NOKIA & CO - UMTS bewegt die Zukunft ind engl.

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NOKIA & CO - UMTS bewegt die Zukunft ind engl. LASUX

NOKIA & CO - UMTS bewegt die Zukunft ind engl.


                      October 2, 2001

The MeT Initiative welcomes NEC as a new Sponsor

Ericsson, Matsushita, Nokia, Siemens and Sony Corporation are pleased
to announce that NEC has joined the MeT Initiative. The companies are
jointly developing an open and common industry framework for secure
mobile electronic transactions. The aim of the MeT initiative is to
develop safe and easy methods and platforms for conducting e-commerce
transactions on mobile phones. MeT also works to facilitate the
development of innovative new services and applications, benefitting
customers and service providers alike.

"The MeT initiative is very pleased to welcome NEC as its latest
member. In a year of existence, the MeT initiative has already
achieved success with the introduction of its first specifications
for secure mobile transactions. Introducing NEC as a sponsor adds
great value to the MeT Initiative and we are looking forward to their
contribution to our specification work," said Martti Granberg,
chairman of the MeT Initiative. "We would also like to take the
opportunity to welcome all companies active in the secure mobile
transactions environment that share our basic views to join MeT."

"NEC is one of the leading companies in Mobile Internet Industries
and expects
that Mobile e-commerce business will grow rapidly in the near
future," said Ben Nakamura, Associate Senior Vice President and
Executive General Manager of NEC's Mobile Terminals Operations Unit.
"The key to success is open architecture of the specification, and in

this sense MeT is playing an important role in the industry. NEC will
make its utmost effort to contribute to standardisation of the

The MeT Initiative was formed in April, 2000, with the purpose of
jointly developing an open and common industry framework for secure
mobile electronic transactions. The initiative uses existing and
emerging standards to create a common framework that will facilitate
the fast adoption of trusted mobile commerce services globally.

The MeT technologies and concepts will work on all networks, with all
services, and on all mobile devices. They will draw on existing
industry standards such as WAP, Wireless Transport Layer Security
(WTLS), Wireless Identification Module (WIM), Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI) and Bluetooth. Privacy and security will be
ensured with digital signatures and cryptography services for
transaction verification, confidentiality, authentication, and
non-repudiation. Examples of MeT based applications include secure
access and use of personal credit cards, debit cards, loyalty
schemes, and ticketing.  

More information can be found at

About NEC
NEC Corporation is a leading provider of Internet solutions,
dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its customers in the
key computer, network and electron device fields through its three
market-focused in-house companies: NEC Solutions, NEC Networks and
NEC Electron Devices. NEC Corporation, with its in-house companies,
employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and saw net sales of 5,409
billion yen (US$43 billion)
in fiscal year 2000-2001. For further information, please visit the
NEC home page at

About Ericsson
Ericsson is the leading communications supplier, combining innovation
in mobility and
Internet in creating the new era of Mobile Internet. Ericsson
provides total solutions covering everything from systems and
applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. With
more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies
communications for customers all over the world. For more information
about Ericsson, visit the Website at

About Nokia
Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its
experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the
company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a
leading supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks. By adding mobility
to the Internet Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and
further enriches the daily lives of people. Nokia is a broadly held
company with listings on six major exchanges. Further information
about Nokia at

About Matsushita
Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd., a consolidated
subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., best known
for its Panasonic- brand products, is one of the world's leading
manufactures of mobile phones for the global market. The company's
contributions to the mobile communications industry include W-CDMA
wireless infrastructure products, information platforms, and terminal
products for mobile multimedia. For more information about
Panasonic's mobile communications, please visit

About Siemens IC Mobile
The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (26,000
employees, sales of 6 billion EUR in first 9 months of FY 2000)
offers a complete range of mobile telephone products including
devices, infrastructure and applications. Devices include mobile
phones, ISDN phones, mobile organizers, cordless and corded phones.
The infrastructure portfolio includes the complete range of network
technologies from base stations and switching systems to applications
and intelligent networks. For more information about Siemens, please

About Sony Corporation
Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, game,
communications and information technology products for the consumer
and professional markets. With its music, pictures, computer
entertainment and on-line businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to
be a leading personal broadband entertainment company in the world.  
Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of nearly US$ 60 billion for
the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001. Sony's Home Page URL:

Further information:

Akiko Shikimori
NEC Corporation
Tel. +81(0)3 3798 6511

Bo Albertson, Marketing Director Communications
Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
Tel. +46 8 7641388

Nokia Mobile Phones
Tel. +358 7180 08000

Yasuharu Enda
Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel. +81 (0)3 3438 9203

Michael Leyer
Siemens ICM Mobile Phones
Tel. +49 (0)89 722 - 57902

Masanobu Sakaguchi
Corporate Communications, Sony Corporation
Tel: +81 3-5448-2200

This press release was brought to you by Nokia.

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