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Und noch mehr Infos....->ARIVA cisco

Und noch mehr Infos....->ARIVA

05.08.99 09:44
Ja, ich lass euch nicht in Ruhe. Nicht nur weil ich mittlerweile selbst eingestiegen bin, nein - ich bin der festen Ueberzeugung dass diese Aktie in den naechsten drei Jahren (ach so - das koennte ja fuer den einen oder anderen hier zu lange sein) enorm an Potential gewinnt.
Ach ja: es geht natuerlich um Etrade Australia (918892).

Mit den Infos von gestern also noch nicht genug. Ich habe gestern abend eine Mail eines australischen "Private Client Adviser" bekommen auf einige Fragen meinerseits.

Here comes the message: ENJOY:

Further to your email, I am pleased to advise you of the followings.
ETR currently has about 20,000 clients or account holders. The number of
account should increase significantly as a result of the recent
announced strategic alliance with ANZ Bank. Etrade will be able to
access ANZ's 4,000,000 customers base.
ANZ will initially take up 10% of ETR but also has the option to acquire
another 30% of ETR.
In the last few weeks, ETR has fallen from a month's high of $5.90 to
the current price of $3.85 (today). This may present a good buying
opportunity for investors.
There may be continued weakness but it could be an ideal time to
accumulate these shares. The performance of  ETR depends primary on the
state of the Australian stock market and the share trading volume on the
ASX. The medium outlook for these two factors is fairly positive. The
Australian economy is performing well and the are many large upcoming
floats (eg. Telstra). This should boost confident and trading volume to
the benefit of ETR. There is also a fair chance that ANZ will eventually
takeover ETR.
Und noch mehr Infos....->ARIVA cisco


E*Trade says July revenue tops A$1 mln

SYDNEY, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Online stockbroker E*Trade Australia Ltd said on Thursday its July revenue was 32 percent higher than June's and represented the first time monthly revenue had topped the A$1 million mark.

E*Trade said month on month the number of customer accounts had risen 15 percent to 22,500, while customer assets were up 10.63 percent to A$916 million.

For the six months to end-December 1998 E*Trade reported A$1.09 million in revenue from their online financial services.

Total revenue for the group -- including revenue from its circuit board manufacturing activities -- in the same period was A$14.50 million, while the net loss was A$3.16 million, due largely to setting up the online financial services operations.

In June E*Trade and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd said they had formed a strategic alliance that would give E*Trade access to ANZ's four million customers and ANZ the opportunity to own as much as 40 percent of E*Trade.

The ultimate ANZ equity stake would depend on the number of trades made by ANZ customers. ANZ initially receives six million shares in E*Trade Australia or about 10 percent of the enlarged capital.

E*Trade shares were steady at A$4.04 by 3:10 p.m. (0510 GMT).

(c) Reuters Limited 1999

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