and transaction capabilities, scalability, security features, and the availability level required for applications to be branded with a logo that indicates that it complies with the SunTone specifications. "IP telephony services are an important part of Sun's vision for the future of the Internet," said Tim Dwyer, vice president of marketing and sales development for Sun's Network Service Provider Division. "I am happy to see that 8x8 has the same ambitions for QoS as we do - high-availability, high quality, easy scalability, customer control and excellent security. The SunTone Program will help them more easily achieve these goals."

"The standards that Sun is advocating for service reliability and scalability are exactly what we believe are required to guarantee customer acceptance of Internet services," said Dominique Pitteloud, 8x8's vice president of marketing. "Once customers understand the quality of service guarantee implicit in the SunTone logo, we believe that they will begin to prefer SunTone branded services and sites over
other alternatives. We hope to have our IntraSwitch iPBX SunTone certified because it will be an advantage to the service providers that use our products to offer iPBX hosting services."

12/23 8:17 8x8
Implements Session Initiation Protocol for Internet Telephony;
IntraSwitch iPBX Becomes First Software PBX to Support SIP

Business Editors/Technology Writers

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 23, 1999--8x8 (Nasdaq:EGHT), a leading manufacturer of digital telecommunication products, has endorsed the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for making telephone calls over Internet protocol (IP) networks.

SIP will allow 8x8's IntraSwitch(TM) iPBX (Internet private branch exchange) software to interoperate with gateways, terminals and softswitches from other vendors.

The announcement comes after 8x8 successfully tested the IntraSwitch iPBX with SIP-compatible gateways and phones from Cisco Systems, Mediatrix Peripherals, Nortel Networks, Nuera Communications, Pingtel Corporation and 3Com Corporation recently at an industry-wide
SIP interoperability test event hosted by Ericsson in Dallas, Texas. SIP became an official standard of the Internet Engineering Task Force  (IETF) in March 1999 and has gained significant support among telecom equipment vendors, carriers, CLECs, cable operators and web-based voice chat providers.

8x8's IntraSwitch iPBX software provides the switching intelligence for a hosted iPBX system: it sets up and routes calls, interfaces with voice mail systems and interactive voice response  (IVR) systems, and provides a link to enterprise computing systems to allow computer/telephony integration (CTI). The IntraSwitch iPBX is the first software PBX to implement Sun Microsystems' Java Telephony
Applications Programming Interface (JTAPI), a CTI interface that allows computers to efficiently control telephone switches.

iPBX hosting is a new concept pioneered by 8x8 wherein telephone service providers such as competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and Internet service providers (ISPs) can provide small- and medium-sized businesses with PBX functionality over IP networks. This arrangement eliminates the need for businesses to manage a complex private telephone system while providing the flexibility and customization capability that businesses need to be competitive. "iPBX-hosting" is similar in concept to application hosting services that allow businesses to outsource email operations, Web site hosting and e-commerce implementations as services.

Incorporating SIP support into the IntraSwitch iPBX allows it to interoperate with gateways to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), telephones and other softswitches that support the SIP
standard. Interoperability between equipment from multiple vendors is necessary to allow IP telephone networks to be rapidly and cost effectively deployed. "With its easy-to-implement character and robustness, we believe that SIP is the protocol of choice for PSTN gateways and network
application servers for conferencing, voice mail and the like," said Frederic Artru, general manager of 8x8's network software division. "We look forward to continued development and support of this
important new standard in our multi-protocol hosted iPBX."
8x8 Inc.
Nasdaq-Kürzel: EGHT
WKN: 907912

As of Jan 18  3:59:53 PM (E.T.)
Last 9.56
Open 7.94
High 9.63
Low 7.88
Volume 1.48M
Earnings P/Share -1.56
Shares Outstanding 18.53M
P/E Ratio N/A

Change 2.31
% Change 31.90%
52 Week High 9.63
52 Week Low 2.75
Bid 9.50
Ask 9.56
Mkt Capitalization 134.31M
Exchange NASDAQ

Momentaner Stand in FFM: 8,50 Euro
Stand USA: 9,5625 US$
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Mal sehen, was der Tag heute so bringt...
Viele Grüße

8x8 = 1&1 ? hartmoney


Die 8x8 Aktie wird steigen und steigen und steigen wie es die Entwicklung der 1&1 Aktie ist , die schon seit einigen Jahren raufgeht . Nur so als kleiner Tip...übrigens wers gern exotisch will soll sich mal um Komag kümmern bzw. informieren ....und dann profitieren...siehe meine bisherigen Tips Cybio , Systematics , und jetzt auch noch Norcom , aber dazu mehr heut Abend....... !!!!

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