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Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro Kartango

Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro

03.03.00 19:43
Hallo Biotechs,

schaut Euch mal den Wert Cadus an: Nicht umsonst hab ich Euch diesem empfohlen:


Viel Spaß dabei...

Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro Kartango

Mag keiner Was zu Cadus

04.03.00 15:54

Dabei sind die doch ganz spannend.. Patente, Lizenzvergaben der neuen Produkte ....
Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro Kartango

aus Raging Bull CADUS !!!!!!

05.03.00 20:12

Decoding the human genome will yield a bounty of biotech miracles that will transform our lives in the future,
Biotech pioneers like KDUS will seek out the genetic bad actors behind our worst scourges, from arthritis to Alzheimers, which in turn will lead to hundreds of new therapies. They'll find genes underlying idiosyncracies like aptitude for math or low pain threshold. They'll pinpoint scant 1% or so of our DNA that separate us from chimps. THey'll trek into deep time to investigate how anient networks of genes taught ourselves to assemble the fabulous jack in the box of new born's brain and the monstorous one of a tumor cell. We'll start winning the war on cancer and solve the medical problems that have plagued humans.

If this has a price tag, then the shareholders of KDUS will be richly rewarded. KDUS holds a few pieces to this puzzle. We will see the surgence of this stock in the near future. We will see the future of medicine in our lifetime. KDUS will either be acquired by a major player in the biotech field or the Company will be a dominant force with its various patents in the area of genome studies.

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Unglaublich: Cadus nähert

06.03.00 19:11
sich den 10 Euro!!!!!!


Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro Kartango


06.03.00 20:36
Hello. I am a recent KDUS investor and this is my first post on this board. I decided to call Cadus today because I've been having fits trying to find reliable info. on the company through the usual DD. Dr. Woler (Pres./CEO)himself answered the phone and very patiently answered my questions and addressed the future of Cadus. The following is a brief recounting of our conversation which I believe to be accurate, however, if you wish to "hear it from the horse's mouth" you can try calling Dr. Woler at 212-702-4366.

While two patent assets were sold to OSI Pharmaceuticals in August 1999, six patents remain, and these patents comprise the entire G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR)yeast technology database. It is this technology which has been leased to OSI, and which Dr. Woler believes will be leased to other companies within the upcoming weeks and months. (I was glad to hear that, didn't want the deal with their former associates to be the sum of Cadus' prospects).

Carl Icahn still owns 27% of KDUS stock and has been working with Dr. Woler to explore options for the future of the company. Dr. Woler mentioned the possibility of merger/acquisition activities, as Cadus is seen as an attractive shell corporation with viable proprietary technology, good cash on hand (approx. $5.5 million in the bank), and virtually no overhead expenses. Also, Cadus still owns 30% of Axiom, a small company engaged in gene mapping. Axiom is currently privately held, but Dr. Woler understands that an IPO would be most beneficial to shareholders of Cadus, and as a boardmember of Axiom, he may be able to push Axiom in this direction.

As for KDUS's recent run-up, Dr. Woler points to the excitement surrounding the OSI Pharmaceuticals deal and the possibilities of future non-exclusive liscencing deals with other companies, as well as general market conditions. He said he's been getting lots of phone calls lately, and it seems the market is starting to take notice of Cadus. Above all, Dr. Woler stressed that Cadus is actively seeking ways to increase shareholder value and will continue to do so indefinitely.

I hope this helps shed some light on the company, and like I said, you can call yourself and ask your own questions. Please get back to me with any additional information you uncover, you can never know too much. Good luck.  
Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro Kartango


16.03.00 07:12
(1 of 1)

United States Patent  6,037,340
Castelhano, et. al. Mar. 14, 2000

Synthesis and use of thiophene- and pyrrole-based heteroaromatic compounds

Methods for preparing thiophene and pyrrole-based heterocyclic compounds are disclosed. Also disclosed are libraries of thiophene and pyrrole-based heterocyclic compounds, methods for preparing the libraries of thiophene and pyrrole-based heterocyclic compounds, and methods for using the thiophene and pyrrole-based heterocyclic compounds and compound libraries of the invention. The compounds of the invention have biological activity including anti-cancer activity.

Inventors:  Castelhano; Arlindo L. (New City, NY); McKibben; Bryan (White Plains, NY).  
Assignee:  Cadus Pharmaceutical Corporation (Tarrytown, NY).  
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Hallo Biotechs: Kursziel 10 Euro Kartango

Neuer Prasident!!! bei Cadus o.T.


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