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30.05.00 14:29


 For Immediate Release
 Contact: Jack Westfield, Vice President

 Hartcourt Subsidiary Acquires 100% Interest of LogicSpace Ltd., A Leading Web
 Solutions Pioneer

 Move is the latest strategic enhancement to SinoBull Group’s Internet business model for
 Greater China.

 Los Angeles, CA. 05/30/00 -- The Hartcourt Companies, Inc. (OTC: HRCT; Frankfurt:
 HCT), www.hartcourt.com, today announced that its SinoBull subsidiary, in conjunction
 with its acquisition of StreamingAsia.com, has completed the 100% acquisition of
 LogicSpace Ltd. www.logicspace.com, a leading web solutions company now based in
 Hong Kong.

 LogicSpace Ltd. is an Internet consulting and web application development company that
 provides a wide range of Internet services, including web page design, system
 architecture and solution implementation. StreamingAsia & LogicSpace have delivered
 high quality integrated web services to an impressive list of clients, including The Stock
 Exchange of Hong Kong, The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, PSINet
 Hong Kong (NASDAQ: PSIX), and E!Online Asia, in addition to building out a powerful
 financial web portal for Sinobull.com that is currently averaging 1.9 million daily page
 views from the Chinese market. Hartcourt owns about 48% of SinoBull.

 Patrick Kwan, President of StreamingAsia.com, said, "StreamingAsia and LogicSpace
 are a great match. LogicSpace will help us to provide greater value to clients needing
 Chinese-language web solutions, and the latest cutting-edge technology, particularly
 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) product development."

 Dr. Alan Phan, Chairman and CEO of Hartcourt commented, "We are thrilled to be in a
 position to offer our services to prestigious organizations like those mentioned above
 and to all of the clients that rely on our companies to provide technical solutions to today’s

 e-business needs. We believe this union is a natural fit, as the teams at both SinoBull and
 StreamingAsia have worked very well with LogicSpace to deliver quality products and
 solutions. This is a continuing effort to further develop SinoBull into a leading provider of
 Information Technologies infrastructure in Asia.

 About LogicSpace Ltd.

 LogicSpace was founded in 1997 in the heart of the Silicon Valley - San Jose, California,
 USA. With years of experience in inter-networking and software development,
 LogicSpace offers strategic business solutions that enable companies to achieve
 success in doing business on the Internet. Services include a full range of Internet
 integration, web-based wireless application design and "know-how" implementation.

 In June 1999, it became a pioneer in integrated B2B and B2C website development in
 Hong Kong, featuring (WAP) portal development. LogicSpace adds to StreamingAsia's
 strong corporate focus with web portal solutions and online marketing services for clients.

 StreamingAsia and LogicSpace together have served many leading corporations and
 organizations. A partial client list includes the following:

 - AsiaMix (www.asiamix.com), "The best music online in Asia".
 - BMExchange (in development), B2B E-commerce Company serving the China
 market for building material exchange and construction projects.
 - Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (www.casbaa.org), the leading
 non-profit trade organization representing over 120 Asia-based corporations.
 - Cellstar Asia Corp (NASDAQ: CLST) (www.cellstarasia.com), a leading Asia wireless
 communications and WAP portal company.
 - GoldPeak Holdings Ltd. (www.eei-x.com), the first B2B exchange serving the
 electronics and electrical industries in Asia with full logistic support.
 - Cyber Daily (www.hkcyber.com), daily online newspaper in Hong Kong.
 - E! Online Tricast (HK) Ltd. (www.hongkong.eonline.com), E! Online's international
 content-partnership managing exclusive distribution rights for all E! Online content in
 - Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (CRHK) (www.crhk.com.hk)
 - Hong Kong District Councils Election Online www.logicspace.com/metro), providing
 real-time polling results for each Hong Kong district, listing candidate information and
 - iAsiaWorks (www.iasiaworks.com), a leading pan-Asian Internet solutions enabler.
 - iMerchants Ltd. (www.imerchants.com), a pioneer and leader in providing electronic
 commerce solutions to businesses in Hong Kong and other Asian markets.
 - iSteelAsia (www.isteelasia.com), the ultimate steel E-commerce network in Asia.
 - PSINet Hong Kong Ltd. (www.psinet.com.hk), a wholly owned subsidiary of PSINet Inc.
 (NASDAQ: PSIX), the Internet super carrier.
 - MetroRadio Broadcasting Ltd. (www.metroradio.com.hk), a leading radio media
 company in Hong Kong.
 - The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (www.hksfc.org.hk)
 - The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (www.sehk.com.hk)
 - South China Morning Post (www.scmp.com), Hong Kong's leading English language
 newspaper since 1903.

 About StreamingAsia:

 StreamingAsia (www.streamingasia.com) provides content publishers web portals with
 services for the delivery of "streaming" or live and on-demand video and audio content
 over the Internet. StreamingAsia is a wholly owned subsidiary of SinoBull Group and is
 responsible for the
 design, operation and maintenance of SinoBull Group's Web site.

 About Hartcourt:

 The Hartcourt Companies is a holding and development company that is building a
 network of Internet and telecommunication service companies in The People's Republic
 of China (China), including Hong Kong, in partnership with Chinese entrepreneurs as well
 as Chinese government-owned entities. Its mission is to become one of the leading
 broadband applications infrastructure providers in Asia, including the development of
 broadband networks and vertical market focused content for broadband and wireless
 applications. Detailed information on Hartcourt and its major subsidiary SinoBull, which
 has developed a financial services web portal and a platform
 providing secure online stock trading for major brokerage firms in China may be
 obtained via the company’s web site, www.hartcourt.com.

 Forward-looking statements:

 Certain statements in this news release may constitute "forward looking" statements
 within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Such forward
 looking statements involve risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the
 actual results, performance or achievement expressed or implied by such forward looking
 statements to differ materially from the forward looking statements.

 Contact: At Hartcourt
 Jack Westfield, Vice President
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Re: $$$$$$HARTCOURT-NEWS$$$$$$$

30.05.00 14:34

 Here's the rest of the article from Internet Stock News:

 The Hartcourt Companies (HRCT: news, msgs) is a holding company which through its
 ventures in China, provides online trading, ISP and financial information. The Company has set
 as its goal to be the number one Internet financial services company in Asia. For the FY ended
 12/31/99, revenues totaled $379K. Net loss before disc. ops. fell 49% to $7.4M. Results reflect
 beginning of Company's operations in 1999; partially offset by increased S/G/A expenses.

 The fast Stochastics (15-5-5) crossed strongly above the Stochastics Divergence last week at
 the 10 mark and ended the week in a very strong upward move at the 35 and 20 marks
 respectively (very strong uptrend). The Relative Strength Index (RSI - 14-day) is currently in a
 leveling pattern at the 43 mark. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD -
 12-25-9) is still in negative territory but has been moving up steadily since the middle of April
 (very positive). The Price Rate of Change (PROC - 16-8) crossed above its Moving Average
 (MA), just under the positive/negative breakout line. The Williams %R (12-day) has been on a
 barn burning uptrend lately but just started to head down near the 42 mark (watch closely to
 see if HRCT’s price starts downward). The Commodity Channel Index (CCI - which measures
 the price excursions from the mean price as a statistical variation) just crossed upward (very
 positive). The On Balance Volume (OBV) indicator is in a leveling pattern. Money Flow
 (recording big-block trades of 10k shares or more at or below prevailing market prices) has
 been in a very solid uptrend lately (with slight signs of leveling off) near the 43 mark. HRCT’s
 price (6.375) is below its 100-day (9.25) Moving Average and below its 50-day and 200-day
 Moving Averages that have converged at the 8.25 mark. The 200-day MA is beginning to move
 back up which is a good sign. The current value is trending upward in the mid-range of the
 20-day Bollinger Bands (7.6 to 4.7). Several of the TA indicators are starting to show weakness
 again. It will be very interesting to see where HRCT heads from here. An analyst recently
 mentioned HRCT as one of his top 10 performance picks for 2000 and 2001. Let’s watch the
 charts very closely and see where HRCT goes.  
$$$$$$HARTCOURT-NEWS$$$$$$$ storyhunter

HRCT füllt sich seit langem mit Inhalt, ich halte mein Depot-Relikt .

30.05.00 14:51
und bin fast versucht wieder aufzustocken, Kurse um mind. 10$ sollten bald erreichbar sein und dann gehts weiter. Auch teile ich die Meinungen in dem gestrigen Thread von DGromm!
Langfristig sowieso strong buy!!!!!!!!!!

gruß storyhunter
$$$$$$HARTCOURT-NEWS$$$$$$$ DGromm

Kurs in FFM höher als im Xetra - bei 7,05 .. auch nich übel :-))

geht wieder aufwärts mit der guten alten HRCT.

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