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News über Nanophase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waldt

News über Nanophase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      MG Natural Resources Announces Appointment of New Director  
       THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2000 12:34 PM
- BusinessWire

SUMMIT, N.J., May 18, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MG Natural Resources Corp. (OTCBB:MGAU), a developmental nanotechnology company, Thursday announced that C. Richard Childress has been elected as a new director and appointed executive vice president.

Childress served in various executive capacities as a senior officer, including president, with Harris & Harris Group Inc. (NASDAQ:HHGP), a New York based public venture capital company which specializes in commercializing intellectual property. During his 11-year tenure ending in September 1996, HHGP's net assets value grew from approximately $2 million to $37 million.

He has been a certified public accountant for the last 26 years.

In 1995, Harris & Harris, with Childress as executive vice president and chief financial officer, completed its second private placement with Nanophase Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:NANX) ( Nanophase has become a leader in engineering value-added solutions incorporating nanocrystalline materials and related technologies.

The history of nanotechnology goes back to the late 1980s when the first commercial ventures in nanotechnology were launched, including Nanophase Technologies in 1989. Today Nanophase manufactures many products for industrial uses such as NanoTek(R) Platinum, NanoTek(R) Palladium, NanoTek(R) Gold, and other metals.

"I was interested to learn recently that MG's Dr. Al Johnson's pioneering scientific work in developing nanotechnology related to refractory ore tied directly into my venture capital experience.

"Dr. Johnson's quest was initiated, some four years ago, after reading a published article by a Nanophase's scientist concerning nanophase material," said Childress. "Today MG has two patents, with no reference patents since there is no known prior art, issued from the United States Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office.

"Both patents are based upon Dr. Johnson's research efforts over the last four years in this exciting emerging field of science."

"We are delighted to have Rick join us. His broad managerial experience will be valuable to the Company," said Austin Lett, MG's president and chairman. "He was instrumental to MG in introducing and assisting in its recent private placement with an institutional investor."

"I was pleased to learn that the institution that invested in MG as part of its due diligence investigation concluded that Dr. Johnson has a tremendous reputation in the industry," said Childress. "Institutions are just beginning to take notice of the significant nanotechnology research achievements being made in many diverse fields and industries across America.

"MG's goal is to develop one of the first commercial applications in this new science."

MG Natural Resources Corp.
The company is a Nevada corporation headquartered in New Jersey, which is inventing, researching and developing new precious metals technologies based upon application of the of nanotechnological science it is pioneering. It is creating revolutionary gold, silver and platinum element analytic and extraction technology based upon this science.

The technology is designed to transform refractory (difficult to detect and extract) precious metal-bearing ores into forms of treated ore that respond well to standard analytic and extraction techniques. The company is attempting to commercialize its nanotechnological intellectual property pertaining to refractory ore.

Company Contact
All inquiries can be made through the offices of MG Natural Resources Corp. at 34 Maple St., Summit, NJ 07901 or by calling Shareholder Services at 908/277-3632 or FAX at 908/277-2461. MG Natural Resources information can also be obtained through its Web site,

CONTACT:          MG Natural Resources Corp., Summit
                 Shareholder Services, 908/277-3632
                 Fax: 908/277-2461

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