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DiaMedica's DM-199 fails to show improved glucose control in phase 2

DiaMedica announced top-line results from a phase 2a trial  of its recombinant human tissue kallikrein 1 protein, DM-199, in subjects with T2DM. The 28-day study did not achieve its secondary objectives of improvement in glucose control. The trial met its primary endpoint of showing safety and tolerability. The company intends to continue development of DM-199 for acute iv indications that include complications from diabetes, acute kidney and cardiovascular disorders (DiaMedica press release, 17 November 2014).
Comment: DM-199 is in phase 1 for the treatment of diabetic kidney disease. Apart from DM-199, DiaMedica's pipeline comprises the monoclonal antibody DM-204, which targets the bradykinin 2 receptor and is intended for treatment of T2DM and associated complications, including hypertension.

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