SAP-News: Lufthansa verdoppelt SAP-Investition, schöne Zeiten kommen da !

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SAP-News: Lufthansa verdoppelt SAP-Investition, schöne Zeiten kommen da ! tgk1

SAP-News: Lufthansa verdoppelt SAP-Investition, schöne Zeiten kommen.

13.01.00 16:18
AP.) SAP and Lufthansa Sign New Outline Agreement Lufthansa Doubles Its Investment in SAP Software

                             FRANKFURT, Germany and WALLDORF, Germany, Jan 13, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE)
                            -- Following negotiations led by its central purchasing department,
                            Deutsche Lufthansa AG has inked a comprehensive agreement with SAP AG
                            (NYSE: SAP)that more than doubles its current investment in SAP(TM)

                            Representatives of the Lufthansa group and SAP met in Frankfurt today
                            to sign the agreement, which not only outlines Lufthansa's further
                            deployment of SAP software, but also forms the basis for the future
                            business partnership between the two companies.

                            Ulrich Kuntzel, head of Lufthansa's central purchasing department,

                            said, "We are delighted about this deal. Together, we have not only
                            created a pragmatic and flexible agreement that fulfills the varied
                            requirements of individual users in the group, but we are stating that
                            SAP and Lufthansa both have a responsibility for the development of
                            total cost of ownership for all applications."

                            Lufthansa has been using SAP software since 1981, when it deployed the
                            SAP R/2(TM) mainframe system. In 1995, Deutsche Lufthansa AG's
                            executive board selected the SAP R/3(R) software suite as the strategic
                            solution for all business and administrative tasks within the Lufthansa

                            Since then, almost all of the R/2 system has been upgraded to R/3.
                            Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo use R/3 for their financial operations in
                            more than 100 locations worldwide. Lufthansa subsidiary Lufthansa
                            Technik uses the SAP Aerospace and Defense(TM) industry solution and
                            participated in the development of this solution as a pilot customer.
                            In 1996, Lufthansa Systems' SAP Customer Competence Center (CCC) became
                            the first SAP customer in the world to receive the SAP CCC
                            certification. Lufthansa Systems, among others, developed an
                            industry-specific R/3 financial accounting solution for the Lufthansa
                            City Center travel agencies. Similarly, Lufthansa Revenue Services
                            deployed the SAP development environments to design a solution for
                            airlines' revenue accounting systems.

                            The increasing globalization, decentralization and expansion of the
                            Lufthansa Aviation Group, combined with intensive use of the extended
                            SAP functionalities, led to the new agreement. It outlines the use of
                            SAP licenses and software maintenance services as well as the
                            fulfillment of SAP CCC functions at Lufthansa. It also forms the
                            contractual basis for the use of SAP products such as the SAP Business
                            Information Warehouse(TM) (SAP BW(TM)) and the SAP Advanced Planner and
                            Optimizer(TM) (SAP APO(TM)).

                            Dr. Bernd Voigt, CIO for Lufthansa, said, "The extension of our
                            investment is based on our good experiences with SAP business
                            solutions. Furthermore, we believe that the products offered by SAP are
                            forward looking in particular in terms of their openness to Internet

                            In the future, more than 15,000 Lufthansa employees -- of whom 10,000
                            will be at Lufthansa Technik -- will use SAP software at more than 20
                            R/3 installations. Lufthansa's catering company LSG Sky Chefs is also
                            planning to rollout R/3 for its operations in Europe and Asia. The
                            migration of the central R/2 human resources applications to R/3 is
                            planned for 2001.

                            Various Lufthansa companies, together with SAP, are currently advising
                            other airlines on the use of SAP software. Lufthansa is also
                            participating in the Internet marketplace with InfoFlyway,
                            its online sales system.

                            Wolfgang Kemna, managing director of the SAP German organization, said,
                            "One of the major goals of our developments in recent years has been
                            the delivery of industry-specific software solutions that can be used
                            by all employees in a company. The fact that Lufthansa envisages having
                            up to 100% of their employees in certain divisions working with SAP
                            software, confirms that we are on the right course."

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SAP-News: Lufthansa verdoppelt SAP-Investition, schöne Zeiten kommen da ! Tombomb

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