PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News!

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 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! Emma

PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News!

12.01.00 17:56
unter www.fnet.de        
im Kapitel Emergin-Markets könnt Ihr Folgendes lesen:
"... Lediglich Pacific Century Cyberworks legten 1%
                  auf 2,02 Euro zu. Pacific Century Cyberworks wird übrigens in einer mehr als 90seitigen Studie des
                  Investmenthauses Crdit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA) als einer der besten asiatischen
                  Internetwerte bezeichnet. Die CLSA-Analysten errechnen in der Studie die künftige Umsatz- und
                  Ertragssituation bis ins Jahr 2005. Demnach wird Pacific Century Cyberworks im Jahr 2002 die
                  Gewinnzone erreichen und das KGV der Aktie wird zwei Jahre später nur noch 18 betragen. Sollte
                  die freundliche Stimmung für Internet-Aktien in diesem Jahr weiter anhalten, erwarten wir deshalb
                  weiterhin Kurse von bis zu 5 Euro für Pacific Century Cyberworks. ..."

Das klingt doch prima. Ich bin dabei!
 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! Tänzer

Habe heute erst nachgekauft... o.T.

12.01.00 18:12
 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! DaLuigi

Sag ich ja, langfristig !! Nur die sch... Daytrader machen alles kaputt ! o.

13.01.00 06:54
 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! Kicky

positive News aus verschiedenen Briefen von Investmenthäusern

13.01.00 07:04
Tech stocks snippets : In a radio interview, Richard Li commented that its
internet venture capital CyberWorksVentures had invested in 28 high tech companies
in the past six months, with value of its investments already surged by some
US$1.3bn. He also revealed that Pacific Century Cyberwork (1186) is considering to
acquire a minority stake of less than 10% in TOM.COM, the web site set up by
Cheung Kong (1) and Hutchison (13). On the other hand, ADR price of CWHKT (8)
surged to an equivalent price of HK$21 last night on news that parent company C&W
is set to announce the acquisition of several ISPs in Europe. Recent rumor of
Apple Daily web site seeking to list in NASDAQ could spark further short term
buying in Oriental Press (18). Most investors have overlooked the fact this
company owns its popular newspaper web business.

To qualify for a GEM listing in Hong Kong, companies must have at least 2 years
operating history. The possible injection of Metro Radio, which has more than 8
years of operating history, can aid Tom.com to satisfy this listing requirement.
We expect a major breakthrough in the entertainment & broadcasting media in the
future. The acquisition of Warner by AOL is a symbolic move that signals the
migration of traditional entertainment on TV or in cinema to the internet. The
same will happen in the communication and broadcast media. The two media
(entertainment and broadcasting), that are now operating separately, can gain
synergy effect after joining their businesses on the internet  
According to Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186) chairman, Richard Li, the company
has gained a paper profit of US$1.3bn from the 28 Internet and

information-technology investments made during the past six months. One of the
most profitable investments was the purchase last September of a 3.4% stake in
CMGI, which based on Tuesday's closing price, showed a paper profit of US$205mn.

About one-third of PCCW's investments have already gone public, and the company
will gradually spin-off the rest.

PCCW will take less than 10% of Tom.com, the infotainment Web site which is
20%-owned by Cheung Kong and 40% by Hutchison and to be soft launched next week.

Investors are likely to remain positive on the outlook of PCCW given that it is
expected to emerge as one of the major Internet plays in the region. Although we
do not expect the company to generate earnings in the medium term, continuous
acquisitions and spin-offs will continue to generate interest in the company.

 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! schaumermal


13.01.00 07:29
13:59  13-JAN-2000
RESEARCH ALERT-Merrill keeps PCCW <1186.HK> as buy

HONG KONG, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Merrill Lynch said it maintained a buy rating on Hong Kong-based Internet and communications firm Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW).

"Positive newsflow has made PCCW the second-largest Internet company in Asia after Softbank <9984.T>, with a market cap of US$19 billion," Matei Mihalca, a Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific Internet analyst, said in a report dated January 12. "The price appreciated from HK$6.75 on December 1 to HK$19.65 on January 3, a high. It could be argued that in the last month PCCW has come of age as a global Internet player." Merrill Lynch said it had a 12-month target price of HK$25 for the share. "Our HK$25 price objective assumes that PCCW will trade at a 100 percent premium to its net asset value, between the 50-100 percent of Softbank in Japan and the 200-500 percent of CMGI and the Internet Capital Group in the U.S.," it said. Shares of PCCW stood at HK$15.90 at the close of the Thursday morning session, down 0.625 percent.

PCCW has signed a letter of intent to take a five percent stake in Horizon.com, with an option to buy another 10 percent, an official of DBS Bank said on Thursday.

DBS Bank is lead manager of the initial public offer of Horizon.com, an Internet-based company seeking a listing on the Singapore Exchange.

((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843 6441, Fax +852 2845 0636 hongkong newsroom@reuters.com)) .

 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! lowizard

entgegen dem trend (HSI -138) pcclf bei +1.87% o.T.

13.01.00 08:16
 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! Emma

hallo lowizard: PCCLF liegt nun bei 17,25 Hongk$ ( = + 7,81% !!!) o.T.

13.01.00 09:01
 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! Auhof

Re: PCCLF - ...schließt mit +6,88% 17,100 HD o.T.

13.01.00 09:03
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Ja, ich habe die Datenschutzhinweise gelesen und akzeptiert (Pflichtfeld).
 PCCLF - ...und wieder positive News! Auhof

Re: PCCLF - ...sorry Korrektur 17, 250 HD ( +7,81%) Schlusskurs! o.T.


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