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VIISAGE TECH. 903748 staycool


08.10.01 12:02
schaut euch dieses edelmetall mal an
dieser wert profitiert von den aktuellen begebenheiten
und wird am dienstag in den usa explodieren .

VIISAGE TECH. 903748 staycool


08.10.01 13:10
bitte gebt mal eure meinung dazu ab,
wuerde mich interessieren was ihr davon haltet?

oder schlagt mal einen anderen wert vor
VIISAGE TECH. 903748 zunkdebunk

Wohl etwas zu spät!

08.10.01 13:26
Die Dinger sind fast auf Allzeithoch.
Warum sollten die morgen nochmal in die Höhe schiessen - steht wieder ein Terroranschlag an?

Sind in die gleiche Katagorie zu stellen wie

902 144 oder
923 260 oder
934 634 ..... die Liste kann man wahrscheinlich beliebig fortführen.

Es ist die Frage, ob ein Titel, der innerhalb von 4 Wochen mehrere hundert Prozent zugelegt hat, immer noch kaufenswert ist - die Entscheidung liegt bei Dir!!!
VIISAGE TECH. 903748 staycool


08.10.01 15:13
schaut euch diesen wert mal an ,
da wird noch einiges kommen ,
viisage arbeitet unter anderem mit dem FBI in sachen erkennung
zusammen ,
dies ist erst der anfang!!

gute einstiegschance um die 10 euro.
VIISAGE TECH. 903748 staycool

noch einige infos warum

man kaufen sollte!!                     LITTLETON, MA, October 4, 2001 -- Viisage Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: VISG), the leader in face-recognition technology and identification systems and solutions that improve security and conveniently protect personal privacy, announced today that they and their strategic partner, LAU Technologies have been selected to install Viisage's FaceFINDER™ patented real-time face recognition system at an undisclosed major U. S. airport.

This deployment is the first in the nation use of face-recognition technology for airport security and will frame the design for the remainder of the market.

The system is expected to be operational within the next 30 days and will be used to verify identities of domestic and international travelers and will also be used in a variety of other airport investigative and security applications.

Viisage's FaceFINDER™, face recognition application has been recognized for its real-time processing speed capable of searching one million images in a second using standard PCs versus high-powered, expensive computers. FaceFINDERä is the industry's most widely implemented surveillance and identification system. It is installed in more than 100 casinos worldwide and achieved international notoriety for its successful use at this year's Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa.

Viisage Technology is the world leader in biometric face-recognition technology and identification systems and solutions that enhance consumer convenience, improve security and protect personal privacy. Originally developed at MIT, Viisage's patented, accurate, non-intrusive and cost-effective face-recognition technology is widely acknowledged for its unmatched performance including speed in real-time applications, scalability for managing large image databases, and systems integration for complete customer solutions.

Viisage provides a full family of face recognition products. FaceEXPLORER™ is a powerful and scalable image retrieval and analysis database product, used to combat identity fraud - it is implemented in the world's largest face recognition system with more than eight million enrolled images. FaceFINDER™, acclaimed for its processing speed, is the industry's most widely implemented surveillance and identification system - it is installed in more than 100 casinos worldwide and has been deployed to improve security at premier sporting events. FaceNET™ provides secure authentication for PC, Internet and e-commerce connections. FacePIN™ offers consumers convenient and private verification for point-of-sale transactions such as ATMs. FacePASS™ is a practical security solution for keyless entry to secure facilities, such as offices, dormitories and government facilities. FaceTOOLS™ is a leadership Software Developers Kit that enables application providers the ability to develop and customize unique customer and market applications.

Additionally, Viisage's systems annually deliver, through 1,500 U.S. systems in 1,200 locations in 15 states, more than 25 million high-quality and high-security digital-identification documents for government agencies responsible for issuing drivers' licenses, social services cards and law enforcement credentials

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