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TLANTA/FRANKFURT/HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 9, 2000--LHS Group Inc. (NASDAQ: LHSG/Neuer Markt: LHI) announced today
that SUNDAY has upgraded their existing version of LHS' customer care and billing software, BSCS, to version 5.21. SUNDAY, a leading consumer brand
providing multimedia services in Hong Kong, contributes its leadership in offering unique value added services to its subscribers and its wide-ranging experience as a
wireless service provider. In addition to their advanced mobile phone services, SUNDAY has integrated BSCS' wireline services (IDD & ISP) into their billing

``Using BSCS 5.21 as a basis, our convergent billing platform will support our multi-service business strategies in the very competitive Hong Kong market,''
commented Craig Ehrlich, Group Managing Director, SUNDAY. ``We will gradually take advantage of all the possibilities that BSCS 5.21's convergent billing
platform offers us.''

``We are very excited to be able to provide SUNDAY with our advanced BSCS 5.21,'' stated Benno Heinrichsmeier, LHS vice president Asia Pacific North. ``The
ability to integrate a set of services into one billing and customer platform is of strategic importance to our customers worldwide.

Because of its extended wireless, wireline (IDD & ISP) and convergent billing features, BSCS will allow SUNDAY to remain competitive in the rapidly changing
Asian market.``


SUNDAY is a leading developer and provider of communications and wireless Internet-related services in Hong Kong with a vision to provide the highest quality
services to the people of the SAR. The company operates an advanced wireless communications network under the SUNDAY brand name, Hong Kong's

best-recognized brand name. Since its launch in 1997 SUNDAY has pioneered the development of wireless network applications, providing innovative and
personalized consumer services to its subscribers on a location-specific real-time basis. In anticipation of the convergence of wireless communications and Internet
technologies, the company, in January 2000 launched a range of Internet portal and access services targeted primarily at the wireless consumer market in Hong
Kong and Southern China.

About LHS

LHS Group is a leading global provider of operating support system software and services to the communications industry. LHS products range from pre- and post
paid billing and customer care to enhanced services and acquisition software. They are installed at more than 300 customer sites worldwide. LHS has 18 global and
regional partners (system integrators, international operators and equipment manufacturers) representing one of the largest implementation and support networks in
the global customer care and billing market. In addition to its Atlanta headquarters, LHS has major offices in Frankfurt, Germany; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Sao
Paulo, Brazil; Boston, USA; and Zurich, Switzerland. LHS is listed with NASDAQ (LHSG) and on the Frankfurt Neuer Markt Exchange (LHI). For more
information, visit LHS' web site at

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