RIWI: Die "Mini" Palantir

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RIWI: Die "Mini" Palantir

16.12.21 12:46
Businesses and other organizations have a continued and sustained demand for accurate, relevant and objective
attitudinal data to develop and validate key strategies and improve performance. As the online population continues
to grow, the Web has become an increasingly dominant tool to generate the information intelligence using research,
survey data capture and analysis.
We have designed and built our global digital survey system and data acquisition platform in order to enable
business and other organizations with the ability to collect better quality and more focused intelligence information
so that they can make better informed decisions relating to their business and operations. We seek to provide our
services to those companies that seek new streams of data to increase customer value.
We compete in three identifiable sectors of technology, media and telecommunications (“TMT”) industry:
• global online market research, which includes competitors such as comScore Inc.;
• ‘Big Data Analytics’, which includes competitors such as IBM Corp. and Palantir Technologies Inc., and
• new ancillary market research platforms to enable new data streams, which include competitors such as
Qualtrics Inc., for the purposes of analyzing and distributing digital content.



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