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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

15.11.14 10:58
- und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Rakuten?
Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisition, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company’s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully, become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitions to date along these lines, this is Rakuten’s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisition, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten’s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-present Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Ebates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprisingly, Rakuten says it is undaunted. For starters, it has assembled a very interesting mix of acquisitions. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service, Viki, a digital content platform and
Now it has picked up Ebates.
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Global Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Market

21.06.20 08:19
Global Cross-Border Electronic Commerce Market (2020-2026) | Latest COVID19 Impact Analysis | Know About Brand Players: Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, Inc,, etc. | InForGrowth

By basavraj
June 19, 2020

The Top players are Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, Inc,,, Ebay,, Flipkart, Lazada, OLX Inc., LightInTheBox.
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Quelle zu meinem letzten Posting

21.06.20 08:20
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21.06.20 08:34
Die Streamingdienste Joyn, MagentaTV und Rakuten TV erfreuen sich immer größerer Beliebtheit.
Sie bieten im Vergleich zu den bekannten Plattformen wie Netflix viele einzigartige Vorteile.

Sie wollen neben den etablierten Streamingdiensten wie Netflix*, Sky* und Prime Video* mal etwas Neues ausprobieren? Kein Problem, denn die genannten Kandidaten sind noch lange nicht die einzigen Plattformen auf dem Streaming-Markt. In Wahrheit drängen sich insbesondere drei Namen immer mehr ins Rampenlicht: Joyn, MagentaTV und Rakuten TV.
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Viber community has been an excellent source

21.06.20 11:30
of information exchange

While you wait for the answers from Croatian Border Police to check the real-life experiences of tourists coming to Croatia and get your questions answered in our Viber community, Total Croatia Travel INFO - you will need to download the Viber app. This Viber community has been an excellent source of information exchange, where tourist questions are getting answered in real-time. Here are 10 things I learned from the Viber community in the first days. If you have a question or some verified useful travel info to contribute, join us.

10 Things I Learned Starting the Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber Community
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Erfahrungen mit Rakuten

21.06.20 15:11
Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket Libuda

Lyft ähnlich nachhaltig wie größter Eigner Rakuten

21.06.20 19:58
At Lyft, we made a choice. Rather than hunker down and ride out COVID-19, we chose to stand up and accelerate our efforts to address the climate crisis. With transportation recently overtaking electricity as the single largest source of planet-disrupting greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution in the US and the second-largest source in Canada, we believe now is the time for Lyft to lead a radical shift in strategy.
That’s why today, Lyft – in collaboration with Environmental Defense Fund – is announcing its commitment to reach 100% electric vehicles on the Lyft platform by 2030. By working with drivers to transition to electric vehicles, we have the potential to avoid tens of millions of metric tons of GHG emissions to the atmosphere and to reduce gasoline consumption by more than a billion gallons over the next decade.

“Now more than ever, we need to work together to create cleaner, healthier, and more equitable communities,” said John Zimmer, co-founder and president, Lyft. “Success breeds success, and if we do this right, it creates a path for others.  If other rideshare and delivery companies, automakers and rental car companies make this shift, it can be the catalyst for transforming transportation as a whole."

Reaching 100% won’t be easy, but we’ve already begun the work needed to get there. Last year we launched hundreds of EVs onto the Lyft platform through Express Drive in Seattle, Atlanta, and Denver. In Colorado, for example, we built on the incredible leadership of Governor Polis and policymakers to allow our Express Drive rental partners’ vehicles to be eligible for state tax incentives. This win-win enabled the introduction of hundreds of new EVs in the greater Denver area – one of the largest EV deployments in the nation to date.
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Zwar nur ca. 2% über Vorjahresquartal,

21.06.20 21:21
aber Verdoppelung in den letzten sechs Jahren

Gross merchandise sales value (GMS) of Rakuten Rewards from 4th quarter 2014 to 1st quarter 2020(in million U.S. dollars)
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Rakuten-Beteiligung Glovo ist ein großer Gewinner

21.06.20 22:35
Jun 15, 2020,10:17am EDT

Glovo CEO Sees Acceleration And Consolidation In Food Delivery Post-Covid-19
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These technologies have long been with Rakuten,

22.06.20 07:40
but the post-virus era will be their time to adapt and expand

Perhaps some of the most immediate changes will be in the ways we buy and sell products in our everyday lives. I’ve always been a fan of diverse marketplaces and shopping malls, both offline and online, and Japan is renowned for the depth and breadth of its retail landscape. But even here in Japan, where the lockdown was not as strict as some regions, shoppers increasingly turned to e-commerce for new product categories, like fresh and prepared foods, and were more adventurous in their purchases of fashion, home goods and takeout. Restaurants and retailers alike turned to e-commerce tools and platforms to keep their businesses afloat in difficult times.

Businesses that interact face-to-face with customers are moving even more rapidly to take up cashless payment systems and online financial services for consumers are flourishing.
Anzeige: Smartbroker
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Rakuten Mobile's new U.S. general manager talks

23.06.20 09:34
about her plans

By Linda Hardesty
Jun 22, 2020 12:41pm

Azita Arvani is heading up Rakuten Mobile’s new office in the United States, where the Japanese company plans to sell its Rakuten Communications Platform to operators in the Americas.
The Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP) is comprised of all the learnings Rakuten Mobile compiled while it was building its greenfield 4G network in Japan. The new network is built with common-off-the-shelf hardware and open software, a completely new and innovative way to build a wireless network.

Rakuten Mobile plans to now take all those learnings, via RCP, and offer them for sale to other network operators around the world.

“So many operators have said ‘we want to do the same thing,’” said Arvani. “I call it the ‘easy button’ where we take all our learnings and knowledge, and that was the inspiration for RCP.”
RCP combines the technology blueprint and playbook of Rakuten’s cloud-native mobile network so others don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It will be made available with an app-store-like interface where customers can tailor the platform to their local requirements.

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Robos werden m.E. Robotaxis sein

23.06.20 21:46
die in der Anschaffung teuer sind und mindestens eine halbe Million Kilometer fahren müssen - für die meisten Privatleute unerschwinglich. Aber durch die wegfallenden Personalkosten werden diese Taxis billiger und immer mehr das private Auto verdrängen.

Und deshalb halte ich Lyft und auch Cabify für gute Investitionen von Rakuten.
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Gute Partnerschaft hilft

24.06.20 10:22
How hotels, small- and medium-size businesses across Japan are helping to build a mobile network
2 days ago

Building a new mobile network from scratch is no walk in the park. To reach a population of over 120 million, you need antennas. Lots of antennas.

Just over two years ago, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications gave Rakuten the green light to build the country’s fourth major mobile carrier network. Chasing what many said was an impossible deadline, Rakuten hit the ground running.

A deep history of partnering with small- and medium-size enterprises

The answer lies in Rakuten’s two decades of partnering with small- and medium-sized businesses around Japan. Launched in 1997, Rakuten Ichiba’s founding mission was based on using the power of the internet to empower businesses — especially those in depopulated rural areas left behind by mass migration to large cities. Today, some 50,000 merchants from across the country populate the Rakuten Ichiba marketplace.

Meanwhile, since its launch in 2001, the Rakuten Travel platform has worked to connect travelers with hotels, hot springs, ryokan (Japanese-style inns) and all kinds of leisure facilities. These are just two of more than 70 different online services Rakuten run in Japan based on a similar core philosophy. The result is a grassroots network of tens of thousands of small- and medium-sized Japanese businesses, with many relationships that span decades.

The understanding and cooperation of many of those businesses is at the heart of the national rollout of Rakuten’s mobile network infrastructure.
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First step towards a hybrid operator/vendor telco

24.06.20 22:07
Rakuten takes first step towards a hybrid operator/vendor telco

Written by Jamie Davies

03 June 2020

Rakuten and NEC will develop a containerized standalone (SA) 5G core network, which will become one of the first products available on the Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP).

Although any news or developments coming out of Tokyo are of interest to the world nowadays, there are two very distinct elements to this announcement. Firstly, the creation of a containerized SA 5G core network, and secondly, the emergence of a hybrid telco model, where Rakuten is an operator but also a vendor, selling products to other telcos who want to embrace the open revolution.
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Rakuten Viki wächst weiter

25.06.20 08:17
Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket Libuda

Rakuten's 5G roll-out on track

27.06.20 08:42
Rakuten's 5G roll-out on track; eyes taking tech abroad this year
Published26 JUNE, 2020UPDATED 26 JUNE, 2020

BANGALORE/TOKYO - Rakuten Inc <4755.T> said on Friday its Japanese wireless network was on track to begin 5G services in September, after being forced to delay the introduction by three months due to disruption from the coronavirus outbreak.

Rakuten's domestic network began commercial 4G services in April and has become an industry talking point with its promise of radically cutting costs for telco entrants because it uses cloud-based software and commoditised hardware instead of proprietary equipment.

The pandemic hit its 5G testing in India by vendor Altiostar Networks, in which Rakuten owns around half the equity, Rakuten Mobile's Chief Technology Officer Tareq Amin said in an interview, with the testing backlog cleared by replicating operations in Japan.

"We're meeting our milestones, which gives me very big confidence," Amin said of the new timeline. He joined Rakuten in 2018 from Reliance Jio, whose low prices transformed India's mobile market.

The Japanese e-commerce and payments firm also plans to offer technology which allows companies to create their own networks, dubbed Rakuten Communications Platform, to companies overseas. Amin said testing of the platform would begin in October.

The first customers could join the platform by year-end, Amin said, with companies already showing interest.


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Wins at The Drum Marketing Awards USA 2020

28.06.20 10:17
Rakuten Rewards Wins at The Drum Marketing Awards USA 2020
JUNE 26, 2020

On April 30, 2020, Rakuten Rewards won at The Drum Marketing Awards USA 2020 in two categories: Best in Rebrand/Relaunch and Best in Brand Content Strategy, for its successful multi-year effort to rebrand its Cash Back portal from Ebates to Rakuten Rewards.
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Der Testsieger kommt von Rakuten Kobo

28.06.20 12:59
Testsieger über alle E-Book-Reader: Tolino Epos 2

Für den Tolino Epos 2 kann man seinen Buchshop frei wählen und zugleich auf Leihinhalte von Büchereien zugreifen. Besonderheit: Der Reader hat eine Bildschirmdiagonale von 8 Zoll. Für klassische E-Book-Reader ist das groß und freut vor allem Leser, die nicht mehr gute Augen haben (und deshalb eine große Schrift einstellen) oder gerne PDFs aufrufen. Hierfür ist der Epos 2 besser als die kleineren Modelle geeignet. Vom A4-Format ist er allerdings noch weit entfernt. In unserem Test stellten wir fest, dass man bei Magazinen ohne hineinzuzoomen und zu scrollen meist nicht weit kommt.

Beeindruckt hat uns das leicht flexible Gehäuse und Display, das einiges aushält, ohne gleich zu brechen. Lesen ist selbst bei Sonnenschein sehr angenehm. So ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass die Stiftung Warentest im Test 5/2020 dem Tolino Epos 2 die Gesamtnote 1,6 verlieh. Damit ist das Lesegerät der Testsieger. Für viele Interessenten dürfte er angesichts der Größe und vor allem des hohen Preises dennoch nicht in Frage kommen.

         •§Großes und sehr gutes Display mit Beleuchtung (inkl. Farbtemperaturanpassung)
         •§Sehr robustes Gehäuse
         •§Freie Shopwahl, Onleihe möglich
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Okay - obwohl ich Marktvolumen für noch größer

28.06.20 16:25
halten habe.

June 25, 2020

LightCounting releases its vRAN and open RAN Market Size, Share, and Forecast Report.
Since the launch of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a Facebook initiative, the open virtual radio access network (RAN) market has gathered a great momentum that is shaking the traditional RAN establishment controlled by Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, NEC, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE.

This momentum is also creating a lot of confusion. First, the virtualization of RAN functions, which consists of disaggregating hardware from software to run the functions on software only, started a decade ago; that is what virtual RAN (vRAN) is. Second, a non-virtualized traditional RAN can become an open RAN if at least the 3GPP-defined interfaces between the radio units (RUs) and the baseband unit (BBU) are open, allowing interoperability between various RU and BBU suppliers. Finally, decomposing the BBU into a distributed unit (DU) that connects the RU and a central unit (CU) that is connected to the core network through a management system has become the de facto new 4G and 5G architectures paving the way for major initiatives aimed at specifying various open interfaces, including the RAN intelligent controller (RIC) between the CU and the network management system. TIP and the ORAN Alliance, created in 2018, are accelerating the development of open interfaces, which in turn leads to commercial large-scale deployments such as Rakuten Mobile in Japan and Internet para Todos in Latin America. These developments have led to the formation of a vast open vRAN ecosystem.

Consequently, Shown in Figure E-1, LightCounting’s vRAN and open RAN market forecast we expect the open vRAN market to grow 240% over 2019 growth this year, and our long-term forecast points to total sales of more than $1.5B with the market growing at a 2020-2025 CAGR of 67%, taking a small cut at the traditional RAN market, and potentially replacing indoor distributed antenna systems (DAS) in the long run.
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Rakuten Mobile and Cisco

28.06.20 19:29

Thanks to its operational cost advantage, Rakuten Mobile is able to provide its customers with very attractive tariffs. “I think this is going to be widely adopted inside of Japan,” Davidson predicts. “This is just the beginning. Now we need to get to 5G and we need to scale the infrastructure.” As it deploys 5G, Rakuten Mobile could further extend its cost advantage over legacy networks.

As well as supplying the IP (internet protocol) routers that transport traffic from Rakuten’s minimalist radio towers and the cloud radio access network (RAN) into the IP core, Cisco is also providing the management orchestration software for the virtual cloud native functions and software required to support third party applications. “Cisco is playing a crucial role in stitching together the various elements of our new network,” says Rakuten Mobile CTO Tareq Amin. “The design approach we mapped out with Cisco is enabling us to deliver high-value services at very affordable prices, enabling our customers to really benefit from our cloud innovation. Scaling of such orchestration function is a challenge.”

As Rakuten Mobile’s software-defined architecture enables it to fine-tune its network in real-time, Davidson expects the network to perform at a very high level, bringing reliability and throughput benefits to customers.  As the performance, technical and operations advantages become increasingly apparent, Cisco expects other operators to follow in Rakuten Mobile’s footsteps and deploy cloud-based radio access networks underpinned by open specifications, rather than vendors’ proprietary hardware and software.

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Disappearing Messages for Extra Privacy

28.06.20 20:27
NEWS  JUNE 23, 2020

By Viber Team
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Geldgeilheit wird Zuckerberg eines Tage umbringen

28.06.20 20:42
Viber cuts business ties with Facebook
Published: June 26, 2020 18:02:43 | Updated: June 28, 2020 21:36:10

Rakuten Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps for free and secure communication, has cut all business ties with social media giant Facebook aiming to protect its one billion users.

The messaging app will remove Facebook Connect, Facebook SDK, and GIPHY, as well as cease all advertisement spending on the social networking platform, said a press release.

Amid the protests that broke out all over the US over the past few weeks, a group of six organisations, including the Anti-Defamation League and NAACP, called on Facebook advertisers to pause their spending on the social networking site during the month of July over the company’s inability to protect users from hate speech, reports UNB.

Djamel Agaoua, CEO, Viber, said, “From Facebook’s mishandling of data and lack of privacy in its apps to its outrageous stand of avoiding the steps necessary to protect the public from violent and dangerous rhetoric, Facebook has gone too far. We are not the arbiters of truth, but the truth is some people are suffering from the proliferation of violent content, and companies must take a clear stand.”
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Altiostar und Telefonica

28.06.20 21:36
Telefónica said it will launch 4G and 5G Open RAN trials in UK, Germany, Spain and Brazil this year

Spanish operator group Telefónica has announced the creation of a new consortium of companies aiming to accelerate Open RAN development.

Altiostar, Gigatera Communications, Intel, Supermicro and Xilinx are all mucking in to assist in the development and deployment of Open RAN in 4G and 5G. In announcing the new collective effort Telefónica said it will launch 4G and 5G Open RAN trials in UK, Germany, Spain and Brazil this year, which is refreshing optimistic considering the world has ground to a halt.

Here’s what the Telefónica announcement had to say about the specifics: “The collaboration focuses on the appropriate Distributed Units that implement part of the baseband radio functions using the FlexRAN software reference platform and Intel Xeon processor based servers, appropriate Remote Radio Units connected through open interfaces based on O-RAN fronthaul specification, and suitable software that manages the connectivity in an open Cloud RAN architecture.”

“Once again, Telefónica is leading the transformation towards having the best-in-class networks in our operations with our customers as key pillars,” said Enrique Blanco, Telefónica CTIO. “Open RAN is a fundamental piece for that purpose while widening the ecosystem.”

“Telefónica is known for its leading-edge network and has been championing open vRAN implementations to bring greater network service agility and flexibility,” said Pierre Kahhale, Altiostar VP of Field Operations. “By bringing together the best-of-breed innovation, Telefonica is looking to achieve this vision into their network. We look forward to supporting this transformation of Telefonica’s network.”
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Rakuten ist ein bedeutender Eigner von Glovo

28.06.20 22:51
Romanian electro-IT retailer teams up with Glovo delivery platform

Romanian electro-IT online retailer evoMAG announced that it entered a partnership with the app-based delivery platform Glovo, one of the leading fast delivery services in Romania.
The retailer's customers can thus receive the products ordered in less than an hour, without having to visit the showroom.

EvoMAG says it is the first IT&C retailer to include Glovo as a product delivery solution. By accessing the application, customers in Bucharest can order thousands of products sold by evoMAG, with an individual value of up to RON 350 (EUR 70).

"Through the partnership with Glovo, we offer customers the fastest delivery solution for ordered products currently available on the market," said evoMAG CEO Mihai Patrascu.
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Dashboard to Manage and Grow Your Affiliate

29.06.20 07:06
How To Leverage Rakuten Advertising’s Financial Dashboard to Manage and Grow Your Affiliate Program
By Alex Comiskey | June 17, 2020

Financial issuers must stay on top of performance trends so they can optimize their affiliate campaigns and expand their business. Having the right tools to view which partners are growing, where conversion is strongest, and what trends are emerging over time ensures that every dollar in the affiliate channel is maximized.

Rakuten Advertising’s Financial Dashboard makes it easy to see performance and trends by providing interactive visualizations of affiliate campaigns so brands can take the next right action as quickly as possible.

What Can the Financial Dashboard Do?

At its core, the Financial Dashboard is designed to be a problem-solving tool for financial advertisers that quickly tells them whether their campaigns are delivering on program KPIs and where improvements can be made.

By leveraging the Financial Dashboard, financial advertisers can:
• Evaluate affiliate program performance in real time.
• View full-funnel product-level data to understand which publishers are driving interest and conversions against specific products.
• Uncover trends over time across key KPIs including clicks, applications, accounts and approvals.
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Happy about customer acquisition

Happy in what we have achieved in terms of customer acquisition

JUNE 26, 2020 / 10:44 AM / 3 DAYS AGO

The test case is Rakuten’s home market, where it has suffered repeated delays to the roll-out of its, currently 4G, service and must win over consumers used to world-beating network stability.

“We are really happy in what we have achieved in terms of customer acquisition,” Amin said, declining to provide user numbers.

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