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Norsk Hydro "schmiert ab" - Kaufgelegenheit?

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Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro "schmiert ab" - Kaufgelegenheit?

02.10.07 12:55
Bei Vollzug der Fusion von Statoil und Norsk Hydro zu StatoilHydro kündigt der bisherige Statoil- und jetzige StatoilHydro-Konzernchef Helge Lund eine genaue Untersuchung von Bestechungsvorwürfen gegen den "einverleibten" Norsk Hydro-Konzern an - eigentlich nicht gerade die "feine norwegische Art", zumindest was das Timing dieser Untersuchung mit Pressemeldung dazu anbelangt.

Der Kurs stürzt über Nacht von über 30 Euro auf unter 10 Euro.


01.10.07 14:33
OSLO (dpa-AFX) - Die beiden größten norwegischen Energiekonzerne Statoil   und Norsk Hydro   haben am Montag ihre Aktivitäten bei der Öl- und Gasförderung unter dem Namen StatoilHydro zusammengelegt. Während Statoil komplett in das neue Unternehmen eingeht, führt Norsk Hydro seine Aluminiumproduktion unter dem bisherigen Namen selbstständig weiter.

Der bisherige Statoil- und jetzige StatoilHydro-Konzernchef Helge Lund kündigte in Oslo eine genaue Untersuchung von Bestechungsvorwürfen gegen den früheren Hydro-Konzern zur Erlangung von Bohrkonzessionen in Libyen ab 1999 an. Sie waren zeitgleich mit dem Vollzug der Fusion bekannt geworden. Norsk Hydro soll 6,9 Millionen Dollar an Schwarzgeld gezahlt haben. Das Unternehmen reichte nach Bekanntwerden eine Selbstanzeige bei der Osloer Behörde für Wirtschaftskriminalität ein.

Die Zusammenlegung von Statoil und Hydro war im vergangenen Dezember vereinbart worden. Mit einer gemeinsamen Produktion von täglich 1,7 Millionen Barrel (je 159 Liter) Öläquivalenten sowie Reserven an Öl und Gas von mehr als sechs Milliarden Barrel unter der Nordsee ist StatoilHydro - mit Produktionsplattformen auf offener See - der größte Offshore-Konzern der Welt. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt 31.000 Menschen in 40 Ländern. Der norwegische Staat bleibt mit 62,5 Prozent Mehrheitseigner./tb/DP/she

Quelle: News (c) dpa-AFX Wirtschaftsnachrichten GmbH.
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Norsk Hydro

Was geht hier denn ab?

24.01.17 16:30
Läuft wie am Schnürchen und nirgends gibt es News zum  Unternehmen?

Oder hat jemand eine Info?
Norsk Hydro

Ein Chart zum verlieben!

27.01.17 09:11
Norsk Hydro

Eine Korrektur wäre jetzt nicht schlecht!

27.01.17 17:14
Norsk Hydro

Schöne Korrektur ist schon wieder Geschichte,

10.03.17 18:08
momentan Kampf um den Ausbruch über das alte Hoch!
Norsk Hydro

Auf zu neuen Höhen!

17.03.17 18:36
Norsk Hydro

Rücksetzer kaufen?

02.05.17 17:39
Norsk Hydro

Was sollte den Kurs jetzt antreiben?

18.05.17 22:18
das frag ich mich auch gerade... so gut waren ja die Kurse in den letzten Monaten nicht. Weiß nicht, was dem Unternehmen aktuell Antrieb verleihen sollte... wisst ihr was?
Norsk Hydro

Arbeitsklima schlecht

18.05.17 22:23
Sehr sehr schlechtes Arbeitsklima!.
Sehr große Qualitätsproblem.
Qualifizierte personalmangel.Ausen hui innen bui ganz schlechtesruf!.
Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro

22.01.19 20:08
Sustainability and business go hand in hand, Norsk Hydro CEO says
Norsk Hydro

Lesestoff zu Norsk Hydro

26.07.19 07:24
Norsk Hydro


24.09.19 00:18
The Federal Court in Belém, Brazil, today, September 20, lifted the embargo on Alunortes new bauxite residue disposal (DRS2) under the civil lawsuit. Alunorte is still subject to an embargo on DRS2 imposed by the same court in a parallel criminal lawsuit, but Alunorte is expecting an extension of the civil decision to the criminal case shortly.

Alunorte will continue utilizing the old bauxite residue disposal area (DRS1) until the DRS2 embargo under the criminal case is lifted.

The decision to lift the DRS2 embargo in the civil case against Alunorte came after Ministério Público and Alunorte submitted a joint petition to the federal court on August 30, requesting the embargoes to be lifted.

“This is an important step towards resuming installation and commissioning activities of the solid residue deposit DRS2. It is a state-of-the-art deposit system, the only sustainable and long-term solution for Alunorte’s operations. Alunorte is the foundation of the aluminium value chain in Para, and I appreciate the support we have received from our employees and local stakeholders”, says John Thuestad, Executive Vice President of the Bauxite & Alumina business area in Hydro.

The Federal Court lifted Alunorte's production embargo on May 20, 2019, allowing the alumina refinery to ramp up its production from 50 percent towards normal levels. Alunorte is duly fulfilling the commitments agreed in the TAC (technical agreement) signed in September 2018 with Ministério Público, the State Government of Pará, represented by SEMAS, Alunorte and Hydro.

Internal and external reviews, including inspections by authorities, confirmed that there was no overflow of Alunorte's bauxite residue deposits from the February 2018 rainfall.
Norsk Hydro

Investor Day 2019 - Lifting profitability

24.09.19 08:42
Hydro aims to lift cash flows and returns with extensive improvement and restructuring efforts across its business areas, while highlighting sustainability as a basis for the company’s positioning. These will be the key topics at the Hydro Investor Day 2019.

At this year’s event, Hydro will present its strategic direction, including new improvement efforts, updated capital allocation framework and clear targets for profitability and sustainability. The ambitions are underpinned by a capital returns target of 10% RoaCE over the cycle, as well as an ambition to reduce already competitive CO2 emissions in own production and processes by further 30% by 2030. Moreover, there will be an update on the Alunorte situation, Rolled Products restructuring and market outlook.

“We are launching new improvement efforts across the company, representing NOK 6.4 billion in EBIT improvements over the next five years, in addition to NOK 0.9 billion targeted in Rolled Products over the same time period. The improvements include the curtailment reversal of the Brazilian assets. The efforts also include simplification of staff functions and a revised operating model to support our profitability and sustainability agenda,” says Hilde Merete Aasheim, President and CEO.

Hydro’s strategic priorities are to have cost-competitive assets, based on operational excellence, strong market positions, capitalizing on innovation and differentiating on sustainable products and processes. By actively managing its portfolio and strictly allocating capital in line with the strategic priorities, Hydro aims to ensure a more stable earnings profile, while also strengthening sustainability positions throughout the value chain. Furthermore, to effectively allocate capital, Hydro has identified strategic modes for each business area ranging from “sustain and improve” in the upstream business areas Bauxite & Alumina and Primary Metal, to “selective growth” in Extruded Solutions and Energy, while Rolled Products is under strategic review and restructuring.

“We have a strong foundation in place to achieve our ambitions. Going forward, we will be focusing on what we can influence ourselves to achieve the set targets, both when it comes to profitability and sustainability. We have the right people, technology and capabilities. Now it’s time to execute in order to improve the robustness of the company, being a profitable industry leader based on innovation and sustainability,” says Aasheim.

Ramping up production in Brazil

The Federal Court lifted the embargo on Alunortes new bauxite residue disposal (DRS2) under the civil lawsuit on September 20. Alunorte is still subject to an embargo on DRS2 imposed by the same court in a parallel criminal lawsuit, but Alunorte is expecting an extension of the civil decision to the criminal case shortly.

In the meantime, ramp-up at Alunorte and Paragominas is progressing well, aiming to produce at 75-85% capacity for the rest of 2019. With an additional press filter in operation at the end of the year, production will be further optimized towards full capacity in 2021. Albras is expected to complete the ramp-up in 2019 with all the electrolysis cells to be restarted by the end of Q3. On a per tonne basis, fixed costs in Bauxite&Alumina and Primary Metal are expected to return to the pre-curtailment levels once the ramp-up is fully completed.

“This is an important step forward. Returning Alunorte, Paragominas and Albras to full production and achieving operational excellence is an important part of our business moving forward. We have a good, ongoing dialog with the relevant stakeholders, and are now awaiting the court’s decision,” says Aasheim.

Strategic review and restructuring in Rolled Products

Hydro has initiated a strategic review and comprehensive restructuring of the Rolled Products business area to mitigate the declining profitability the business has faced over the last years.  The aim is to significantly turn this development around by lifting organizational and operational efficiency as well as shifting the product portfolio away from declining markets and towards growth markets like automotive and can. The target is a NOK 0.9 billion improvement by 2023. These improvements will be realized, while also continuing the strategic review of the Rolled Products business.

“We have initiated strong measures in restructuring the Rolled Products business area. We see that our products are well perceived by customers and we have to turn this competitive advantage into increased profitability,” says Aasheim.

New climate strategy

Hydro is launching a new climate strategy aiming to cut emissions in sourcing and own processes by 30% by 2030.

“Cutting our emissions is an important part of our goal to drive sustainability. In 2013, we set an ambitious target to become the first carbon neutral aluminium company from a lifecycle perspective by 2020. Now, when our 2020 target is within reach, we are setting a new ambition for cutting our own emissions by 30% by 2030,” says Aasheim.

Hydro’s new certified low-carbon product brands CIRCAL and REDUXA are setting a new standard for low-carbon and recycled aluminium, thereby commercializing the company’s sustainability position. The initial customer feedback and subsequent orders have underlined the potential for these types of products that represent exciting opportunities moving forward.    


Hydro is committed to driving long-term value for our shareholders. To strengthen the focus on profitability the company has introduced a 10% RoaCE target for the total company, while all business areas aim to deliver RoaCE above their differentiated cost of capital.

Hydro will continue to prioritize a strong balance sheet and an investment grade credit rating, as well as delivering competitive returns to shareholders. Hydro will maintain shareholder focus with a dividend policy of returning 40% of net income over the cycle, with a dividend floor of NOK 1.25 per share.

Ensuring disciplined capital allocation is key to deliver on return requirements, with growth projects to be aligned with strategic priorities, and sustaining capex to be maintained at competitive and affordable levels.

Sustaining capex for 2019 and 2020 combined is estimated at around NOK 12.5-13.5 billion, representing around 1 BNOK reduction compared to the previous guidance for the same period. The reduction represents short-term optimization, while further measures to ensure long-term competitive sustaining capex are in process. Total capex for 2019-2020 is estimated at NOK 19.5 billion.

The company set out a target to release net operating capital by NOK 4 billion by end of 2020 compared to end of 2018, of which the majority will be released by end 2019.

Investor contacts
Stian Hasle
Norsk Hydro

Weiter geht´s

27.09.19 08:35
The Brazilian federal court lifted today, September 26th , the final embargo on Alunorte’s new bauxite residue disposal (DRS2) under a criminal lawsuit, allowing the alumina refinery to resume activities of installation and commissioning at DRS2 and ending a 19-month embargo period which has restricted activities at the plant.

“This is a milestone for Alunorte and will contribute to our agenda towards a more profitable and sustainable Hydro,” says Hydro President and CEO Hilde Merete Aasheim.

The decision by the federal court to lift the DRS2 embargo under the criminal lawsuit came after a decision on Friday, September 20, to lift the DRS2 embargo under the civil lawsuit.

“We are happy and eager to resume installation and commissioning activities at the state-of-art bauxite residue deposit DRS2, which is the only long-term solution for sustainable and robust operations at Alunorte. This is good news for our hard-working employees, for customers and for all local stakeholders who have contributed to this positive outcome,” says John Thuestad, EVP of the Bauxite & Alumina business area.

The embargoes have prevented Alunorte from following the originally planned transition from the old bauxite residue deposit area (DRS1) to the newest deposit area (DRS2), in combination with the press filter technology. The press filter is the most modern and sustainable technology, available in the world, for depositing bauxite residue.

The construction of DRS2 started in 2014. The press filters generate a residue with 78% solid content, which allows stacking by compaction, increasing the safety of DRS2 and significantly reducing the area needed for disposal.

Internal and external reviews, including inspections by authorities, confirmed that there was no overflow of Alunorte's bauxite residue deposits from the February 2018 rainfall.
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Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro

22.07.22 14:57
Norsk Hydro is benefitting from high energy prices, tight aluminium markets, CFO says
Norsk Hydro


29.07.22 16:57
Norsk Hydro


05.08.22 14:12
Norsk Hydro

neue Kooperation

31.12.22 09:34
mit Mercedes:
Norsk Hydro

Heute Geschäftszahlen

10.05.23 13:14
Was bekannt?
Norsk Hydro

Bei dem Minus heute

11.05.23 11:56
War das wohl nichts.
Norsk Hydro


11.05.23 11:57
Ex-DIV heute, ja dann ...
Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro

24.10.23 10:47
Hydros Ergebnisse des dritten Quartals 2023: Langfristige Positionierung, Navigation in herausfordernden Märkten
Norsk Hydro

Norsk Hydro

14.02.24 10:49
Jahresbericht 2023: Gangwechsel, um Chancen in einer neuen Realität zu nutzen
Wie schätzt Ihr die weiteren Aussichten ein?
Norsk Hydro

Ergebnisse vom 15.2.2024

vielleicht ist es für irgendwen von Interesse:
Norsk Hydro ASA präsentierte in der am 14.02.2024 stattfindenden Finanzkonferenz das Zahlenwerk zum jüngsten Quartal, welches am 31.12.2023 endete.

Das EPS belief sich auf 0,500 NOK gegenüber 0,990 NOK je Aktie im Vorjahresquartal.

Auf der Umsatzseite hat Norsk Hydro ASA im vergangenen Quartal 46,75 Milliarden NOK verbucht. Das entspricht einer Umsatzsteigerung von 6,08 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahresergebnis. Damals hatte Norsk Hydro ASA 44,08 Milliarden NOK umsetzen können.

Analysten waren von einem Gewinn je Aktie von 0,590 NOK ausgegangen, während beim Umsatz davon ausgegangen worden war, dass 44,97 Milliarden NOK in den Büchern stehen werden.

Für das abgelaufene Geschäftsjahr wurde einen Gewinn je Aktie von 1,77 NOK ausgewiesen. Im Vorjahr hatte das Unternehmen ein EPS von 11,76 NOK je Aktie generiert.

Gegenüber dem Vorjahr hat Norsk Hydro ASA im abgelaufenen Geschäftsjahr Umsatzeinbußen von 8,21 Prozent hinnehmen müssen. Der Umsatz lag bei 193,62 Milliarden NOK. Im Vorjahr waren 210,93 Milliarden NOK in den Büchern gestanden.

Für das Geschäftsjahr hatten Analysten mit einem Gewinn je Aktie von 4,35 NOK gerechnet. Den Umsatz hatten Experten auf 193,56 Milliarden NOK geschätzt.

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