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Kicky soll ich da wieder einsteigen?

Kanakaris Wireless Acquires Business Of Fast Forward Marketing, A Multi-Million Dollar Video Distributor  
       TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 2002 8:30 AM
- BusinessWire

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Apr 16, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Kanakaris Wireless (OTCBB:KKRW), a leading provider since 1995 of online motion pictures and entertainment, announced today that is has acquired the business of Fast Forward Marketing Inc. ("FFM"), a subsidiary of Intervisual Books, Inc. FFM distributes video products for major motion picture studios and independent producers. FFM has access to titles on subjects ranging from blockbuster studio releases to physical fitness and children's products. FFM also sells to and services the direct-mail catalog industry. In its last fiscal year, FFM achieved in excess of $4 million in revenues from its distribution business.

"With this acquisition, Kanakaris Wireless now has a multi-million dollar per year revenue-generating `Mortar' division which is supplied by major motion picture studios as well as independent producers and provides video and DVD entertainment products to major national retail customers. The synergy with our Cyber operations is both strong and immediate, as we plan to establish both consumer and business commerce web sites for FFM, and release many of our online movie titles in videos and DVDs which will be sold in retail outlets as well as online," stated CEO Alex Kanakaris.

Kanakaris Wireless has opened an additional office in Santa Monica, California, and has named Paul Espinoza Director of Operations of the FFM business. Mr. Espinoza managed direct mail and Internet commerce video businesses and was involved in retail merchandising and operations for J.C. Penny Corp. for over 20 years. John McKay, a longtime director and webmaster of Kanakaris Wireless, was promoted to Director of eCommerce of both Kanakaris Wireless and FFM.

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