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29.08.02 09:04
ich habe heute 2000 shares of Hutchison gekauft , KK 52,25 HK$ (Euro 6,87)
Hutch hat einen P/E von 18,5 und der KK war knapp ueber dem 52 week low.

Im Telekomsektor verlor Hutch nur ca. 17% an Revenues, wobei die anderen
Sektoren, z.B. Port Revenue new heights sahen.

Nach der Uebernahme der Dutch Cosmetic Retail Chain und den Verhandlungen
mit Sonera ( Kauf der 3 G Lizenz zu einem Bruchteil was Sonera zahlte)
wird Hutch im 3G Bereich im Jahre 2004-5 break even erreichen.

Die Direktoren von Hutch kauften bei ca. HK$ 55 - 58 groessere Aktienpakete,
was zum Teil meinen Kauf beeinflusste.

Hutchison Stox Dude
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European Operations

29.08.02 09:05
Hutchison Whampoa started its European operations and investments in 1989 when Hutchison Telecom first entered the UK mobile telephone market. By 1993, Hutchison reorganised its UK telecom business to focus mainly on PCN (Personal Communications Network), paging and cellular re-seller services.

In 1994, Hutchison Telecom (UK) launched the Orange brand providing digital PCN services and then went on to form Orange Plc two years later which became listed in the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Orange proved to be extremely successful, winning an increasing share in the UK market as well as a number of independent awards for the quality of network coverage, including Best Network of the Year. Through Orange Plc and its subsidiaries and joint ventures, the Group expanded its operations into other countries in Europe including France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

In November 1999, Hutchison sold its entire stake of 44.8% shareholding in Orange Plc to Mannesmann AG resulting in a profit of HK$113 billion. As part of the agreed deal, Hutchison also became Mannesmann's largest single shareholder with 10.2%.

In February 2000, on the recommendation of the management board of Mannesmann, Hutchison accepted the offer made by Vodafone AirTouch Plc of the Company's entire holding of Mannesmann shares. The consideration received by the Company represented approximately 5% of Vodafone's enlarged issued share capital. In March 2000, the Group sold a portion of these shares and retained approximately 3.58% share in Vodafone.

Based in the UK, Vodafone is the world's largest mobile telecommunications company, with interests in mobile communications networks in 24 countries worldwide.

In April 2000, Hutchison formed a joint venture company with Telesystems International Wireless Inc. (TIW) of Canada, which made a successful bid for the largest Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) or 3G licence in the UK.

Capitalising on its UK success, Hutchison entered into strategic co-operation agreements with Japan's NTT DoCoMo and Holland's KPN Mobile N.V. in July 2000, to achieve time-to-market advantages and significant economies of scale in product development, network procurement and construction, as well as content and other supplier relationships.

As a result of this co-operation, NTT DoCoMo and KPN Mobile respectively acquired 20% and 15% interests in Hutchison 3G UK, the company which owns the UK 3G licence and will build and operate the UMTS network.

The Company is also a 88.22% shareholder of H3G Italy S.p.A., which won a licence in the UMTS auction held by the Italian Government in October 2000.

The Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH also became one of the six successful bidders at the end of the Austrian UMTS licence auction in November 2000.

Hutchison has established a 60/40 joint venture with Sweden's Investor AB. In December 2000, Hi3G Access AB was granted one of the four 3G licences in Sweden. In September 2001, Hi3G Access AB through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hi3G Denmark ApS, was awarded one of the four licences to offer UMTS services in Denmark. Third generation mobile multimedia services are expected to be launched in Austria and Sweden in 2002.

In June 2002, the Group's wholly-owned subsidiary Hutchison 3G Ireland Limited was awarded the A licence (2 x 15 MHz paired and 1 x 5 MHz unpaired spectrum) in the Republic of Ireland 3G licence bid process. The Group expects to derive tremendous synergy with its existing 3G business in the United Kingdom
Hutchison chrismitz

Hutchi... Gesundheit!

29.08.02 09:06

Gruß nach HK
Hutchison Stox Dude
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International Operations

29.08.02 09:07
International Operations

The Hutchison Telecommunications International Group oversees its existing businesses in South East Asia, Australia, the Indian sub-continent, Middle East and Latin America as well as the development of new business opportunities in and outside these regions. The mission of the International Group is to pursue business development opportunities where they arise and create value by providing the best service at the cost appropriate for the market concerned.

Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) (57.82% interest) ("HTA") is a listed Australian company focused on the provision of wireless telecommunications services in Australia. The Company's shares are quoted on Australia Stock Exchange under the symbol HTA. Its principal activities are the operation of its own mobile telephony network under the Orange brand using Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology and the development of a third generation (3G) business expected to be launched late 2002/early 2003. The Company also provides national paging and messaging services.
The Orange mobile communications business provides customers with low-cost voice and data network services that combine quality and value. The business has three core products: Orange mobile, Orange Messaging and Orange Information Services.

The 3G business is operated under a subsidiary of HTA, Hutchison 3G Australia in which Telecom Corporation of New Zealand has a 19.9% stake. Hutchison 3G Australia is well positioned to be Australia's first mover in the exciting new field of 3G services. Hutchison 3G Australia's goal is to deliver a new experience in information, entertainment and communications (for more, please visit website

The Group's presence in India began with Hutchison Max Telecom Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in 1994. In 2000, the Group acquired interests in the major cities of Delhi and Calcutta and in the state of Gujarat, all with GSM900 technology.
Hutchison Max Telecom, a partnership with local companies Max India and Kotak Mahindra, launched its GSM service in Mumbai in late 1995. Hutchison Max Telecom is the country's largest roaming operator with the maximum number of roaming partners / countries to offer its customers. The brand "Orange" was launched in February 2000 and has become the most recognised brand for offering the latest in wirefree services due to the enhanced technology and user-friendly products and services. As at March 2002, Hutchison Max Telecom had over 425,000 subscribers.

In Delhi, Hutchison has an interest in Sterling Cellular Ltd. The Group acquired 49% of the equity shares in Sterling Cellular in January 2000 and the balance of 51% is owned by its Indian partners, principally Essar Teleholdings Limited. As at March 2002, Sterling Cellular had over 382,000 subscribers.

In Calcutta, Hutchison's interest is in Usha Martin Telekom Ltd (UMTL). It offers its services under the "Command" brand. UMTL has a base of over 160,000 customers. With the association of the Hutchison Group, this company has achieved significant growth.

In Gujarat, Hutchison's interest, acquired in September 2000, is in Fascel Ltd, Gujarat's number one cellular operator. Fascel operates in Gujarat under the brand name CelForce. As at March 2002, the company had more than 300,000 subscribers and is one of the largest non-metro cellular operator in India.

In August 2001, Hutchison acquired additional licences to operate 1800 MHz mobile phone services in key metropolitan areas, including Karnataka (includes Bangalore), Chennai and Andhra Pradesh (includes Hyderabad) to build on the Group¡¦s existing premium footprint with a strong exposure to the South India hi-tech belt.

Hutchison affiliates jointly account for one of the two largest cellular blocks in India with a base of over 1,266,000 customers out of a total base of around 6m cellular customers in all of the India.

Hutchison has a significant interest in Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia ("Hutchison Wireless") (formerly Tawan Mobile Telecom Company), a joint venture with the Communications Authority of Thailand ("CAT") which has been granted a marketing service agreement from the CAT to provide marketing service for 800 MHz CDMA cellular services in the Greater Bangkok Area and Central Thailand until 2015. Hutchison Wireless's existing basic voice services will be upgraded and leading edge value added services will be added in the near future.

Hutchison also has a longstanding operation which offers paging services (including a newspager information service) nationwide in Thailand. The paging operation has about 23,000 subscribers. The paging operation also operates a successful web portal "" which provides content and features geared to the Thai market.

Sri Lanka
Hutchison acquired 100% of Lanka Cellular Services (Private) Limited in August 1997 which has a licence to provide nationwide mobile services in Sri Lanka. The Company currently operates a TACS network and a GSM network.

These two networks collectively cover the majority of the population centers including the capital city, Colombo and 27 of rural townships. The Company currently has 58,000 subscribers.

Partner Communications Company Ltd., of which Hutchison owns 42.7%, is the GSM mobile telephone network operator in Israel. Partner provides a broad range of advanced cellular services to more than 1.5 million customers. The Company's shares are quoted on NASDAQ and on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) under the symbol PTNR and on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol PCCD. Recently Partner was awarded access to additional 2G, 1800 spectrum and to 3G spectrum.

Since commencing full commercial operations in January 1999, Partner has focused on creating new and exciting communications environments for its subscribers through the offering of innovative and value added technologies and services. In its first three years of commercial operations, Partner has established itself as a leader in terms of growth and development, and is demonstrating robust financial and operational performance. Clear strategic vision combined with a focus on performance and results has translated into a growing customer base, low subscriber acquisition costs, and high levels of usage and revenue per subscriber, which are all reflected in the Company's improved EBITDA and operating profit. In terms of subscribers and revenues, Partner has consistently captured the lion's share of the growth in the Israeli cellular market. In 2001 Partner took 72% of the growth in revenues in the cellular market. Indeed, Partner's subscriber base of 1.5 million represents an estimated 27% of the cellular market in Israel and is generating one of the highest ARPUs (Average Revenue per User) and MOU (Minutes of Use) in the industry.

Hutchison owns 80% of Celltel Limited which is licensed to provide cellular service on the 800 MHz band. Beginning with Accra, the capital city and center of Ghana's economic activity, Celltel uses innovative business models to provide telecom services to customers suitable for the country.

Hutchison has a 90% interest in Hutchison Telecommunications Argentina SA ("HT Argentina") which has a licence to provide local telephony services in a nationwide basis. HT Argentina has been granted 900 MHz spectrum to operate a GSM network in the Greater Buenos Aires (AMBA) and many other cities including the four major cities in Argentina. After launching the service in May, 2000, HT Argentina has currently over 25,000 subscribers.

Hutchison owns 100% of Hutchison Telecommunications Paraguay SA ("HT Paraguay") (formerly Comunicaciones Personales, SA) which is licensed to provide mobile services nationwide in Paraguay using 1900 MHz spectrum. HT Paraguay, an existing operator at the time of Hutchison's acquisition in July 2000, was re-launched with an expanded network with increased subscriber capacity in March 2001.

Hutchison's paging service in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia has over 8,700 subscribers, which represents a market share of 20%.

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29.08.02 09:12
Hutchison erzielte im 1 Halbjahr 2002 einen Gewinn von HK$ 5,951 Million,
entspricht HK$ 1,40 earnings per share.
Dividende von HK$ 0,51 cents per share
Hutchison Stox Dude
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other interests

29.08.02 09:21
In terms of market capitalisation, HWL is one of the largest companies listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. With over 150,000 employees worldwide, the Group operates five core businesses in 41 countries.

Ports and Related Services
Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) is the world's leading port investor, developer and operator with interests in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Today, HPH operates a total of 169 berths in 30 ports along with a number of transportation related service companies.

Hutchison Telecommunications operates a wide range of integrated telecommunications services worldwide and is one of the world's major providers of mobile communications.

Property and Hotels
Hutchison Whampoa Property develops residential and commercial properties for sale and lease. The Group's hotel division manages and operates hotels under the name Harbour Plaza Hotels and Resorts.

Retail and Manufacturing
A S Watson operates three established retail chains in Asia: PARKnSHOP supermarkets; Watson's personal care stores; and Fortress electrical applicances stores. In Europe, it also operates Savers and Kruidvat Group. The manufacturing division produces and distributes a wide range of water and beverages brands in Asia and Europe.

Energy and Infrastructure
The Group has major shareholdings in Cheung Kong Infrastructure, a diversified infrastructure company; Hongkong Electric, the sole supplier of electricity to Hong Kong and Lamma Island; and Husky Energy, one of Canada's largest integrated energy and energy related companies.

Through Hutchison Whampoa (China), the Group currently invests in a number of ventures in Mainland China.

Hutchison estrich

du bist nicht der echte stox dude

29.08.02 09:55
der hätte das kürzel mit reingeschrieben


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29.08.02 11:54
es gibt kein Kuerzel, nur eine Nummer ( 13 )
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29.08.02 11:55
Hutchison Stox Dude

Heute Hutchison nachgekauft fuer HK$ 51,75

Grund: Hutchison raises 4 Quarter forecast

Mittelfristiges KZ - HK$ 75  ( 6 Monate )

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