Aubay Technologies (WKN: 915268)

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Aubay Technologies (WKN: 915268) Tamakoschy

Aubay Technologies (WKN: 915268)

Aubay is a Digital Services Company (DSC) founded in 1998. Currently enjoying strong growth, Aubay operates on markets with high added value, both in France and elsewhere in Europe. Aubay currently has 5 000 people working for it, about 2 220 of these in France, and realized a turnover of 326.4 M€ in 2016, with growth of over 19.2% compared with 2015.

From advice to all kinds of technological projects, we accompany the transformation and modernization of information systems in all sectors, including industry, R&D, telecommunications and infrastructure, and specifically major banks and insurance companies, which account for more than 80% of our French turnover and 65% of our European turnover.

In 2017, we will be recruiting over 1 200 employees in Europe about 700 of these in France, from the best engineering and business schools and the leading universities.

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