Offshore Brokerage Accounts

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Offshore Brokerage Accounts Bowtie

Offshore Brokerage Accounts

28.02.02 12:40
wie steht ihr dazu? abgesehen moralischer einwende.
hört sich doch prima an. oder?

hat jemand ehrfahrung mit IBC's gemacht? ich würde mich über jede information freuen, da ich beabsichtige eine IBC zu gründen.

weitere infos:

If you are considering stock market trading through your offshore IBC (International Business Companies) , there
are a couple of options available to you:

1. Open a mainland brokerage account in the name of your IBC. It will then be
treated the same as any other foreign company trading on the US or nay other
mainland market.

2. Trade online or manually with a brokerage account opened offshore. Our
banks have brokerage accounts which are opened in the name of your IBC.
A brokerage account ensures your privacy and total secrecy as the offshore
bank place your orders in the bank's name, rather than your IBC's name.
Masking a client's stock market trades is a traditional way of doing business
offshore and is done by most of the major offshore banks we use.

Using offshore Banks' brokerage accounts you will be able to trade on most
stock exchanges in the world at a cost equivalent to that incurred using mainland
brokers, without paying tax on the profits. You can trade online or by placing
orders by email, fax or phone.

U.S. stocks, bonds, options, currencies and mutual funds are frequently bought
through offshore companies because they are not liable to U.S. capital gains taxes.
Treasury bonds, bank CD's, futures and commodities are also purchased through
offshore companies. No U.S. withholding taxes are payable on such incomes as
long as the IBC does not open an office or carry on other business in the United
States. Offshore IBCs legally have no income tax returns to file with the United
States IRS or with any other country's tax department.

We have all the IBC's paperwork couriered back to you within five business days.
Our offshore company setup fee includes full incorporation with all Government fees paid,
giving you total protection with an offshore corporation, including an offshore banking
account and an offshore brokerage account.
Offshore Brokerage Accounts HerbK

weshalb willst Du ??

28.02.02 12:44
aus der Steuer kommst Du trotzdem so nicht raus.
Offshore Brokerage Accounts Bowtie

@Herb bitter erlär mal

ich eröffne eine IBC da ich sowieso selbstständig auf tagessätze arbeite, (ca.6 monate p.a.) überweise meine paar teuros von der spk (ca. 25000) offshore und habe dann, laut der o.g. page, keinen ärger mehr mit irgentwelchen steuerbehörden.

wollte nur mal hören ob jemand ehrfahrungen - gut oder schlecht mit IBC's hatte.

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