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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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Rakuten hat den größten Anteil an Lyft

06.01.19 09:12
Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer explains to CNN's Laurie Segall how he leads through tough times, what competing with Uber is like, and his vision for self-driving cars.
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Rakuten ist an Currencycloud beteoöogz

06.01.19 12:05
London, 24 July 2018 – Currencycloud announces the appointment of fintech sales leader Nick Cheetham as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to drive its ambitious growth strategy into new markets.

In his new role at the international payment platform, Nick will lead the global sales and client success teams through the next pivotal phase of development as the company scales and expands across new markets and regions.

Mike Laven, CEO at Currencycloud commented: “The next phase of our journey is a pivotal one, and Nick’s extensive senior-level experience in fintech will be vital to build on the momentum we’ve created. He is a talented sales leader with the energy and drive to lead revenue growth and capitalise on opportunities in the traditional and emerging cross-border payments space.”
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Nachlieferung der Quelle zum letzten Posting

06.01.19 12:10
Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket Libuda

Rakuten ist an Toranotec beteiligt

06.01.19 13:02
Rakuten ist an Toranotec beteiligt

TORANOTEC is a FinTech company that offers TORANOKO, a smartphone application for spare change investment.

"TORANOKO", smartphone application for spare change investment offered by TORANOTEC
TORANOKO, a 'spare change investment application', allows its user to pre-register monthly spending quota and invest every month thereafter the unused monthly balance in one of the three types of investment trusts that the user selects in accordance with his or her own risk appetite. TORANOKO helps the user/beginner investor to build up financial assets every month by starting even from small monthly contribution amount. Thus, TORANOTEC offers investment opportunities and services to a wide range of users for their long-term asset formation purposes.

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Ich habe zwar weiterhin Zweifel, ob man in

06.01.19 16:44
Südostasien mit dem Global Market von Ichiba und der Beteiligung an Carousell ausreichend vertreten ist, möglicherweise unterschätze ich aber auch Carousell, weil denen momentan User-Zahlen und deren Expandieren wichtiger als Erlöse sind.

3d ago · 2 min read
Carousell kicks off 2019 with hires of former Amazon, RedMart, and SPH execs

The big-ticket hires come a matter of months after Carousell secured US$85 million in a series C funding co-led by existing shareholder Rakuten Ventures and new backer EDBI – the investment arm of the Singaporean government’s Economic Development Board.
Banking giant DBS also came on board as a first-time investor, joining previous backers Sequoia Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, and 500 Startups.

While it remains far from profitability, Carousell – as analysts have previously suggested – is exploring monetization opportunities and developing its own integrated payments platform.

In a social media post on New Year’s Day, Quek wrote that it has “been an intense 6.5 years [since launching], and 2018 was no exception, but I’ve never been more excited and optimistic about what’s ahead for 2019.
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Die Preisfrage ist, warum sich das nicht im Kurs

06.01.19 22:03
niedergeschlagen hat.

One of the busiest and most exciting periods in the company’s history.

2018 was a banner year for the Rakuten Group. From the success of our sports and entertainment partnerships with FC Barcelona, Golden State Warriors and Shakira, to strategic alliances with major retailers like Walmart and Bic Camera, to the announcement that Rakuten will become Japan’s 4th and newest mobile network operator, it was one of the busiest and most exciting periods in the company’s history.
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Warum Lyft weiter wachsen wird

07.01.19 08:05

Rakuten ist dort der größte Eigner und ich vermute einmal, dass sie vorerst dort nicht verkaufen. Meines Erachtens werden die Aktien im anstehenden IPO alle neu sein und der weiteren Expansion dienen, z.B. dem Kauf von Cabify,  womit Lyft auch in Südeuropa und Südamerika am Ball wäre.
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Rakuten hält anteil bei Lyft und Go-Jek

07.01.19 08:26
die im folgenden Bericht erwähnt werden.

Außerdem auch an Careem und Cabify.
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Besser lässt sich das Wachstum von Rakuten

07.01.19 23:01
nicht dokumentieren:

Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket Libuda

Ein neues Geschäftsfeld von Careem, an denen

08.01.19 08:08
Rakuten eine Beteiligung hält:


Careem Bus has launched in Egypt – and it will help fix one of the city’s biggest issues
Careem Bus has just launched in Egypt, and not only will it help with mobility in Cairo, it could also change the city for the better.

A report from the World Bank estimates the annual costs of the congestion in Cairo to be up to $8 billion and clearly the situation there is one that needs to be addressed. But crucially, the World Bank report added, “Congestion does not have to be a fact of life. Cairo could be a more livable city, with adequate public transportation for the many that rely on it, and safer streets for all.”

Here’s how Careem Bus works…
Via the app you choose the Car type “Bus” then select the pick-up and drop off location. This will show you all the available buses that are close to those two points and you’re able to select the bus with the best time that fits with you. Then you’re shown the brand of the bus, plate number and captain details and you can track the bus on its way to you – just like you do when calling a car on the Careem app.
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Rakuten ist ein bedeutender Lyft-Eigner

08.01.19 15:22
Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket Libuda

Rakuten ist bei Lyft und Pinteres dabei

08.01.19 16:53

Bei Lyft gehe ich von einem höheren Wert als die angesetzten 15 Milliarden in der Quelle aus.
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Auch hier sind wiederum die Raktuen-Beteiligungen

08.01.19 17:01
Lyft und Pinterest dabei:
Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket Libuda

Banking services in Taiwan

09.01.19 07:55
JANUARY 8, 2019
Announcement Concerning an Agreement to Establish a Joint Venture on the Premise of Acquiring Approvals etc for a Banking Business in Taiwan

 Rakuten Bank, Ltd. (CEO: Hiroyuki Nagai, hereinafter “Rakuten Bank”) and Rakuten Card Co., Ltd. (CEO: Masayuki Hosaka, hereinafter “Rakuten Card”), wholly owned subsidiaries of Rakuten, Inc. (Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani, hereinafter “the Company”) announced today that it has reached an agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) with Waterland Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “WFH”), for the formation of a joint venture to start a banking operation in Taiwan.
Purpose and background of the Agreement

Since the launch of an E-Commerce service in 2008, Taiwan Rakuten has expanded its business into areas such as credit cards, a travel, flea market app, and e-books. Taiwan Rakuten has formed a strong ecosystem centered around the E-Commerce and credit card businesses, making it one of the most important regions within our overseas business.|

 To further strengthen the ecosystem within Taiwan, we have agreed to begin preparation of launching an online banking service in Taiwan together with WFH. On the premise of acquiring approvals etc from the authorities, Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Card, and WFH will follow necessary procedures to provide banking services in Taiwan.
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On Track

09.01.19 08:15
The launch of Rakuten’s MNO service
When Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry advisory board approved Rakuten’s application for a 4G mobile license, it marked the first time in 13 years that a new entrant was granted bandwidth by the government. With its disruptive approach, Rakuten looks set to shake up the mobile industry in Japan. Construction of the network infrastructure is on track to launch the service in October 2019.
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Ursachen für die absurd niedrige Bewertung

09.01.19 12:54
von Rakuten ist meines Erachtens vor allem annahmen über die Gewinnentwicklung in den Jahren 2019 und 2020.

Nach meinen Beobachtungen gibt es aber keinen Anlass, dass das seit 2017 eroberte neue Niveau nicht gehalten werden kann:

Rakuten reports tripled profits in 2017, shoots for double-figure growth in 2018
By Matthieu Guinebault  
15 February 2018

Japanese online retail and services giant, Rakuten, has reported a 187.8% boom in its net profit during the full year closing December 2017, reaching 110.58 billion yen (830 million euros). The company's results beat forecasts largely thanks to good performances in its operations but also because of exceptional gains made through its investment portfolio. 20.8% growth in turnover was reported, bringing the figure up to 944.47 billion yen (7.104 billion euros), while the company's operating profit increased by 90.2% to 149.34 billion yen (1.123 billion euros), in line with analysts' expectations.

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zu 2966 noch die Quelle, die beim Kopieren

09.01.19 12:57
verloren ging:,948438.html#.XDXhG_ZFwdU
Gelöschter Beitrag. Einblenden »

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Und in 2018 stiegen die Gewinne weiter

09.01.19 17:10
Consolidated Operating Results

(%, YoY) Revenue Operating income Income before income tax Net income
Millions of yen % Millions of yen % Millions of yen % Millions of yen %

Nine months ended September 30, 2018
790,330 16.8 133,544 11.1 129,298 16.7 107,716 48.5

Nine months ended September 30, 2017
676,477 20.9 120,162 58.8 110,783 52.3 72,554 63.6
Latest IR Materials
Earnings Release for Q3 of FY2018 Financial Results

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Bloomberg geht momentan von 108,67 Yen

09.01.19 18:08
Gewinn im Jahr pro Aktie aus, was zu einem KGV von 7,3 führt.

Key Statistics

P/E Ratio 7.3

EPS 108.07

Wenn Sie dazu die letzten vier Quartuale genommen hätten, was ich aber nicht genau weiß, sondern nur vermute,  müsste das vierte Quartal in 2018 ähnlich erfolgreich sein, wie das vierte Quartal in 2017.
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Die Daten von Wallstreet Journal weichen

09.01.19 18:39
von denen von Bloomberg kaum ab.


P/E Ratio (TTM)
7.46 (01/09/19)


Umso erstaunter ist man aber dann,  wenn man liest, wie niedrig die Schätzungen für Q4/2018 und Q1/19 in obiger Quelle sind. Nach meinen bisheriigen Erkanntnissen werden die Ergebnisse für Q4/18 mit ¥50 dreimal so hoch sein, wie unten angeführt. Der E-Commerce ist in vierten Quartal immer am stärksten, z.B. bei Ebates, und Belastungen im Versicherungsbereich wie in Q3/18 waren einmalig. Und der Fintechbereich boooooooooomt ohne Ende. Investitionen in den Mobilfunk laufen jetzt schon drei Quartale und haben die Gewinne kaum beeinflusst, da die Investitionen überwiegend aktiviert und über Jahre abgeschrieben werden.

Q4 2018 Estimate Trends
1 month ago: ¥13.25
3 months ago: ¥13.44

Q1 2019 Estimate Trends
1 month ago: ¥13.90
3 months ago:

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Geht einmal auf weitere Quellen zu

09.01.19 21:44
Gewinnschätzungen für 2019 und 2020 und Ihr werdet  dann m.E. eine der Ursachen für die extreme  Unterbewertung erkennen, die ich als gigantische Chance sehe.

Denn ich sehe keine Gründe für sinkende Gewinne, sondern für steigende Gewinne.
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Partnership with NBA champion

10.01.19 08:10
JANUARY 10, 2019
Rakuten Launches Partnership with Stephen Curry

NBA champion appointed Rakuten Global Brand Ambassador. Rakuten named title sponsor of Stephen Curry’s “Underrated Tour” prep basketball camp.

Tokyo, January 10, 2019 - Rakuten, Inc. today announced a partnership with three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry. The partnership includes a multi-year agreement with Curry that appoints him as Brand Ambassador for Rakuten and lays the ground for collaboration on branding and marketing efforts for Rakuten’s global e-commerce business and membership program, with a special focus on the United States. Rakuten will also be named the title sponsor of Curry’s first-of-its-kind basketball camp for overlooked prep athletes, “Underrated Tour, powered by Rakuten.”
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Ca. 56 Yen pro Aktie allein schon durch Fintech

10.01.19 08:32
Insbeonsdere der Fintech-Sektor produziert ziemlich konstante und steigende Erlöse (Q3/18 war da eine Ausnahme durch Versicherungsleistungen im Rahmen der Unwetter), die momentan pro Jahr bei 80 billion Japanese yen. Bei Shares Outstanding von 1.43B laut Boomberg trägt damit dieser stark wachsende und stabile Bereich allein schon ca. 56 Yen zum Gewinn bei.

The time series shows the operating profit of the Rakuten Group's internet finance sector as of the second quarter of 2018. In the most recently reported quarter the Rakuten's internet finance operating profit amounted to approximately 24 billion Japanese yen. This income was generated through Rakuten Card, Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Securities as well as Rakuten e-money "Edy".
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...ich seh schon, nix neues hier...

10.01.19 10:21
der Wert performt nach wie vor nicht und Libuda führt Selbstgespräche und spamt seinen eigenen Thread voll.

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