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aus W:O

01.10.19 20:04
Brunner hat wieder ein Interview mit Howard V., CEO, geführt!

".. expanding Relationship with Wangbang" "Newsflow from Antiaging" "Great News from Wangbang" For the next 6 month more deals : Skinliner, Anti-Aging / Anti Wrinkle, Animal Sector and Wangbang Und Howard is smiling the whole time :D

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“Haß gleicht einer Krankheit, wo man vorne herausgibt,
was eigentlich hinten wegsollte  Goethe
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

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01.10.19 21:51
Folgendes finde ich im Interview sehr interessant :)
- this and next year financials are OK
- FDA for skinlightner not necessary
- Rodan and Fields are making lot of work to launch their product
- Publication is on the way and will show the world the skinlightner
- Sirona seeks big production, even they need only low concentrations
- that means lot of deals :) :) :)
- Asia markets much bigger than R&F
- Sirona is making realy great progress there, never busier than now
- Wanbang very advanced levels how we can work more together
- antiwrinkle is a very big thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- soon great news from Wangling
- animal is a very interesting market as well
- we anticipate news to follow
- Sirona is sorting out how to make expanding capacity
- this means lots and big deals in the future
- Howard: we are doing very well, we have the financials to do all these projects:)
- News concerning Skinlightner, Wangbang, anti-aging, animals in the next six months
- Howard: we hope sooner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“Haß gleicht einer Krankheit, wo man vorne herausgibt,
was eigentlich hinten wegsollte  Goethe
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell

über Sirona Biochem...

04.10.19 10:02
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

a breakthrough article

04.10.19 18:02
“Haß gleicht einer Krankheit, wo man vorne herausgibt,
was eigentlich hinten wegsollte  Goethe
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? kuhla


09.10.19 10:25
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell

verbindliches Term Sheet...

09.10.19 12:33
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell

China Deal hat....

15.10.19 10:53
Interessante Firmen an seiner Seite....

 Mehr Dazu:
 Sironas neuer China-Distributor Guangzhou Tinyi Trading hat eine beeindruckende Kundenliste, darunter Ridgepole, Hunan Yunifang (Unifon) und Marubi.  Marubi wird von dem Industrieriesen LVMH unterstützt.   https: //     # Hautpflege # Kosmetik
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

Agreement Signing Ceremony with Rodan + Fields

15.10.19 15:40
Sirona Biochem: Agreement Signing Ceremony with Rodan + Fields at Cosmetic 360
Conference in Paris Vancouver, British Columbia – October 15, 2019 –
Sirona Biochem Corp. (TSX-V: SBM) (FSE: ZSB) (US-OTC: SRBCF) (“Sirona”) is pleased to announce that it will have a signing ceremony of its TFC-1067 License and Supply agreement with Rodan + Fields, LLC (“Rodan + Fields”). Rodan + Fields, the leading skin care brand in the United States, is preparing to incorporate novel ingredient TFC-1067 into their product lines. Backed by extensive scientific research, TFC-1067 is clinically proven to be safe and effective at reducing the visibility of dark spots, brightening and evening skin tone.
The event will be held at the US Block of the Cosmetic 360 conference in Paris on October 16th starting at 12:00 PM. Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Geraldine Deliencourt-Godefroy, will introduce TFChem, the wholly owned French subsidiary of Sirona Biochem, which has created breakthrough skin care solutions using platform-based technology. Dr. Deliencourt-Godefroy will highlight her innovative dark spot treatment, TFC-1067, as well as touch on her vision in anti-aging therapies.
In attendance will be members of government who have been of tremendous support in the growth of TFChem as well as local media. Rodan + Fields executive team will present their plan to use TFC-1067 within their collection of life-changing skin care products.

Team members from TFChem and its parent company Sirona Biochem will be available throughout the conference at booth N1. The team will have additional data analysis available from the clinical trial previously reported on April 10th, 2019. The data analysis more clearly demonstrates the established consumer benefit of TFC-1067. TFC-1067 achieved the unique goal of statistically significant selective decreased in melanin scores in dyschromic skin compared to normal skin. Most consumers desire lightening of dark spots to blend into surrounding skin. TFC-1067 achieved this goal, while the 2% hydroquinone comparator did not. The value of this benefit to the consumer cannot be underestimated. Further data analysis also showed a trend that TFC-1067’s ability to blend spots into the surrounding skin would increase over time beyond the 12 weeks of the trial.
The Company is currently working on a submission of these results for a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The commercial value of TFC-1067 has been confirmed by the agreement with Rodan+ Fields.
   Sirona’s management and TFChem’s scientific team are exploring additional partnering opportunities while continuing to explore ways to further demonstrate and unlock the value of TFC-1067 for the consumer. An update regarding these plans will be released as they are finalized.
About Rodan + Fields Founded by Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields was launched in 2002 with the mission of giving consumers the best skin of their lives. The brand is a result of the Doctors’ belief that healthy skin empowers people to feel confident. Born in the digital era and designed to directly reach consumers where they live and shop via mobile and social networks, Rodan + Fields is disrupting the industry with its regimen-based skincare and powerful Independent Consultant community. For more information, please visit      
     About TFChem TFChem are experts in the field of carbohydrate and fluorine chemistry. The company has developed a unique know-how which combines these two technical domains in order to create new therapeutic candidates based on original carbohydrate mimics. TFChem has become a leader in the area of fluorinated glycosides and their application as new, more potent and safer therapies in both pharmaceuticals and skincare. TFChem brings a unique solution to the severe drawbacks (stability and bioavailability) usually associated with carbohydrate-based compounds and thus allows the full exploitation of their therapeutic potential and the development of new technology. TFChem is the recipient of multiple French national scientific awards and European Union and French government grants. For more information, please visit
About Cosmetic 360 Cosmetic 360 is an innovative-centered trade fair for the cosmetic industry. The conference brings together professionals and industry representatives from all over the world. All facets of the cosmetic industry are represented at the conference including raw materials, formulation, packaging, testing and analysis, finished products, and distribution.
This year Cosmetic 360 has chosen to spotlight the United States, a leader in the beauty sector. More information on the conference can be found at
For more information regarding this press release, please contact:
Investor Enquiries: Jonathan Williams Managing Director Momentum PR
Phone: 1.450.332.6939
Corporate Enquiries: Dr. Howard Verrico CEO, Chairman of the Board Sirona Biochem Corp.
Phone: 1.604.641.4466

“Haß gleicht einer Krankheit, wo man vorne herausgibt,
was eigentlich hinten weg sollte"  Goethe
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Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

Unterzeichnung der Vereinbarung

15.10.19 16:49
“Haß gleicht einer Krankheit, wo man vorne herausgibt,
was eigentlich hinten weg sollte"  Goethe
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell


16.10.19 19:16
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell

23.10.19 news...

23.10.19 09:34
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? Dampflok

Sirona Biochem beauftragt Chemotechniker aus China

23.10.19 16:39
Sirona Biochem Corp.: Sirona Biochem beauftragt Chemotechniker aus Shanghai mit der Auswahl eines örtlichen Herstellers für den Wirkstoffkomplex zur Hautaufhellung, TFC-1067!1%20Jahr
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell

Sirona News...

21.01.20 19:07
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? D2Chris

Freut mich das sich mal wieder

22.01.20 09:48
was tut. Aktienkurs hat sich in den letzten Monaten in engen Grenzen bewegt, was noch den vorhergehenden starken Anstiegen wahrscheinlich gar nicht so schlecht war.
Aber das mal wieder positive Nachrichten von den Unternehmen kommen ist natürlich schön!
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

TFC-1067 in höherer Dosis Test

22.01.20 11:06

"Die Creme mit 0,4% TFC-1067 zeigte bei allen Probanden 100%ige Sicherheit. Während des Untersuchungszeitraums wurden keine negativen Reaktionen beobachtet.

Der schriftliche Bericht der Studie kam zu folgendem Schluss: "Aufgrund dieser Ergebnisse hat das Produkt eine sehr gute Hautverträglichkeit und zeigt keine sensibilisierende Wirkung".

"Auch hier haben wir mit unserem Hautaufhellungspräparat TFC-1067 hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielt. Diese Substanz ist in unserer aktuellen Dosis sehr sicher und wird voraussichtlich einen helleren, gleichmäßigeren Hautton erzeugen", sagte Dr. Howard Verrico, CEO von Sirona Biochem. "Wir arbeiten jetzt mit Eurofins Dermscan zusammen, um das Protokoll für die klinische Studie zu erstellen, die voraussichtlich in den nächsten Monaten beginnen wird.

Es wird erwartet, dass die klinische Studie einen Mehrwert für den Wirkstoff darstellen wird. Die laufenden Lizenzen und die laufende Produktentwicklung von Partnern für TFC-1067 werden durch die Studien nicht verzögert."
"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

aus dem W:O Forum

23.01.20 09:22
ich finde, eine gute Darstellung der Situation bei Sirona
Nach meiner aktuellen Einschätzung der Fundamentaldaten habe ich noch nie eine Aktie mit einem so guten Chancen/Risiko Verhältnis wie Sirona seit der Unterschrift des R+F Deals gesehen. Ich bin aber auch noch keine 10 Jahre an der Börse aktiv und mach das noch im "Nebenberuf"
- Ein Großteil des Risikos ist seit 2019 draußen (Studien, R+F Deal, Upfront Zahlung etc)
- Selbst ohne Cashflow steht die Finanzierung für 2020/2021 bereits - In wenigen Monaten (voraussichtlich ab April 2020, Produktlaunch R+F Japan) wird ein kontinuierlicher Cashflow generiert - Weitere anstehende Meilensteinzahlungen für neue R+F Produkte in Reichweite
- TFC-1067 Lizensierung für China sollte auch zeitnah erfolgen
- Wirksamkeits- und Verträglichkeitsstudien erhöhen das Potenzial des Wirkstoffs nach und nach immer weiter
- RdW kann auch noch Lizensiert werden und weitere Erträge generieren Und die Chancen einen nennenswerten Teil vom Hautaufhellermartkuchen zu bekommen stehen meines Erachtens nicht schlecht und steigen mit jeder neuen Studie und jeder weiteren Unterschrift mit starken Retailern. Wenn man da mit den zahlen Jongliert geht es schnell in Richtung 9 stelliger Umsätze p.A. für Sirona in den kommenden Jahren.
Und das ganze bei einer Marktkapitalisierung von nichtmal 100 Mio Euro (fully diluted) Und jetzt hab ich nur über den Hautaufheller gesprochen und die weitere Pipeline komplett außen vor gelassen.

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"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

aus dem W:O Forum

30.01.20 19:23
"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

aus W:O

06.02.20 03:47

Sirona Biochem (SBM.V) is a $91 million cosmetic ingredient and drug discovery company with a proprietary platform technology.

The company specializes in stabilizing carbohydrate molecules.  Patented compounds are licensed in return for milestone fees and ongoing royalty payments.

The SBM stock price is up 400% in the last year, because of investor excitement about a skin-lightening product going to commercialization with a multi-national skincare organization.

We are also keeping an eye on Sirona’s type 2 diabetes drug, TFC-039 which is proceeding through clinical development at Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals.

Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals is part of the Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group (02196-HK).  Specialising in “small molecule innovative drug research”, Wanbang has established 10 manufacturing sites throughout China.

China has experienced a dramatic rise in diabetes.  Current estimates suggest that 11% of the Chinese population has diabetes, with a significant proportion remaining undiagnosed.

In a head-to-head preclinical study, Sirona Biochem’s SGLT inhibitor performed better than Johnson and Johnson’s Invokana which has been given FDA market approval in the U.S. and in Europe.
"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? maxmansell

zur Info....

19.02.20 14:09
vom 14.02.2020
VANCOUVER, Feb. 14, 2020

VANCOUVER, Feb. 14, 2020 /CNW/ - Sirona Biochem Corp. (TSX-V: SBM) (FSE: ZSB) (US-OTC:SRBCF) (the "Company") announces that it has changed its auditors from MNP LLP (the "Former Auditor") to DeVisser Gray LLP (the "Successor Auditor") effective January 27, 2020 and the board of directors of the Company appointed the Successor Auditor as the Company's auditor effective January 27, 2020 until the next Annual General Meeting of the Company. There were no reservations in the Former Auditor's audit reports for the relevant period, being the financial years ended October 31, 2018 and October 31, 2017 and any period subsequent to the most recently completed financial year for which an audit report was issued and preceding the resignation of the Former Auditor. In accordance with National Instrument 51-102 – Continuous Disclosure Obligations ("NI 51-102"), the Company has filed a Change of Auditor Notice (the "Notice") on SEDAR together with letters from both the Former Auditor and Successor Auditor, with each lettering confirming agreement with the statements contained in the Notice, as applicable.  There were no reportable events as defined in NI 51-102 between the Former Auditor and the Company.
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? newbie_evo


19.02.20 22:14
guten Morgen, auch schon wach?.....

Die Nachricht ist 1 Woche alt !
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

aus dem W:O Forum

21.02.20 11:48
der Coronavirus macht China und der Weltwirtschaftzu schaffen - und scheint auch zu
Verzögerungen in den Sirona-China Verhandlungen zu führen!
Post von Wex - Stockhouse
RE:Oct 01 interview Noted a few things by April 1. Covid 19 may have delayed things in China by 4 weeks, so there needs to be some consideration there.

1. Wabang update/development - comment: when the heck is update going to jump out of the cake?
2. Animal deal - comment: I feel this is teatering on any day now, but somewhat delayed by corona.
3. More deals on skin lightening (already tinyi, waiting for final definitive agreement, with manufacturing capacity established) - comment: if we can just get confirmation of the definitive deal, that would be meaningful as it would say the back end manufacturing is all set
4. Anti aging update/information - comment: this is pure icing on cake

I hear the relationship with Rodan is very solid, great company to work with. I have also confirmed key dates are agreed upon to roll out, whenever that is. Comment: we will likely find out when the sales associates find out. Then watch out for price movement.
One thing is for sure. Don't assume any of this will only come out on a Wednesday..

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"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
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Aus W:O

26.02.20 17:16

Noch ein Kommentar von Michelle zur Covid19-Pandemie:
The coronavirus is prohibiting travel globally, as you know, however, this does not inhibit us from doing business in China via other means of communication. We also have people in China that work for us to enable things to move forward. We are in a very good position. Market does not currently reflect the reality of the situation
"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp

China Deal in Vorbereitung

04.03.20 10:56
"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? Bullish_Hope


04.03.20 19:40
Das ist eine Top-News.
Corona verzögert evt. den Durchbruch-aber nach der News bin ich mir sicher das er kommt!
Sirona Biochem - der Durchbruch ? JoeUp


04.03.20 20:23
ich denke auch das die finale Vereinbarung folgt. Wie bei R+F ...
"Betrachte eine Situation von allen Seiten, und du wirst offener"   Dalai Lama

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