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Humor without H. Simpson!

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By Marvin vanBolt

                      New York City - Sep 24 - A very smart trader once told me how he
                      could tell when a stock market correction had run its course. His
                      secret was that he listened to his gut instinct. In other words, he
                      used his own emotions to try and measure the mood of the market.
                      The trick, however, is to know what to look for.

                      The emotional roller coaster of a stock market correction is very
                      similar to many other stressful experiences we encounter in life, such
                      as the death of a relative, or the unexpected loss of a job. There are
                      typically 5 emotional stages that we all go through:

                      1. First is Denial: "The market is not going down. I should know - I
                      am an investing genius. Just look at all the money I have made."

                      2. Next is Shock: In this stage we are glued to the quote machine,
                      experiencing the proverbial "deer in the headlights" syndrome.
                      3. Then comes Anger: "I knew I should have sold earlier! I am a fool,
                      an idiot, I hate everybody! Just leave me alone."
                      4. And then Fear: "I am going to loose everything! I should only invest
                      in something safe, like bonds."
                      5. Finally comes Acceptance: "That's it. I give up. I'm tired of
                      watching my stocks go down. The market definitely looks like it's
                      heading lower. SELL!"

                      Guess when the market usually bottoms. That's right, when our gut
                      says SELL. Are we there yet? To find the answer, just look in the

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