... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60%

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... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60% ber1

... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60%

04.03.00 01:53

Wer hat da NEWS?

Gab es Empfehlungen bzw. Unternehmens-Meldungen ??

U.S. Wireless
an der Nasdaq huete auf US-$ 37,00 mit +6,0625 im PLUS +19,60%  
... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60% DaLuigi

Wird auch Zeit das sich da langsam was tut ....... (-: o.T.

04.03.00 06:51
... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60% brokerageprofi

Seit nicht so ungeduldig, wenn sich der Standard von U.S.Wire.

04.03.00 12:27
tatsächlich durchsetzen sollte, sind wir Millionäre. Anderenfalls hatten wir eine Option darauf.

Warten wir es ab!
... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60% ber1

... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? ...+19,60%

06.03.00 00:01

Habe bisher keine Infos gefunden..

Wer hat da NEWS?

Gab es Empfehlungen bzw. Unternehmens-Meldungen ??
... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60% ber1

... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? .. doch was neues, Empfehlg. & Press Rele.

06.03.00 01:27
SUTRO hat kürzlich Studie mit US $ 50 Kursziel auf
12 Monate Sicht veröffentlicht;
Unternehmen hat Filing für US $ 450 Mio equity & debt eingereicht...


San Ramon, CA—March 01, 2000—U.S. Wireless Corporation (NASDAQ: USWC; Frankfurt:  USP), a leading wireless location information company, has signed an agreement with Iteris, Inc., a subsidiary of Odetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ODETA & ODETB) and leading supplier of intelligent transportation systems, to jointly market location-enhanced traffic systems and services nationwide.

“We are very pleased to be working with Iteris,” said Uday Nagendran, director of ITS for U.S. Wireless.  “Our relationship will enable us to offer our ITS technology to a greater number of clients within the Transportation industry.  By combining our real-time traffic monitoring capability with Iteris’s expertise in traffic information delivery, we have formed a team capable of marketing a much more valuable and attractive product than either company could have provided independently.”

This Iteris/U.S. Wireless alliance is designed to meet the growing demand for improved real-time information on traffic conditions.  The two companies will collaborate to design real-time, highly accurate, cost effective traveler information systems that can be applied throughout the nation. The systems will enable a variety of personalized traveler information services including real-time congestion and traffic reports, “best route” information, and location-enhanced traveler updates and alerts.  

“Drivers desire information on travel times as well as locations of traffic incidents, which this project will provide through the unique new approach of using vehicles as traffic probes.   This relationship brings us closer to our vision of providing travelers with significantly improved personalized real-time traveler information,” said Ed Rowe, senior vice president of Iteris.

The new information systems will combine software developed by Iteris to aggregate traffic information including vehicle speed and location data supplied by the U.S. Wireless RadioCamera™ system.

“Our software, Internet knowledge and expertise in traveler information systems combined with the real-time traffic data supplied by U.S. Wireless, has produced a new synthesis,” said Rowe.  “By using vehicles as probes, real-time traffic information can be supplied more accurately, efficiently and economically than previously possible.”

U.S. Wireless Corporation
U.S. Wireless is powering the next generation of instant wireless information services. Through a national network of wireless location systems, the company will enable wireless carriers and others to offer a rich blend of location-enhanced services including life-saving 911 caller pinpointing, localized news and traffic updates, enhanced directory assistance, vehicle and asset tracking, and carrier network management services.

U.S. Wireless plans to build and operate a nationwide service bureau of location networks based on its RadioCamera™ system, in 100 markets across the United States, beginning with the Washington, D.C./Baltimore metro area. For more information about U.S. Wireless and its RadioCamera™ network, please visit the Web site at www.uswcorp.com.

Iteris, Inc.

Iteris designs, develops, markets and implements software-based solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of vehicle transportation.  Iteris is a leading provider of video sensor systems and transportation management and traveler information systems for the intelligent transportation systems industry.  Iteris, Inc. currently is a 93% owned subsidiary of Odetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:  ODETA & ODETB).  Iteris’s headquarters are located in Anaheim, California.  For more information about Iteris, Inc. see the company’s web site at www.iteris.com.

... was ist mit U.S. Wireless ? Heute +19,60% DaLuigi

Ich bin drin !! Wow, So einfach war das ????? (-: o.T.


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