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Cheung Wah News Hier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hier ein paar news zur PresseKonferenz heute morgen.

Klingt ja eigentlich nich schlecht?
Ich suche daher nach einer Erklärung für den Kursrückgang heute.
Weiss jemand was?

11:28 Cheung Wah (0648) changes to B2B internet business

(Infocast News) Cheung Wah Development (0648) today announced to pass the placement of 1.152 billion new shares,
representing 61.1% of the enlarged issued share capital, at $0.18 each to Softbank Investment (International) Holding Ltd in the
SGM. (SBIIH). Cheung Wah will then change its name into Softbank Investment International Strategic Ltd. After the change of
the name, the business of the company will also be modified to business-to-business (B2B) internet business from dyeing


12:13 Softbank confirmed in talks with Lai Sun on cooperation

(Infocast News) Junichi Goto, Director of Softbank Investment (International) Holdings Ltd. said this morning that Softbank and
Lai Sun Group have contacts and both parties will build relationship in future. Presently, the negotiation is still preliminary.

12:57 Softbank: not participates in PCCW-related projects

(Infocast News) Yoshikata Kitao, Chairman & CEO of Softbank Investment (International), blamed Hikari Tsushin for imitating
the company`s investment methods, and underlined that he disgusts Yasumitsu Shigeta, Chairman of Hikari. Also, he pointed out
that Richard Li, Chairman of PCCW, does all things for money only and Softbank will not participate in all PCCW-related

However, Junichi Goto, Director of Softbank Investment (International), said that the company`s cooperation with PCCW and
Hikari will depend on situation.

Softbank acquired 61.1% stakes in Cheung Wah (0648). Yoshitaka Kitao said that Cheung Wah will become the fund-raising
flagship of Softbank in Hong Kong, and Softbank will enter the mainland market in next step. Softbank`s Asia Technology
Investment Fund met USD 2.3 billion and its local investment fund met USD 1.3 billion.

Softbank Investment Uninterested in Projects Linked to Richard Li
Mar 10,2000 - 13:34:50 HKT

After the special general meeting of Cheung Wah Development (0648) this
morning, Softbank Investment (formerly Cheung Wah) chairman Yoshitaka
Kitao told reporters his thoughts on Mr Richard Li Tzar-kai, chairman of
Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186). Mr Kitao said "He (Mr Li) is doing it
(business) for making money for himself." Mr Kitao emphasized that he will
not participant in any investment projects related to Richard Li.

Mr Kitao also criticized Japan-based Hikari Tsushin saying that it is a copycat
in the way it does business.

As to himself, Mr Kitao said he wants to do something to help the society,
particularly in China.

He added that Softbank Investment may have a need to raise capital in the
future and may establish a partnership with the Lai Sun group.

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