Was haltet ihr von Jumbomall (850269) ?

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Was haltet ihr von Jumbomall (850269) ? rabbit

Was haltet ihr von Jumbomall (850269) ?

Ich habe noch nicht allzuviel gefunden. Evtl. hat einer von euch mehr Infos.
Mein Interesse an der Aktie ist langfristig.

Jumbomall hat eine eigene Homepage : www.jumbostore.com  hier gibt es auch
Infos für Investoren. Wie z.B.:

HOMEX - Adelaide
Business to Business Strategy

Jumbomall.com Corporation Ltd (Jumbomall) has announced its Business
to Business (B2B) strategy called "Jumbolink".

The Jumbomall is in a unique position to offer leading B2B solutions
by leveraging off its established Business to Consumer (B2C)

The Jumbolink strategy is designed to attack low efficiency paper
based industries by using existing intellectual property and
proprietary software to offer web based alternatives for ordering and

The increased efficiencies result in lower costs to businesses and
form a basis for additional revenue streams for the Jumbomall.

B2B e-commerce refers to online buying and selling of goods between
businesses as opposed to customers.

The Jumbomall directors believe the B2B e-commerce market represents
an important opportunity to gain a "first mover advantage" in a
similar way the Jumbomall used its first mover advantage to gain rapid
market share in the B2C market.

The Jumbolink strategy involves 3 main components:
* enhance existing ordering, payment and delivery software systems to
 better handle industry-specific requirements
* construct vertical market web sites designed to bring buyers and
 sellers together for a particular industry
* attract partnerships with leading industry players to provide
 industry specific knowledge and customer base

The chief executive officer of Jumbomall, Mr Mike Veverka, said work
has begun on identifying industries with the potential for the
Jumbomall service to be most effective.

"We look for businesses that demonstrate high process inefficiencies,
market size and suitability for internet-based commerce," Mr Veverka

"Like the Jumbomall, the Jumbomall strategy is designed to take
advantage of both domestic and international markets.

"Companies in the USA spend over US$1.4 trillion per year on operating
resources (non production goods).

"This is an example of the size of the opportunities available to us
in the B2B industry," Mr Veverka said.

Jumbomall is currently one of the world's largest online shopping
malls, with more than 3000 stores across 50 countries.

The company has offices in San Jose, USA, Australia and Germany and is
listed on the Berlin stock exchange (code JUB) in addition to the ASX
(code JUM).

D Harland

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