Cell Robotics 914338 neuer Kurs 6,25$

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Cell Robotics 914338 neuer Kurs 6,25$

gratulation an alle die mit mir vor 8 tagen zu 3,5$ geordert haben ( nur über usa möglich )


      Westergaard Broadcasting Network.com Initiates WBNcyberStation Coverage of Cell Robotics International  
       TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2000 8:15 AM
- BusinessWire

NEW YORK, Feb 29, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Cyberstation WBN-CRII to be Activated Today; Veteran Small-Cap Analyst Richard West, CFA, Sees Laser Device for Diabetics

Contributing $3.00 to $4.00 EPS In 2 to 3 Years Westergaard Broadcasting Network.com (www.westergaard.com), an Internet-based publisher and broadcaster of institutional grade investment research, has initiated coverage of Albuquerque based Cell Robotics International, Inc. (OTC BB:CRII.OB) with the activation today of a WBNcyberStation(TM) under the call letters WBN-CRII.

Cell Robotics International, Inc. is a multi-product medical devices company transitioning from development phase to commercialization of a unique and important FDA-approved device serving a large and growing market for diabetic patient products and services. The device known as Lasette(R) is a laser-based skin perforator designed to permit a nearly painless drawing of capillary blood samples in clinical (Professional Lasette(R)) and home (Personal Lasette(R)) settings to monitor glucose levels.

The potential impact to the lives of millions of diabetics in the U.S. and abroad was highlighted in a comment from Dr. Susan Alpert, Chief of Medical Device Evaluation for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA): "This is not a toy. I suspect this will be a big quality-of-life deal for many diabetics. Patients report that it is more comfortable for them and they are thrilled."

Cyberstation WBN-AMS will be managed by Richard W. West, CFA, an internationally respected small-cap specialist with 30 years experience identifying early stage growth companies. His extensive background includes 8 years engaged in helping manage the Nobel Foundation portfolio, legendary for its successful commitment to early stage growth investing.

West's outlook for Cell Robotics, to be presented at cyberstation WBN-CRII, sets forth a scenario whereby capture of only a 5% market share for the Personal and Professional Lasettes(R) would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and earning per share in the $3.00 to $4 range. The scenario is based on a set of speculative assumptions prepared by Mr. West and for which Westergaard Broadcasting Network.com assumes responsibility. It will be available for viewing at WBN-CRII later today.

Readers are cautioned that this is a "What-if" scenario - meaning it assumes that the Company's plans and WBN's interpretation of their consequences prove realistic. Many events could come to pass that would alter circumstances so as to cause results to differ materially from those projected. Investors are advised to refer to the Company's SEC filings for a detailed review of factors and risks that could affect CRII's future.

Westergaard Broadcasting Network.com (WBN) is the leading independent publisher and broadcaster of Internet-based institutional investment research. It also publishes Westergaard's Portal-to-Wall Street, "The Thinking Investor's Gateway to Finance on the Internet", and produces a weekly global webcast of CEO interviews hosted by John Westergaard at RadioWallStreet.com. For a description of the WBN business model and its fiduciary relationship to WBN Member Affiliates such as CRII, see Disclaimer at www.westergaard.com.

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