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risko und MXIP (915157)

19.08.99 17:06
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A WBN Reader Writes: Am I correct in starting to have that sinking feeling all over again with respect to MAX Internet Communications, Inc. - or, more precisely, to MXIP (the stock, not the company)? And, if so, what can be done about it?

As you know, last Autumn's $6 to $7 a share prices, KO'd principally (not to mention unfairly) by Federal Trade Commission "issues", sank (shudder) to the $1 area. Where indeed, one wondered, were the snows of other times? Happily, with the Spring came vindication from Germany in the shape of a $12.6 million investment from that Frankfurt firm with the name which looks like a Welsh railroad station. The stock was bolstered by the money coming from a respectable quarter. (German financial services outfits [whatever their names] are, after all, thought to be more in the know about science and technology [why else did both the US and Russia Shanghai all the Germans they could lay their hands on for their competing Cold War space programs?] than, say, an Angolan diamond cutting consortium or a Como silk cartel). Further support came from using $4million to repurchase the company's convertible debt, thereby eliminating, according CEO Lawrence R. Biggs, Jr., "the selling pressure in the stock that resulted from the conversions" (Company Press Release, 3-30-99). In almost no time at all, MXIP was back in the old neighborhood.

And able to boast about more than money in the bank, too. There's that lyric poem of an independent, third party, non-compensated MAXicLIVE product review from the founder of The NetMeeting Place. You know the one. Where he said it's a piece of revolutionary computer hardware that changes the world - because for the first time a single card does just about everything he needs a peripheral to do - it takes only one PCI slot instead of at least three separate ones - it costs less than $500 on the street - and "you can avoid spending thousands on upgrading your motherboard and your processor just to get decent video capture speeds" (MXIP wbn CyberStation, 3-17-99).

Width all this, shouldn't the stock price be heading to $8 a share rather than returning to $4? When they change the name officially from Voxcom Holdings, Inc. to MAX Internet Communications Inc. at the shareholder meeting in November, perhaps they should consider, for MAXimum effect, going all the way to MAXicLIVE.com. Now, there's a moniker with Oomph!

WBN Responds: As you know, the course of true love never did run smooth. Neither did the price action - in the short term - of highly speculative small companies no matter how revolutionary their technology. And, yes, there's something about MAXicLIVE.com...

Na ja schaun wir mal . Mit Kursen über 5 Dollar können wir ganz gut leben, oder ?
risko und MXIP (915157) hugo

Veränderungen im Management

August 19, 1999 09:15

MAX Internet Communications, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Thomas M. Fehr as Chief Marketing Officer
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 19, 1999--MAX Internet Communications, Inc. (OTC:MXIP) announced today the appointment of Thomas M. Fehr as Chief Marketing Officer. In his new position, Mr. Fehr will direct the company's sales and marketing efforts.
Mr. Fehr comes to MAX Internet Communications from Matrox Graphics, Inc. in Montreal, Canada, where he spent the past 10 years in global sales and marketing. At Matrox, he specialized in global market and channel development, sales and product management, and distribution strategies focusing on distributor, retail, integrator, VAR and corporate channels. From 1996 to present, Mr. Fehr served as Vice President of Distribution Sales and Channel Marketing of the highly successful Graphics Products Division. During that time and under Mr. Fehr's direction, the global distribution business increased from $90 million to $400 million US, which established the company as the category leader in the Distribution business for graphic products. Additionally, unit sales per month increased from 50,000 units to in excess of 200,000 units.

Larry Biggs, Chief Executive Officer of MAX Internet Communications, Inc. stated, "We are very pleased to have Mr. Thomas Fehr join our sales and marketing team. Mr. Fehr has proven success with a very similar product and distribution strategy. In addition to our recent appointment of Mr. Hal Clark, former President of Ingram Micro, to our Board of Directors, coupled with Mr. Fehr, our Company is well equipped with qualified and experienced leaders to direct our sales, marketing and distribution efforts."

Mr. Thomas Fehr obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Marketing from Concordia University in Montreal and a DEC in Commerce from John Abbott College in Ste-Anne de Bellevue, Quebec, Canada. Well traveled with strong multicultural experience and proficient in English, French and German, Mr. Fehr will be a key addition to MAX Internet Communication's global sales and marketing development.

Matrox Graphics, Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is a global leader in research and design of graphic chip and board level technology for PC based systems. Products include graphics cards for 2D, 3D and DVD acceleration, and high quality video editing solutions.

About MAX Internet Communications:

MAX Internet Communications owns the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the MAX i.c.Live product which is a unique and revolutionary accelerator product for Internet and Intranet video communications and video processing. The product was designed to equip the desktop computer with the power required for true motion video communications over the Internet. It is the first parallel processing Supercomputer for the desktop PC. MAX i.c.Live specifically equips a computer to video conference in true motion over the Internet or LAN, stream video full screen and full motion, capture, record, edit and playback video, play MPEG-1 and DVD movies with full screen output to a TV or monitor, and provide AC3 Dolby Digital surround sound.

For more information about MAX Internet Communications or to obtain investment information, visit the company's Web site at www.maxic.com or contact Investor Relations at 214/691-0055.


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